Vastu for Curtains – Vastu Tips for Curtain Color

If you are planning to shift to a new place or just modernize your home, you must be so excited. From new wall colours to floorings, new furnishing to new furniture, and from the kitchen to a green lawn, everything seems fascinating, right? The fragrance of freshly decorated walls, designer furniture, elegant exteriors gives you a welcome to your home. Even if you think it’s all done, one thing could be still missing from the walls. Yaas, the curtains and these can add more beauty to your home. The Vastu for Curtains uplifts your mood and makes you feel relaxed.

A home is a place where we relax and unwind after a tiring work schedule. The curtains play a vital role in every home, as per Vastu Shastra. Decorate your doors and windows with elegant and chic styles of curtains. The curtains give a welcoming look and freshness to the room. If your doors and windows are not adorned properly, the curtains can make you feel depressed and gloomy surroundings. Whenever you plan to buy curtains for your home, opt for the best colours, fabrics, and style for each room according to Vastu Tips for Curtain Color.

Vastu Shastra is a traditional form of architectural science, and it also holds an important place in astrology. Let us know some Vastu Tips for Curtain Color, Materials, Benefits, and which types of curtains you should hang inside your room to bring prosperity.

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Curtains According to Vastu Shastra

Choosing the right coloured curtain will transform the simple-looking room into an elegant and stylish space. A wide array of colours and shades are available that you can choose from for every room. Each colour, pattern, and design has its advantages. According to Vastu for Curtains, you should opt for curtains that match the shade of the decor of the room.

Apart from this, you must also check the size and area of the room, the windows and doors. You must also check whether the room is airy or it receives ample light, before adorning the doors and windows in each room. Let us discuss the pros and cons of light and darker shades of curtains.

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Light Color Curtains Advantages

  • Light coloured curtains always look classic. Whites, neutral colours, and light shades are always in fashion
  • Use a light coloured curtain to give your room a spacious look
  • Curtains should be made up of lightweight materials
  • You can mix and match the shades of curtains with furniture or wall paint
  • You can also dye them in different tones and designs for a unique look
  • If your house receives ample sunlight then light curtains would be the best choice
  • Light or white colours are the best options during summers as they keep the room cool
  • Light coloured curtains attract more dust, dirt, and stains. Hence, the curtains should be used in rooms which are dust and pollution-free

Dark Color Curtains Benefits

If you own a spacious house with a high ceiling, dark-coloured curtains would be the best option for you. These curtains give a less spacious look to the room and create a comfy environment. Match the curtains with the wall paint or interiors of the house before using them. The same coloured curtains according to Vastu Shastra can be used in other rooms for a rich and chic look. Let’s check below some of the benefits of dark curtains.

  • Dark curtains play a vital role in decorating your home and maintaining a balanced ambience.
  • Dark curtains create a sense of contrast, speculation, and style in a room.
  • Dark curtains don’t look dirty and stained in comparison to light curtains.

Paint the walls of the house in light colours such as warm white, grey, cream, light tan, and smoky blue. These wall colours go well with dark-coloured curtains.

One can use the coloured curtains are also available in variable elegant and contemporary shades of blue, red, purple, or blue.

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Vastu for Curtains Things To be Remembered

We all one things the interior of our house looks incomplete without the use of curtains. We spend a good sum of money while constructing and decorating our house. The proper planning should be done to adorn our home. But this may not work if curtains have been placed inappropriately on the doors and windows of our home.

One should choose the right colour and the placement of curtains in the proper direction to get the maximum benefits of Vastu for Curtains. Hence, certain remedies are also advised to follow while selecting the curtains of your choice for your home.

  1. If you are struggling and facing problems in life then you must select white coloured curtains for the room located in the west direction of your home. It will bring peace and good fortune to you.
  2. If you are facing financial issues at home, then you must choose blue-coloured curtains for rooms located in the Northern direction of the house.
  3. Two-fold curtains are best for our home. So, you can choose double-layered curtains for your rooms.
  4. If you are facing relationship issues in your personal life, red-coloured curtains would be the best for your home. It adorns the doors and windows of the room located in the southern direction of the house. This might help you in making your relationship better.
  5. Blue, saffron, and yellow are the best-suited curtain colours for the living room. These colours give a vibrant look to your living area. You can also go for darker shades of curtains such as deep red.
  6. Colour therapy is also popular in Vastu Shastra. Different shades and tones of colours are available in the market. Pink, green and blue shades are ideal for the dining space.
  7. Vastu considers light colours of curtains for bedrooms. The lighter tones and shades of green and blue are perfect curtain colours as per Vastu Shastra.
  8. Lighter shades such as white, blue, and grey are suitable options for bathrooms.
  9. The Blue coloured curtain is perfect for the North direction room as the colour eliminates bad energies from the home.

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Vastu Tips for Choosing Curtains

Once you are done with the interiors and decoration, You should hang on the curtains on the walls or doors. The decor of the room is incomplete without curtains. A wide array of designs, colours, patterns, and fabrics are available, and you can choose any as per your need. With the availability of unlimited options, it becomes confusing which one should you pick. So, let’s check out tips for selecting curtains for your home.

1. Choose the right curtain

The first step you need to know before you opt for a shop is what kind of decor your home requires. We often select curtains, blinds, shades, and drapes without knowing their importance and difference. But for that, you must know the difference between curtains, drapes, blinds, and shades.

Curtains are hung from curtain rods and are made up of light fabric materials. They are perfect for living space as it serves privacy purpose. Whereas thick material is used in drapes. Drapes are made to keep the sunlight away from entering the bedrooms.

2. Select the Right Material

Choosing the right fabric for the curtain gives a different look to the room. From lacey to sheer material, lightweight to medium weight, brocades to velvet, and simple to ornamental, choices are copious. According to Vastu for Curtains, you must consider the amount of natural light you require in your home.

3. The Colours of the Curtains

The curtain colour should match and mix with the furnishings of the room, as per Vastu. You may pick drapes that harmonise or contrast with the decor. While opting for drapes for an attractive look, these should match the wall colour. Otherwise, you can select colours that match both the furniture and walls.

4. Prints and Solid Colours

A combination of solid colour along with printed curtains can be an impeccable choice. Prints add beauty to the surroundings. Printed curtains go well with solid-coloured furniture and other accessories, including cushions, carpets, and rugs. For those who want a modern look for your living space, eccentric prints and symmetrical designs are ideal. While floral prints suit well both contemporary and customary decor

5. Length of the Curtain

Generally, we select floor-length curtains for our rooms. Longer length curtains give a vivid look to the room. You can hang curtains a few inches above the floor in your kids’ room as advised by Vastu for Curtains.

6. Width of the Curtain

The measurement of the curtain depends on the area of the windowpane or doors. The best way to measure the area is to multiply it by a factor of 2/2.5. The added material gives a finishing look on both sides of the doors and windows.

7. Accessories and decorative

Accessories make the curtain more attractive and add beauty to the room. A wide range of pull-backs and decorative curtains are available. You can select and match these trims and decorations for a magnificent look. Decorative frills add richness to your room if you place them on the top of the window. If you like a simple look, plain pull-backs go well with fabrics like satin or velvet.

8. Length of the curtain

Generally, we select floor-length curtains for our rooms. Longer length curtains give a vivid look to the room. You can hang curtains a few inches above the floor in your kids’ room as advised by Vastu for curtains.

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Curtains and drapes might simply look like a piece of cloth that is used to adorn and decorate the doors and windows of our homes. Curtains indicate the lifestyle and taste of the people living in the home. Lively colours, vibrant prints, and chic fabric create a sense of happiness, peace, and harmony.

Hence, it would be wise to adopt the norms of the Vastu for Curtains. You can also choose colours and patterns according to Vastu Shastra for bringing peace and prosperity in life.

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