Know about Ophiuchus Zodiac and Their Personality Traits

“Ophiuchus” is derived from a Greek word that means “serpent” and “ holding”. That means that an Ophiuchus constellation seems to be a picture of a man holding a snake. According to Greek Sky legend, the Ophiuchus symbolizes “Asclepius”, the very first Doctor depicted in the folktales holding a serpent or snake in his hand. It is said that he made medicine with Snake venom, Gorgon Monster’s blood, and an unknown herb. As per the legend, medicine had the power to bring the dead back to life.

Ophiuchus Meaning

Ophiuchus natives are knowledgeable, intelligent, witty, and loveable. They have a wonderful dressing sense and a taste that is different from others. Most of their personality traits resemble Scorpio and Sagittarius. They are extremely curious, full of wisdom, sometimes jealous, and very passionate. They can easily adapt to new situations. Ophiuchus’ personality traits are egotistical, fun-loving, mysterious, and always looking to acquire knowledge and new experiences.

Some of their personality traits are-

  • Thirst for knowledge – Ophiuchus natives are witty and constant seekers of wisdom and knowledge.
  • Creative – they have a creative vision and can be good architects, builders, designers, etc. They possess a great sense of imagination which helps them in creative fields.
  • Satisfaction in marital life – Ophiuchus natives have a satisfied and happy family but sometimes they may have to leave it for further progress.
  • Adaptability-They have a tremendous potential to adapt to changes on the professional front
  • Honest -Ophiuchus people are honest in their work and relationships
  • Kind-hearted – Ophiuchus people are soft-hearted and think emotionally rather than logically
  • Charismatic personality – Ophiuchus natives possess a charismatic personality and attract everyone towards them.
  • Passionate – They take everything seriously and are passionate about work. They are hardworking and honest and always perform with conviction and commitment. They are their boss’s favourite.
  • Attention Seekers- They are confident, arrogant and attention seekers, if they are not given the importance they get disturbed. That is the reason they always want to be on the top and have a desire to stay number one. Ophiuchus natives are ready to face any challenges for that position.
  • They are good communicators – Ophiuchus people know how to use words and language. They are not very social, yet they are the centre of attraction wherever they go, because of their unique aura.
  • Eccentric – Ophiuchus people are said to be eccentric and quirky.

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There are Some unlikable personality traits of an Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is jealous by nature. These people cannot see others defeat them and leave them behind. They have an obsession to be in the first place. Ophiuchus is judgemental about people and sometimes may create tensions in relationships. They are sometimes rude, and arrogant, and criticize others but realize it very soon. Ophiuchus natives are irresponsible and that sometimes causes chaos in their lives. The Ophiuchus is aggressive and loses its temper easily but for a short period. Once they come back to their senses they cool down and come back to the initial situation. These people are sarcastic, egotistical, and moody and due to this nature, they might unknowingly hurt others.

Ophiuchus star sign - A Brief

It was defined that the constellation Ophiuchus is situated behind the Sun from 29 November to 18 December. It is a constellation that means it has nothing to do with astrology; it is a star sign. Steven Schmidt advocated the 13th and 14th zodiac signs in 1970, namely Ophiuchus and Cetus. However, the Ophiuchus is the 13th new Zodiac sign which is still controversial.

Ophiuchus sign - Not Really A New Star Sign

Ophiuchus is not a new star sign. It is one of the 13 constellations through which the Sun and the Moon pass during a year. NASA has shared a post stating that there are now 13 zodiac signs instead of 12 zodiac signs. But that is an astronomical subject not astrological. Ophiuchus is a constellation, a group of stars, and it’s existed for thousands of years now. That is why this is not considered as a Zodiac sign. The Sun remains in the Sagittarius sign from November 21 to December 21, During this period, the Sun is in front of the Ophiuchus Constellation from November 29 to December 17. This means that during this period the personality traits will not be the same as Scorpio or Sagittarius, whereas it must have the personality traits of “Ophiuchus”. The Ophiuchus sign is the only sign that does not have an opposite sign and has been depicted in the tales as a real man. Most of the people envy them as these natives belong to such an elite sign that they enjoy a wealthy and successful life. So the new dates with the 13th zodiac will be as follows:

  • Scorpio: November 23rd to November 29th
  • Ophiuchus: November 29th to December 17th
  • Sagittarius: December 17th to January 20th

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The Main Reason Ophiuchus Is Not A Part Of The Zodiac

Constellations are groups of stars that occur far away from the Earth. The visibility of these constellations depends upon the location of the earth and the distance of these constellations from the earth. If you join the stars and use a bit of imagination, you will find all these groups making a picture of an object or animal. These are called zodiac signs and have an extremely important place in astrology.

Based on the positions of stars at the time of a person’s birth, astrologers make predictions about their life, achievements, success, failure, and other significant events. It is still a matter of controversy to include Ophiuchus in the zodiac sign. Well, none of the astrologers would agree to include another zodiac since this would disturb the practice that has been around for centuries. Although it has been more like a forgotten zodiac sign because the Sun passes in front of Ophiuchus and not through Ophiuchus. So no one actually can claim that at the time of birth the Sun was in Ophiuchus. Above all Ophiuchus is a constellation- a star and not a zodiac sign.

Ophiuchus Compatibility

Ophiuchus natives are highly compatible with Ophiuchus Pisces and Ophiuchus Ophiuchus. While they share low compatibility with Ophiuchus Aries, Ophiuchus Cancer, Ophiuchus libra, and Ophiuchus Scorpio.

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By now, you must have concluded that you are not born under any other Sun sign. Mostly, no one is ready to accept a new sign; however, we cannot claim it to be Sign yet. As it is clear that it is a constellation and that too, not a new one, it was there but could not create a place in astrology. There may be many reasons which are a matter of astrological discussions. We can just follow the path that is shown to us. So, those who are under the influence of Ophiuchus may have some different personality traits as that of Scorpio or Sagittarius. But what I would suggest is not to worry as of now and just be who you are!

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