Vastu for Pets – Vastu to Follow for Adopting Pets

Since ancient times, dogs have been referred to as “Shvan” in many Vedic books. Dogs have been mentioned as very promising in Hindu mythology. There are many states such as Sikkim and North Bengal in India where dogs are worshipped and symbolised as mounts of God “Kalabhairava”. They are also known as the guards of the gates of heaven and hell as well.

In Hindu mythology, dogs have been linked with various incarnations of Lord Shiva. Dogs have also been connected with lord Dattatreya. The four dogs are considered as the symbol of the four Vedas.

Everyone has a different choice about keeping pets in the home. Each animal has a different effect on the house and the people living in the home. The house owner should look upon certain things if a pet is inviting good luck or harmful to the house as per dog Vastu.

Whenever you plan to adopt a pet, many questions arise in your mind, such as which pet should you bring at home? Which direction is perfect for placing a pet?

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