Bring Home the Surya Shani Sapit Dosh Nivaran Yanta and Get Relieved of Your Doshas!

Hindus are staunch believers in Vedic Astrology and the various elements it has brought forward for centuries. According to Vedic Astrology, every planet has some influence over us and all the other things and creatures around us. Though according to Astronomy, Sun and Moon are not planets, but as per the astrology, they both are considered and planets and including them there are nine planets, which have a strong impact on us, which may be positive or negative. The astrologers believe that if the planets are well placed, strong and favourable for the native, they create a certain Guna that is beneficial for him/her. On the contrary, if the planets are not strong or their position in the horoscope is not favourable, this may yield a negative result and this is called Dosha. These doshas are specific for each planet and their combinations with other planets, in the horoscope.

When a certain Dosha is identified in the horoscope of a native, he may face explainable loss and challenges. But the Vedic Astrology has several solutions for all such doshas, catering to all the nine planets. One such remedy suggested by astrology is the use of the dosh nivaran yantra. There is dosha nivaran yantra available for almost all the planets. In this article, we shall emphasise on the Surya-Shani Sapit Dosh Nivaran Yantra Copper and how it can help ward off negative vibes and bring back prosperity and positivity.

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But before that, we shall how and why the planet Sun is important in the native’s horoscope and how Surya doshas can harm the person.

Sun: Uncover The Astrological Significance

The Sun is the centre of all astronomical and astrological activities. According to astronomy, all the planets revolve around the sun, and it has a profound role to play in the existence of life on Earth. And the same importance is given to the sun in astrology too. The sun, which is considered to be the God Surya, has an eminent position amongst the nine planets. The Surya is the giver of life. When the sun is strong in the horoscope of a native, it bestows name, fame, wealth, health, love, joy and all the desired positive things one could think of. The Surya is the powerhouse that blesses the native with immense stamina and energy. A strongly placed sun in the horoscope can help the native shine brightly in all the spheres of life. It makes the courageous and strengthens the will-power too.

With the myriads of benefits of strong surya in kundli, it becomes inevitable to know about surya-shani sapit dosha nivaran yantra that will help in strengthening the sun and getting rid of the evil influence of shani dev on the life of native. Let’s understand what is surya shani shapit dosha.

When Your Sun is Not Strong – Surya Dosha!

We have discussed all the positive aspects related to the Sun. But one needs to remember that there are two sides to a coin and such a huge and significant planet in astrology will not come with only positivity. Like too much sunshine makes you feel the heat, similarly, the weak position of the Sun in kundli will also make you face big-time challenges. So, be ready to face them.

The most fatal combination is that of the Sun and Shani, as both are very strong planets. One is the giver of life and energy and the latter is the giver of punishments for your wrong deeds. What a combination and if in such a situation, your sun is weak then Shani will surely take over and make you feel like hell. This is known as the Surya Shani Sapit Dosha and since the native has to struggle a lot during this period, it is also called the Surya Shani Sangharsh Dosha.

This dosha is developed when both these planets are present in the same house or sign or in adjacent houses, not very far. It makes the native lethargic and he may lose confidence. The native’s health may suffer, especially there could be problems related to heart, eyes and joints. He/she may get pessimistic and lose temper at trivial issues. There may be constant tiff among the male members of the family, especially between father and son.

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But the good news is that we have surya shani sapit dosha nivaran yantra for our rescue. Now let’s know the benefits of surya shani shapit dosha nivaran yantra in the following section.

Surya Shani Sapit Dosha Nivaran Yantra: The Best Remedy

There are some very effective remedies suggested in Vedic astrology, to ward off the negative impact of the surya shani sapit dosha. But the most easy and feasible is to get the surya shani shapit dosha nivaran yantra in copper. It symbolises the Sun and the Saturn/Shani and is used to resolve the issues related to delay in achieving success in personal and professional life. It also helps in recovering faster from any ailment. The main purpose of this copper surya shani sapit dosha yantra is to energise and strengthen the Surya and negate the influence of Shani.

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Surya Shani Sapit Dosha Nivaran Yantra: Unveil The Benefits

Surya Shani Sangarsh Dosh Nivaran Yantra is used to please the planet Sun and Lord Surya. It helps in boosting confidence and fight with an inferiority complex. It also improves the relationship between the father and son. The dosha nivaran yantra will help in fighting heart and bone diseases in the native. It enhances the social status of the native, especially if it was lost due to the dosha. Also, the Surya Shani shapit dosha nivaran yantra will help in opening doors for wealth and abundance.

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Surya Shani Sapit Dosha Nivaran Yantra: Some More Useful Info

The copper plate surya shani shapit dosha nivaran yantra should be cleansed and worshipped daily. It is believed that when it is worshipped, its positive energy radiates and reflects in the surroundings where it is placed. And these positive radiations influence the lives of the people who are present in that area. The native and the people around him are blessed by lord Surya and he/she would experience positive changes in life soon.

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Takeaway – May the Sun Keep Shining Bright on You!

The benefits of surya shani shapit dosha nivaran yantra are paramount. But it is important to consult an expert before ordering or using any sapit dosha nivaran yantra. It is equally important to clean and worship any sapit dosha yantra everyday religiously for its maximum positive result because these yantras are considered divine and the plates with geometrical patterns on them, are a storehouse of positivity and assurance to help you rescue the difficult time with less pain.

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