How to use the Budha Yantra Copper and its importance in your life

Budha represents the Planet Mercury which has a great significance in human life. Budha is the symbol of Wit, softness, love, humanity, intellect, communication skills and speech. His vehicle is a lion, and he is said to be the son of Lord Chandra and Tara. He is known as the most intelligent of all the Gods. It is also a symbol of calculations, mathematics, and logic. Budha, if malefic, the children lose their interest in education. Budha controls minds. A person’s grasping and understanding skills get affected if Budha is malefic. He/she becomes incapable of following instructions. We all have students at home or close relations, and most of the time, we hear parents complaining about the child’s studies. Many students, even after efforts, cannot develop an interest in studies. Budha Yantra is the tool that invokes the energy of Planet mercury and removes the malefic effects of this Planet. Budha Yantra appeases Planet mercury. Budha Yantra once installed at home, can nullify the negative energy around and fill the house with divine energy attracting positive vibrations. A person’s communication skills, confidence, sense of humour, quick thought process etc., depending upon the position of the planet mercury in the Kundli chart. With Budha’s blessings, one can become a scholar, lawyer, accountant, creative designer, artist, book writer, consultant and can adopt many good positions in the workplace. In Vedic Astrology, Budha (planet Mercury) holds an important place like other planets in the horoscope.

Speciality Of Copper Budha Graha Yantra

The power of the Copper Budha Graha Yantra increases in the core of the Yantra through the reverberation of cosmic energy. When a mantra is chanted on the Yantra, they slowly develop a connection with the worshipper. A copper-plated Budha Yantra removes the hurdles and obstacles in the worshipper life. It helps one focus on their goals by increasing their concentration power and links one to the divine source of energy as soon as they begin to chant in front of Budha Yantra. Every person must meditate with the Budha Yantra at home. Budha Yantra has the ability to energise the atmosphere around. The Budha Yantra gives the best results once installed in the right direction and at the right place. It can be either kept in the temple or the worship place like the pooja room of the house or at the entrance of your home, office, factory or business place. It can also be placed in the centre of the house like the hall or the living room.

Benefits Of Budh Graha Yantra

Budh Graha Yantra invokes the cosmic energy of planet mercury. It reflects the cosmic energy to the worshipper. Budh Yantra is installed to resonate the magical powers in the atmosphere. The Yantra absorbs the Healing Divine Powers and makes you more focused and confident.
Here are a few benefits of the Budha Yantra:-

  • It is beneficial in trade and business.
  • It gives you good health and satisfaction in life.
  • The yantra gives you the confidence to perform in sports and activities.
  • The Budha yantra will link you to the divine energy of Lord Budha.
  • It is good for pregnant ladies; it protects them from pregnancy complications and incidents like miscarriages.
  • It is good for professionals like lawyers and judges.
    It also removes the obstacles in your relationships and ceremonies.
  • Your business and job function smoothly and give you success in your professional life.
  • It fulfils your desires and blesses you with name and fame.

Budha Graha Yantra - An Object Of Meditation

Yes, The Budha Graha Yantra helps in meditation. The regular chanting of ‘Budh Beej Mantra’ positively helps the meditator in Sadhna. It should be practised to attain calm and peace in life.

Budha Graha Yantra: Revitalises Person's Life

For people with the ill placement of planet mercury in the horoscope, it is good to adopt this Yantra. If Budha is malefic in someone’s Kundli chart, then the Budh Yantra is the best remedy to all their problems. If a person is too harsh in nature and behaviour, they should buy this yantra to bring about a change in their energy. It makes a person soft by heart and removes the harshness inside. It blesses a person with confidence. If someone has a stammering problem, this yantra can reduce it as the planet Mercury gives you the power of speech. The Yantra, after a regular chanting or mantras stotras for 35 days, begins to get energised. If mercury is negatively placed in a person’s horoscope and he/she is facing the mahadasha or antardasha of planet Mercury or if Budha is not in favour, then a person is recommended to use Budha yantra at least for the Budha period to face the problems bothering him. Budha yantra is used to get favourable results from the business. It is especially beneficial for those who are in the trading business and helps to get fast and good financial gains. It is good to improve one’s memory and increase the chance to represent himself/herself strongly. It is good for those who are in publishing and creative writing. It is highly recommended for students, art directors, creators and fashion designers for desirable output.

You can also remove all negative energies, fill your life with happiness, and get the desired output by performing Budh Graha Shanti Puja!

How Can I Buy Budha Graha Yantra Online?

There are many websites where you can find these Yantras online, though it is a matter of research as to when and where we need to install this Budha yantra. As I mentioned previously, a person has to be really careful before choosing the right Yantra for them and their loved ones. Budha yantra enhances Buddhi, which means the brain of a person. Budha Yantra can be worn in a locket form like other yantras and can be installed as an instrument to success. Possession of this yantra will surely guide you to the path of your success. Online platforms are the best when you get the product with purity. Here we take care of this. We provide you with guaranteed, pure products so that you could refer other friends and relatives too. We provide the right advice to our valued customers for their welfare. We want our precious customers to be healthy and wealthy. You can say that we are nothing but a road to success and a means of happiness. In this blissful journey, just give us the opportunity to be with you during the hard times. So go ahead and make your life the best version of itself.

Strengthen the weak Mercury in your horoscope by installing Budha Yantra Now!

How Siddha Budha Yantra Helpful?

Budha yantra copper is energised with Budha Mantra “Aum Bram Brim Sah Budhaya Namah”. This mantra is enchanted in front of the Yantra consistently, and then slowly, it starts showing you the results. This can be done at home or from a certified Pandit or astrologer. The installation is recommended on a Wednesday. However, there is no particular day as long as you have faith. God has no boundaries; he is pleased as you chant the mantra in front of Him/Her. We, humans, are God’s creation, and God loves every creation of Himself. He is the supreme power, and we are like children to Him. God can never be unfair to humans; it is just that we, despite belonging to the same species, get jealous and hate each other. And thus, fail to do good karma. That’s the reason God tries to punish us as per karma. Using the Budha Yantra is just a way to apologise to him and requesting his forgiveness. And believe me, God is so touched that once a sadhak or worshipper requests and enchants with clean heart and soul, he is forgiven for his wrongdoings and given a chance to be better.

What Is The Significance Of The Budha Yantra Locket Or Pendant?

Budha Yantra, as specified earlier, appeases the energy of planet Mercury (Lord Budha); it will be easy to carry in the form of a locket or pendant all the time to protect a person from the negative energy around him/her. Thus you can take the benefit of Budha Yantra at school, college, office, factory, or other workplaces. It provides protection from fire and electric losses as well.

How To Use The Budha Yantra?

After installation, arrange all the puja items like flowers, incense sticks, dhoop, Deepa, Prasada, panchamrit, Milk, curd, ghee, sugar, honey, and Gangajal. Have a bath and join the puja with a clean body and soul. Keep it in the temple and enchant the Budha beej mantra 11 times, 21 times or 108 times as convenient depending upon a person’s own interest and belief. You need to offer sandalwood paste, fruits, and unbroken rice to Lord Budha. This puja of Lord Budha will make sure that he is accepting your prayers and making your life better.


After knowing all the benefits of this Copper Budha Graha yantra, I would recommend that you would certainly like to take the blessing of Lord Budha and experience the positive energy flowing around you.

If you are still confused, you can even consult our Expert Astrologers to get better insights.

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