Flower Astrology and The Leo Sun Flower

Ruled by the Sun, born between 23rd July and 22nd August, the Fiery zodiac Leo has everything to do with courage, leadership and self-esteem. The fire element keeps them burning with energy all the time. And with this energy, the Leo natives are always ready to work hard and earn name and fame. And because they know that they have worked hard to achieve success and position, they never stop praising themselves for all that. In other words, we can say that the Leo native indulges too much in self-appreciation but that follows only after achieving success, not before that. The Leos are social animals and make friends very easily. Though it’s not at all easy to get them to party while they are working. For them, work is worship and they never compromise with that. For this reason, many people misunderstand them to be too arrogant, which is not true.

The Leo’s make the best partners if they are genuinely involved with a person. But at the same time, they may have other purposes too, for befriending someone and that might be a bit selfish. They believe in pomp and show and buy expensive gifts for their spouse or partner, and never forget to show it off to others.

Many people assume Leo to be selfish and self-centred, while in actual life they care for others and work hard to make up for any loss that others have faced because of them or for any other reason. They are the givers. They are full of affection and love. But one needs to understand that Leo would never give up their aims and ambitions for anyone or anything. Loud as the roar of the lion, they have the courage to voice out when they see some injustice or unfair act. For such a brave and fiery zodiac, the Leo flower, Leo tree and the Leo birth stone would also be the boldest of all. Let’s gather some knowledge about them in the following sections.

The Leo Flower Astrology Reveals the Leo Birth Flower – Sunflower!

Like the zodiac sign reveals the traits of the native, similarly, the flower astrology gives the name of the birth flowers that have a deep connection with the native of the particular zodiac. And according to the Leos flower astrology, the Sunflower is the main flower for the Leo sign. There are other flowers also that can be considered as the Leo horoscope flower. Let’s find out some details about these Leo birth flowers.

 Sunflower – The name is self-explanatory as to why the Sunflower is considered the Leo flower and is also one of Leo’s favourite flowers. The Leo zodiac is ruled by the Sun and the sunflower in, its warm and bright yellow colour, follows the sunshine. Sunflowers stand tall amongst the others that are present around just like the lions who always lead the pack. They are born leaders. With these similarities between the Leo and Sunflower, it becomes official to state that the sunflower is the Leo birth flower. Also, just like Leo who is filled with optimism and are quite intelligent, the sunflower symbolises intelligence and optimism too.

 Marigold – Under the bright sunlight, the Marigold flower blooms in beautiful yellow and orange shades, signifying positivity and exuberance all around. This is also one of the innate qualities of the Leo zodiac and hence, the Marigold is also the Leo zodiac flower. The bright coloured Marigold are symbolic of the warmth and courage in the hearts of the Leos.

 Dahlia – Just like the Leos, who is an expert in making their position strong and stand out in the crowd, the Dahlias are also so beautiful that their presence in the orchid cannot be ignored by anyone. Also, just like the Leos have the skill to do well and excel with multiple people at the workplace, the Dahlia flowers are also easy to grow anywhere with multiple flowers together in one garden. For all these reasons, Dahlias are the Leo horoscope flower.

 Safflower – The Safflower is another flower for the Leo zodiac. This is not because it blooms in the season of Leos but because the flower has an outer body like that of Leos, who seem arrogant and selfish on the first meeting but eventually people start to like them when they know them closely. The safflower has thorns on the outer skin but is very beautiful and soft inside.

 Clivia – Better known as a bush lily, the flower is covered with stiff leaves and beneath them is the tender body of the flower. This is the trait reflected by the Leos. They seem to be strong and rude from out but they have a heart of gold that keeps the loved ones safe and protected. For this reason, the Clivia is considered the flower for the Leo sign.

Other than the Leo flower, the Chrysanthemums are one of the best gifting options in flowers for Leo women. It is the symbol of love, loyalty and devotion. And as per the Tree Zodiac astrology, the Hazel tree is the Leo zodiac tree that signifies creativity and wisdom.

Leo Birth Stone – The Beautiful Green Crystal, Peridot

The bold, ambitious and protective Leos need a gemstone that can help them escalate their positive traits to a higher level. At the same time, the gemstone should have the potential to reduce all the negative traits too. One such Leo’s birth stone is the Peridot.

The Leo birth stone Peridot helps in maintaining balance in the personality. The beautiful green colour of the Peridot enhances the wisdom in the Leo. The very protective Leos become more caring and protective about their loved ones with the influence of birth stone Peridot. It also helps in boosting the qualities of loyalty.

There are some other birthstones also for the Leos. The Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite are two such Leo birth stone that helps in boosting the confidence of the wearer. These are also the healing stones that help in amplifying the willpower in the Leos. The other birthstones for Leos are Emerald, Black Onyx, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Amber, Carnelian, Danburite and Red Garnet.

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The Leo Birth Flower and Birth Stone – An Overview

The Leo zodiac is considered to be the torchbearer. The Leos are natural and born leaders. They have the potential to change the people around them. They have strong willpower and determination and they are very loyal and trustworthy. And all these positive traits of the Leos can be amplified with the help of Leo Birthstone and Flower.

The Sunflower is the Leo flower and the Peridot is the Leo birthstone. With the Sun as the ruling planet, the Leo are sure to succeed in whatever they do. As the Sun is the centre of the solar system and in the zodiac wheel too Sun has a great role to play, similarly, the Leos are also important and esteemed people of their place.

Just like the jungle king lion, the Leo natives are the king of their place. And with the Leo birthstone and birth flower around them, they become unbeatable.

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