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Beautiful Peonies and Hibiscus – The Scorpio Flower

The fearless and passionate Scorpio zodiac natives are born between 23rd October and 21st November, with the blessings of duo-planets Mars and Pluto and influenced by the water element. They are independent people with a niche for debate. They often land into controversies and unnecessary arguments with people, because they have their own perceptions and way of working and thinking. The Scorpions believe in being genuine and not crafty.

As they have a habit of getting into arguments and debates and always put honest and genuine faces in public, others don’t take them in a good stride. This forces the Scorpions to build a shell around them just like the creature “Scorpio”, which never lets anyone touch its body and it gets defensive if anybody tries to do so. The Scorpio zodiac signs are profoundly driven by their emotions. But they keep changing with time and this is why it becomes difficult for them to get into a stable and steady relationship or work too. And for the same reason, the Scorpions don’t let anyone get into their shell. But those who are lucky enough to pierce through the skin of the rugged Scorpio, are fortunate as they experience the most loyal and honest, loving and caring partner or friend.

One has to remember that a Scorpion can be your best friend or the best enemy, as whatever the native gets into, he/she gives it the best shot. Be it a lover or friend or an employee, the Scorpion would not leave any stone unturned to show the best face and give all that he/she has in the maximum potential and capacity.

It is very difficult to win a Scorpion’s heart as they are quite secretive about their feeling. They don’t get involved in love easily and often their partner has to go through a series of assessments to prove that they both can make a good couple. But once the Scorpion commits to love, he/she is absolutely loyal and expects the same from the partner. of all the twelve zodiac signs, Scorpio is one of the most passionate and intense lovers. For such a passionate lover, the Scorpio birth flower should be one that can represent magnetic passion and intense love. The sections that will follow will brief us about the Scorpio flower, birth stone, birth plant, and favorite flower of Scorpio natives. Know more now!

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The Symbol of Passion! Red Hibiscus - The Birth Flower of Scorpio

The Scorpio Birth Stone – Topaz

The Last Note – The Scorpio Birthstone and Flower

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