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How to use the Budha Yantra Copper and its importance in your life

Budha represents the Planet Mercury which has a great significance in human life. Budha is the symbol of Wit, softness, love, humanity, intellect, communication skills and speech. His vehicle is a lion, and he is said to be the son of Lord Chandra and Tara. He is known as the most intelligent of all the Gods. It is also a symbol of calculations, mathematics, and logic. Budha, if malefic, the children lose their interest in education. Budha controls minds. A person’s grasping and understanding skills get affected if Budha is malefic. He/she becomes incapable of following instructions. We all have students at home or close relations, and most of the time, we hear parents complaining about the child’s studies. Many students, even after efforts, cannot develop an interest in studies. Budha Yantra is the tool that invokes the energy of Planet mercury and removes the malefic effects of this Planet. Budha Yantra appeases Planet mercury. Budha Yantra once installed at home, can nullify the negative energy around and fill the house with divine energy attracting positive vibrations. A person’s communication skills, confidence, sense of humour, quick thought process etc., depending upon the position of the planet mercury in the Kundli chart. With Budha’s blessings, one can become a scholar, lawyer, accountant, creative designer, artist, book writer, consultant and can adopt many good positions in the workplace. In Vedic Astrology, Budha (planet Mercury) holds an important place like other planets in the horoscope.

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