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The Capricorn Birth Flower, Pansy for the Tenacious Personality!

Born between 22nd December and 19th January, the winter-born Capricorn zodiac signs are extremely hard-working and don’t let anything slip off their hands. Often called stubborn, these Capricorn natives don’t accept anything else or less than what they desire. They have their goals set up right from the beginning, and they visualize themselves at the pinnacle. The extreme cold outside makes their blood also cold, and hence they are very strict with themselves as well as others. They don’t take any type of nonsense. They believe in only one thing, and that is work in the discipline. With so much work and discipline around them, it may seem that there would be no love life for the Capricorns. But that’s not true.

Like their professional life, the Capricorn sign gives a great deal of importance to their personal life too. They are true lovers and loyal partners. They are family-oriented people. Though one may feel like attending a board meeting while the Capricorn talks romantically, that’s the way they are, and their partners love them for being so. Capricorns don’t like to venture out for lunch or dinner. They prefer home-cooked food, and this may upset their partner sometimes, though it is a healthy habit. They are focused on their work that they often ignore their health. They run endlessly after their materialistic dreams, and this makes them feel unsatisfied at times.

But eventually, they get what they want later in life. For such a cold person born in December and January, the birth flower should also be special. Winter flowers are special as they bloom in weather when it’s difficult to survive, which exactly is the trait of Capricorns. Let’s delve into the flower astrology and Capricorn birth flower in the next section of the article.

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