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What are the Advantages of a West-facing House?

The biggest benefit of West-facing House Vastu is that you can enjoy the warmth and glow of the evening Sun until late in the evening.

Some people also assume that a house facing West would be more prosperous and wealthy.

However, West facing house benefits will have no enemies and will be well-liked at work and social environments.

Why is the West-facing House Bad?

According to Vastu Shastra, all homes are considered equally auspicious, and West-facing House are no less encouraging than North or East-facing homes.

If some Vastu Shastra concepts are followed, a West-facing House can be as successful as other homes.

Can We Live in a West-facing House?

You may have known that a house facing West or North is unattractive or brings bad luck, and so on. But, just like every other home, you can use Vastu principles to make a West-facing house auspicious.

The West is not considered an inauspicious path in Vastu Shastra. In reality, according to Vastu Shastra, any direction is good for a home.

However, the entrance or main door’s location is the deciding factor in Vastu for your house.

What Should be Kept in the West Corner of the House?

There is often a lack of money in the home, and other times, there is so much that it becomes difficult to handle or maintain.

To keep the flow of money constant in the home, Vastu Shastra suggests positioning a glass filled with water and salt in the South-West corner.

After that, put a red-coloured bulb on the backside of the glass to show when the bulb is turned on.

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