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The Effects Of Venus in Scorpio Sign

  • Element And Quality: Water & Fixed
  • Celebrities : Demi Moore, Usher, Sylvia Brown, Tiger Woods, Agatha Christie, Bruce Springsteen
  • Positive Traits : Intense, Passionate, Seductive, Emotional, Attractive, Attentive
  • Negative Traits : Possessive, Controlling, Unforgiving, Obsessive

Venus entered Scorpio on the 2nd of October 2021 and how this transit can transform the lives of indigenous people of the 12 Zodiac! Venus, also known as the planet of love and worship, passes from Libra to Scorpio, the deep sign of Mars. During this journey, love will experience intensity and passion. The transit will take place on 2 October 2021 until Venus moves on to the next sign on 30 October in Sagittarius.

Scorpio is a water-fixed sign governed by Mars that has a neutral link to Venus. Scorpio is linked to passion and sensuality. Venus is a love planet. When Venus is in Scorpio, it gives an increased desire for sex, romance, sensuality, and love to the indigenous. These people are quite assertive in fulfilling their wishes. Due to the Mars effect, aggression in love may be a witness. The indigenous are able to love eternally, but they sting like a Scorpio if they are wrong and develop a sense of revenge for the traitor.

शुक्र का गोचर आपकी राशि को किस तरह प्रभावित करेगा अभी हमारे विशेषज्ञों से बात करें…

Venus in Scorpio Means

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Venus in Scorpio – Plus and Minus Traits


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