Leo Nature and Personality According to Vedic Astrology

Astrology is a detailed blueprint of one’s life path and true nature. You are not what you think! Depending upon what social environment you grew up in, your perspective and perception have taken shape. Won’t it be interesting to know who you really are? If you are curious about ‘Leo Nature‘, then you just hit the right venue.

If you are a Leo then it is quite natural for you to pursue your real self in and out. That’s how Leos are – they dive into themselves and come out with pearls of wisdom. This is what makes them great leaders.

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Leo Nature

Vedic Astrology, however, is very different from Western Astrology. Concerning the Leo sun sign, the date range as per western astrology is July 23 to August 22. But according to Vedic astrology, it is from August 17 to September 17.

Moreover, the mere sun sign is just a tiny portion of Vedic astrology. It is a very deep and vast science that takes into consideration many factors – moon sign, ascendant sign, sun sign, 12 houses & depositors, nakshatra, navamsa, planetary positions, Maha Dasha, and more. It gives extremely detailed information about an individual.

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Which Planet Rules Leo?

Leo zodiac ruling planet is the sun. No wonder, he feels like the king. Sun is the main source of energy and shines tremendous light. Similarly, Leos have enormous energy and vitality. They shine out in a crowd. They have a certain charm in them that attracts many admirers.

Your name, fame, status, ego, willpower, confidence, health, fatherly figure, and stability is seen by the placement of the sun. This planet, being the ruling planet of Leo, imbibes these aspirations into Leo inherently.

Leo star sign planet endows them with the ability to stand alone for what they truly believe in. These courageous souls dare to face difficulties with vigour and fire. No other symbol could represent this zodiac better than a ‘LION’. Depending upon where the sun is placed in their chart will result in their state of self-esteem and clarity in life.

If Mars is not placed well, then the sun is blocked from giving good results. Sun in Rahu increases the arrogance and ego of the native. If the sun is placed in the ascendant house or the fifth house; and not aspected by any malefic planet, then it gives the best possible results. Sun in Leo’s zodiac sign character gives a dominating position to the native. If it is placed in the 4th house, then Leo will dominate the home space. If it is in the 10th house, then he will have a dominating position in the workplace.

Fundamentals about Leo Sign

Leo is the natural ruler of the fifth house which is one of the Dharma Houses. The fifth house is also about creativity, children, and academic learning in general. Dharma houses are the houses of righteousness and law, where there’s something that needs to be upheld.

Leo rules the abdominal cavity and that’s where important organs of vitality and the organs that give strength from food are located – stomach, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. Therefore, Leo has an influence on digestion. It also represents strong self-esteem and confidence. The most cavernous organ is the stomach, it is the space where humans feel when they eat. Similarly, Leo represents the desire to feel fulfilled instead of empty when they live life in a dignified manner.

The season that Leo is associated with is the summer – it is when the sun is the hottest. Since the Leo star sign zodiac is a fixed energy sign, it has the ability to maintain the heat of the summer as an internal ambiance. This means natives can be fixed at being fiery in nature and have the driving force to achieve what they want. They are stable, steadfast, can create security, and are slow to change.

Leo is not just a visionary, they are also someone who manifests their vision. This is a fixed quality because you have to stay with a desire and work towards it long enough to make it a reality. They are not someone to work merely on whims. It’s like there is something they are committed to inside and have the necessary willpower to gear it.

Masculine Energy Encompassing Leo

The quality of Leo is masculine in nature. His satisfaction is dependent on what he is able to do. So there are a lot of initiatives and responsibilities in his life. Leo is happy to embrace responsibilities, especially in terms of creating something for the welfare of a larger group. He can be somewhat self-sacrificing because of such Leo personality traits.

The nature of Leo women entails feminine energy due to their physical being and masculine energy due to their zodiac sign. This means they can tap into creativity and strive to thrive in this area effortlessly. Leo women can be as independent as Leo men and they demand respect.

Leo nature makes them good at getting things done. This implies that they might come across as stricter, pushier, and sometimes as punishers. They have so many duties to fulfill that usually, they don’t get time to indulge in lighter or more enjoyable things.

Their magnanimous way makes them quite magnetic and attractive. People desire to be around them and demand their time. But the chances of getting their time is low, so others better have a good reason to demand their attention.

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Element of the Leo Zodiac - Fire

The Leo Element is ‘Fire’. Due to this they have a strong will and are intuitively centered. Leo is in tune with his higher self because they are the channel of the sun’s life energy, and the sun is a symbol of the divine source. They bring out solutions from the untarnishable gold within.

Leo is associated with Pitta Dosha in Ayurveda because it is a fire sign. They are not the ones for idle time. Thanks to the Leo element and planet. They are self-motivated, strong, serious, warm, and activated. They are prone to pitta imbalances as well. Pitta’s personality type does have anger issues. They may get restless as they are very ambitious and have many goals to accomplish. They should eat lighter and cooling food, especially salads or raw food.

Guna and Temperament of Leo

Guna is the way of describing one of the three modes of life energy projecting itself. So what is the energy that is moving in Leo? Due to Leo’s ruling the planet, they exude Sattvik energy as Leo is here to influence, leave an impression, uplift society and make the world a better place. They want to share their light or wisdom. It is a sattvik-motivation or self-transcending motivation where you want to do something greater than yourself.

In terms of temperament, Leo is a Kshatriya or warrior. They have the desire to lead and protect on account of their noble ideals. Where there is nobility, there is regality too. They are the king of the zodiac as a king has visions for the people’s wellbeing. Leo is royal on the account of their temperament.

However, there is a negative side to Leo which is a bit of narcissism. They want to keep all the light to themselves and rise to dominate.

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Jupiter in the Sign of Leo

Jupiter is about expanding, and so is Leo. It expands their creativity, ability to mesmerize the crowd, to be very dazzling, and TEACH or PREACH. Jupiter is about knowledge, higher beliefs, and higher learning. It is a very spiritual planet.

Leo ruled by Jupiter may result in a teacher or Guru trying to gain legal status due to their knowledge. It is not exalted in Leo because it has its negative side. Here, a teacher wants to teach only if he or she is able to get a higher status in society. They have intentions to leave a legacy. These Leos want attention for the value they are adding to society.

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Wrapping Up

All these are just a titbit on ‘Leo Nature’. Consider it to be ‘A Taste of Blood in the Mouth of the Lion’. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of interesting and specific things one can know through Vedic astrology.

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