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Avoid these Colours on your walls as per Vastu

Vastu Color FAQs

Which Colour is Good for Vastu?

  • The best Vastu Colors for Living Room are blue, green, yellow, beige, and tan.
  • However, Vastu recommends using a mix of red colours in the living room, but not too much.
  • The whole area would become alive and brimming with a new life.

Which Colours give Positive Energy?

Blue is a “cold” colour that evokes feelings of peace and serenity.

The colour red – Our brain reads red the fastest; it activates our organs, associated with vitality, energy, and fascination.

Yellow, green, and purple are other colours that give positivity.

Which Colour is Best for the Bedroom?

Lavender is the ideal shade of purple because it retains its regal presence while not overpowering the room.

Plus, Green is a perfect Vastu Color for a bedroom because it has both warm and cool tones.

What is the perfect colour for a kitchen?

South-East zone is suitable for kitchens, the walls should paint in orange or red colour.

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