Taurus Decan: All Three Decans of Taurus & Their Astrology

Let’s understand Decan first. A Decan is a part of your Zodiac sign when you divide your sign into three equal parts. Each Zodiac is made up of 30 degrees, and a Decan represents the third of it. Going at this minute level will help us go more in-depth with our astrological predictions.

Taurus Decan - Quick Bites

  • 1st Taurus Decan is born between 20th April and 29th April, and they are ruled by Venus. The planet bestows them with all things beautiful.
  • 2nd Taurus Decan is people who are born between 30th April and 10th May, and they are ruled by Mercury. The planet bestows them with excellent communication skills.
  • 3rd Taurus Decan is people who are born between 11th May and 20th May, and they are ruled by Saturn. The planet bestows them with determination and loyalty.

How can Decans Influence Different Zodiac Personalities ?

What is Taurus Decan?

If your date of birth is between April 20 to May 20, you are a Taurus native. Astrologically, that can tell a lot about your personality and help the astrologers a lot with your predictions.

However, a Decan will give you an even more detailed perspective. A Decan is one-third part of a Zodiac sign. The Zodiac sign is provided 30-degrees each, and therefore, a Taurus Decan will be 10-degrees each. This calculation makes up for the Three decans of Taurus, and we are just about to discuss them one by one.

Taurus Decan 1 - April 20th to April 29th

They are incredibly dynamic in their everyday life and attract a lot of attention everywhere they go. Things of their interest will bring out their passionate side to the world. They are strong and diverse with the things they like. You can trust them with sensitive matters, and they will approach them with discretion, even if the approach is direct. When the Taurus first Decan natives are looking for a partner, they will seek stability and loyalty.

These are the same qualities they will put into their relationships. A Taurus First Decan is never shy to show their love and devotion to the people they love. Once they are dedicated to something they want, the determination rarely fades away. That way, they are quite stubborn. Once they get going, there is no stopping. Taurus first decans are no strangers to hurdles and adversities, but they always come out winning. They love taking risks, and some of them are even okay with taking short cuts.

How Venus Affects Taurus 1st Decan

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus first decan, and that is the reason they are sensual and passionate. Venus bestows them with will-power, and at the same time, they are seekers of pleasure. They love exploring new things. If you are hanging around with them often, an adventure is always around the way.

They are very thoughtful about their future and what they want from their lives. They can desire a lot from life and will not back down while working for it. They will give their everything for the things they want to achieve, chasing their dreams. With a Taurus 1st Decan, there is no dearth of money and material wealth. However, this nature of theirs will make them miss out on the simple pleasures of life. They are also highly artistic and confident in spirit.

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Taurus Decan 2 -April 30th to May 10th

They are extremely talented with their arts. Being the artists they are, they are still not believers in the chance and can be very strict about the things they want. If you are under their supervision, they can be very strict and can be control freaks. They like to attain materialistic goals, too. 2nd Decan or not, they are Taurus natives after all! They can also be overly critical at times.

There is a duality to their nature which sometimes takes them away from solving the most straightforward problems. Since the thoughts are inhibited, the most intelligent of the second decan natives can be found dazed sometimes. It all depends on their state of mind at that time. They are good with pragmatic and philosophical studies and research. With their relationships, they like to go deep and form strong bonds. They are some of the most honest and committed partners to be with.

How Mercury Affects Taurus 2nd Decan

Mercury makes them ambitious, and they desire success with immense determination. The planet also bestows them with tremendous personality and communication skills. They are, as we mentioned, some of the most honest people you will find. Self-respect is crucial to them, and with that comes strong will power. They will be very upfront about what they like and not like.

But they will only speak their mind once they know there is no stone left unturned. They will never talk without evidence. At times, people can get perplexed by your personality. They observe everything that is happening around them and are aware of everything that is going on, even if it seems they are not attentive. Taurus Second Decan are gifted with adaptability skills to any situation, and that enhances their capabilities further. They like to work backstage more and finish the tasks they have undertaken.

Taurus Decan 3 - May 11th to May 20th

If there is one thing you need to know about these natives, it is they are charming. However, that beauty does not come with any flexibility, and they are infamous to be rigid and robust at times. That is not always a negative, though. It makes them loyal and highly-disciplined. Surprisingly enough, patience is also their virtue. They strive for higher professional glory, social prestige, and success in their field of work.

Taurus third decan natives are strong-willed, and they have the qualities to reach the top wherever they go. They have a perfect set of combative skills, and anything they have put their eyes on will be achieved eventually. If not, they will try again with polished skills. They are Taurus; after all, they never give up. Independent and straightforward by nature, they hate interference when they are working. On their own though, they can be quite attention-seekers.

How Saturn Affects Taurus 3rd Decan

Mighty Saturn rules Taurus Third Decan, and the rigidity or inflexibility (whatever you call it, depending on their mood) comes from the planet only. They carve one path for themselves and follow it religiously. It can go to extremities at times because ease natives will not be open to any new ideas even after a point. These qualities help them be at the top of the world.

On the flip side, they love their near and dear ones with all the passion. They work hard to achieve financial security and wish-fulfilment. They are quite sensual, as we mentioned, and at the same time, quite hilarious. Such creatures of contrast! They also have good taste in all things materialistic and hold an eye for aesthetics. Even on a small budget, they will fetch you things of beauty. You will always find them well-dressed and carrying that Taurian panache. They don’t like to back off from the challenges and adversities.

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That will be curtains on the Taurus Decans. This is all you need to know. We are often habituated to see only one side of theirs. Hope this sheds light on the other side. Go greet them with some love!

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