Jupiter in Pisces – A Win-Win Situation for All!

Every planet in Vedic astrology is believed to radiate energy that has some influence over the natives. These energies can be a harbinger of joy and prosperity or can be an ugly evil that takes away all the luxuries and relationships from life. Whatever the planetary energy may give you or even take away from you, its influence will last as long the planet stays in the sign or unless it starts transiting and moving to the next sign.

Each planet has its fixed time in every sign like Saturn sticks with a sign for two and a half years and moves only after completing its stay in that particular sign. Likewise, every planet retrogrades back into the sign too. Both the transit and the retrograde have some or other effect on the natives who belong to that sign.

This article is about Jupiter in Pisces transit and retrograde. It will reflect on some of the Jupiter in Pisces facts and how the positive energy of the biggest planet, Jupiter in Pisces, will influence the man and woman with Pisces ascendant. Let’s take a dive into the article by first understanding more about Jupiter and Pisces.

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