Pisces Man Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

A Trailer of Pisces Man

Speaking of Pisces man traits, the final sign of the zodiac is an all dreamboat, a man born under the constellation Pisces. Talking about Pisces men in relationships, he is indeed flirtatious, charming, and romantic, and, to be precise, is a water sign, introverted and emotional. His sign is also classified as mutable, which means he can be transformed and modified. It reflects most in his constantly changing moods he has a stream of emotions that never slows down and a huge imagination.

He’s an idealist but it can be tough to be around him when his mood is down. But you’re on cloud nine with him when he’s back to his usual sweet self!

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Pisces Man Compatibility

Pisces is a water sign ruled by Jupiter but has the nature of Neptune. The symbol is of two fishes representing the duality, upward & downward-moving spirally and is contradictory in nature. It is an extremely emotional sign and hypersensitive. Pisces men have outstanding musical and artistic abilities. Their imaginative skills are beyond words.

Pisces is compatible with other water signs – be it Pisces itself or Scorpio and Cancer. Scorpio and Pisces become die-hard lovers. They both are intuitive and passionate in relationships. Pisces men make hot couples. Both are mystical signs and dive into supernatural and spirituality.

Cancer and Pisces hit off well due to their emotional depth and unconditional love. Cancer tends to nurture Pisces which they truly need. Together they make a harmonious couple. They connect at their creative and artistic levels too. Pisces and Pisces are awesome together. No one understands the hypersensitivity of a Pisces other than a Pisces itself. They share their dreams and visions and swim together in the deep sea of love.

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Pisces Men Traits

  • Art, Music, Literature and Creativity: Pisces men are good actors, artists, musicians, poets, songwriters, directors, designers and anything that requires otherworldly beauty expressions. They can be good pranksters as well. Alert! They are jack of all trades and master of some. They explore various fields and move from one field to another and again another, and in this process, they usually lose their direction. The fact is, they need to develop discipline which will lead to success.
  • Mystical and Spiritual: Pisces men are full of mystery and have magnetic personalities. They can make anyone fall in love with them. They are like nomadic fish going from sea to sea and collecting pearls of wisdom. They are spiritual and are connected to a higher power which is needed for their own well being. They can be disciplined only when they have dived into spirituality and incorporated practices in their life.
  • Duality / Contradictory Traits: Some Pisces men are strong-willed and some are weak-willed; some are well dressed and some are shabby. Sometimes they are disinterested and sometimes absolutely involved. Sometimes they are peaceful and other times extremely quarrelsome. They have contradictory traits. Truth is that they don’t let their real self out there, not till they have absolute trust. A Pisces man is said to have in twos. He can have two houses, two jobs or two women. Two is quite a thing in his life unless he has a moon in an earth sign. He has duality like Gemini and Libra.
  • Kind, Gentle and Generous: He is very kind and gentle. Yea, he will be friends with everyone. He is so generous that he will give money even when he has little. The gentleness of his heart can ruin him because anyone can take advantage of him. At the end of the day, he is self-sacrificial. He will even be polite to people he doesn’t like. Because he feels at such a deep level that he doesn’t want others to be in pain or suffering.
  • Deep Emotions: This man is all about heart, emotions and feelings. Deep feelings will only come out when he really trusts you. He is extremely difficult to manage when it comes to expressing his emotions. His creativity is an expression of the intense feelings he goes through in his life. He is usually very confused with his feelings and is a helpless emotional being. He has mutable energy which keeps on shifting. This means his feelings keep shifting, growing and adapting depending on the situations and the environment.
  • Hopeless Yet Romantic Souls: This is the most romantic sign of the zodiac. He will try his level best to make you feel like you are in a dreamland. Everything is very dreamy till you are dating but once a Pisces man is committed, his real side comes out which has a tinge of reality. He has unconditional love to give and showers his beloved with all the love beyond her imagination.
  • Private Person: He is someone who will not let you know what he is all about. He will take a long time to let his guards down. He doesn’t show his cards at once. Even if you think he is telling you everything, no he is not. As he finds the partner capable of being with him, then he will start opening. He is an extremely private person and keeps his feelings to himself only.
  • Dreamer and Escapist: He needs his night sleep because he needs to dream. Where do you think the visions are coming from? He is also a daydreamer. He escapes into his private and enigmatic world away from boring daily routines. It takes a lot to bring him back to the real world.
  • Visionary: He is symbolically a fish from the sea so everything is limitless. His motto is ‘live and let live. He loves his freedom and does wonders when he gets his space. He can be a great inventor too. When alone, he works on his visions. He is kind of lucky. Somehow money flows to him. He has tremendous potential. He just needs to discipline himself.
    He can either go upward or downward spiral. For Pisces, men balance is a huge challenge.
  • Curious and Hypersensitive: He is very curious so he asks many questions just to know if the other person can swim with him in deep and rough water. He is also very sensitive and cries very easily. He likes to keep his home in tune with nature adding elements of Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra. There will be beautiful art pieces, crystals and indoor plants too.
  • Supportive: Pisces men are a huge support to others. They put light on other’s best qualities and encourage them to keep going in life. They support others both emotionally and financially. They give a lot of compliments which makes someone feel better about themselves.
  • Addictions: Pisces men are prone to addictions – be substance, people, overeating or procrastination, especially when they find their emotional hurt too overwhelming.
  • After heartbreaks in love, they can get into casual dating or flirtatious encounters. This creates a mess in their life and they can be self-destructive.

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How is Pisces Man in Love and Relationships?

A Pisces man loves in a holy and magical way. He belongs to the most romantic sign of the zodiac and offers unconditional love. He has an ability to connect at a very deep level and he looks for someone who matches his level of intensity. His love is an invitation to an enchanted ride on his magical carpet. It’s a dreamy and fantasy world. It’s like you are escaping reality. His expressions are heart touching because their love is beyond the words. Venus is exalted in Pisces and it is the most wonderful form of love you will experience.

He needs love and attention, both physically and emotionally. If he is too far and not visited often, he will have an affair with someone to fulfil his needs, unless he has an earth sign in his chart. But note, he is the most potential partner. Be his companion. Don’t let him be distant for too long. When he needs space, he will let you know. He can be possessive! He can look or flirt around but you can’t do the same thing at the same time.

He will be a very loving father and gentle to the point of spoiling his kids. He has a tender heart. Being ultra permissive and discipline is not a thing for a Pisces man.

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How to Attract a Pisces Man?

  • Not hot but beautiful: Pisces men have an idealized vision of beauty. Flaunt your grace and gentleness rather than outright being bold and hot.
  • Artistic Expression: Show him your creative and expressive side.
  • Attracted to eyes: Highlight your eyes. They believe eyes are windows to the soul.
  • Believe in their Dreams: Be supportive of their visions and encourage them to pursue them.
  • Entail Sensitivity: Understand his emotions and feelings. He is all about dealing with unsettling emotions and channelising in a creative way.
  • Explore Him: Watch his favourite movies, listen to his favourite songs to get to know what his dreams look like.
  • Freedom and Space: They don’t like to be boxed in. As they are free-flowing, they are not limited by labels. This is mutable water and mutable signs which need more freedom to move and to come back. They need distance because they need an escape from their fantasy world.
  • Unconditional Love: Be with them unconditionally through different seasons.
  • Patience and Passion: Be patient with them as they take a lot of time to let their guards down. And if you are passionate about something, you will be admired more.
  • Kindness: Be kind and gentle towards everyone including the Pisces men. Do not throw sarcasm on anyone just for fun.

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Wrapping Up

Hey pals, hope you came to know about both the good and bad side of Pisces man. But you must believe that positive ones are more. Also, Pisces man characteristics are very much comparatively. Time to conclude, but you guys better live fully and keep on advancing.

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