Surya Shani Sapit Dosh Yantra: Meaning, Usage & Benefits - A Complete Guide!

Bring Home the Surya Shani Sapit Dosh Nivaran Yanta and Get Relieved of Your Doshas!

Hindus are staunch believers in Vedic Astrology and the various elements it has brought forward for centuries. According to Vedic Astrology, every planet has some influence over us and all the other things and creatures around us. Though according to Astronomy, Sun and Moon are not planets, but as per the astrology, they both are considered and planets and including them there are nine planets, which have a strong impact on us, which may be positive or negative. The astrologers believe that if the planets are well placed, strong and favourable for the native, they create a certain Guna that is beneficial for him/her. On the contrary, if the planets are not strong or their position in the horoscope is not favourable, this may yield a negative result and this is called Dosha. These doshas are specific for each planet and their combinations with other planets, in the horoscope.

When a certain Dosha is identified in the horoscope of a native, he may face explainable loss and challenges. But the Vedic Astrology has several solutions for all such doshas, catering to all the nine planets. One such remedy suggested by astrology is the use of the dosh nivaran yantra. There is dosha nivaran yantra available for almost all the planets. In this article, we shall emphasise on the Surya-Shani Sapit Dosh Nivaran Yantra Copper and how it can help ward off negative vibes and bring back prosperity and positivity.

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But before that, we shall how and why the planet Sun is important in the native’s horoscope and how Surya doshas can harm the person.

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Takeaway – May the Sun Keep Shining Bright on You!

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