First Solar Eclipse of 2022: Effects of Solar Eclipse On Your Zodiac Sign

First Solar Eclipse of 2022: Effects of Solar Eclipse On Your Zodiac Sign

Just like you never forget to make a wish before a falling star, you may don’t want to miss how the ring of fire is shaping up. Right, we are talking about the upcoming solar eclipse of 2022. Also, it will be the first ‘Surya Grahan’ of the year 2022, and that’s why it would be no less than a treat for stargazers. Agreed? Now, before you go berserk, make sure you are temporarily out of India. This is because Indian astrology lovers might get slightly disappointed as they won’t be witnessing the celestial events of 2022.

The first solar eclipse of 2022 will take place on 30 April 2022.

Therefore, we summoned our best astrologers to get the details about the upcoming solar eclipse occurring on which day. Of course, we will let you know the impacts of the solar eclipse on your zodiac signs but before that, make a note of the event’s date and time. Also, you can read about different eclipses and their significance on human life.

Solar Eclipse 2022 Date & Time (Surya Grahan 2022)

According to astrological calculations, The first solar eclipse of the year is going to take place in Taurus on Saturday, 30 April 2022. This eclipse will start at 12.15 pm and will end at 4:07 pm.

And, The Second solar eclipse of the year is going to take place on October 25, 2022.

Note: All the above-mentioned timings are in IST (Indian Standard Time)

Below is the solar eclipse 2022 effects on the native’s lives according to their zodiac signs. Remember, the predictions are made using the theories of Vedic astrology and it’s based on the native’s Moon sign. If you are not sure about your moon sign, you can access your Free Janampatri Analysis and know it now!

Effects Of Solar Eclipse 2022 On Aries: Good Relationships All Around

Individuals for Aries sign should remain attentive to their health as you are likely to have eye-related problems or have pain in lower jaws. Your money spendings may go out of control. Job seekers may find the job, but for that, you may go far from your native place. Job professionals may go out on a business trip. You should refrain from taking a loan during this period.

Working natives should not plan for leaving their current job. You may find changes around your workplace. You may have more stress because of the bad health of your family members. You may have conflicts regarding parental property issues. Moreover, it’s a favourable time for the natives who are preparing for conception. Students may have a fair time in their education. Singles may soon find their life partner, while married ones may enjoy intimacy.

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Effects Of Solar Eclipse 2022 On Taurus: Hold Your Investment Horses

Individuals with a Taurus sign may go through physical or mental health issues. You may lose your self-confidence, and it may hamper your decision-making abilities. Take care of your inner circle as there are chances that someone may try to defame you. You are expected to maintain your good wealth. Due to the impacts of solar eclipse on Taurus students, they should focus more on their studies. As your hard work will not go in vain. On the contrary, it may only help you get success.

Professionals may find plenty of opportunities to enhance their income. You might get an appraisal for your work, and productivity may increase. In terms of marriage life, you may have some issues with your partner.

Singles may need to wait a bit longer for marriage. Those natives who are looking to purchase new land should make a move. Investors should not consider this period for making big investments.

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Effects Of Solar Eclipse 2022 On Gemini: Concentrate on Health

Gemini natives may enjoy good health and fitness during this phase. But still, you should not be inattentive as some of you may complain of stomach ache, lower back pain or mental stress. Also, you may get worried about your partner’s health. Those who are planning for conception may get a successful outcome. Natives dealing with stock market activities may get profit, but money spendings may increase.

In any case, you should not think of borrowing money or accepting loans. Gemini individuals planning to settle in foreign lands may go ahead. Some of you may go on religious trips. Job professionals may deal with issues at their workplace, and therefore they may plan to change the job. Married natives may have a fair time during this period.

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Effects Of Solar Eclipse 2022 On Cancer: All Things New

Cancer individuals might be on the verge of gaining desired wealth and prosperity. It is safe to say that because your pending issues related to property may disperse soon. Cancerians may have a good time buying a new house as well. On the other hand, you should calmly deal with your close ones or friends as you may have conflicts with them. Family issues may keep you amid a state of stress and depression.

Siblings of Cancer signs should maintain fun-loving connections by avoiding arguments. During this phase, you might get worried about your children. Newly married couples should postpone their conception. Businessmen and job professionals may have a fair time. Investors may find success in investments, but you should keep your distance from stock market activities. Know the powerful mantras for your business success Here!

Effects Of Solar Eclipse 2022 On Leo: Time for Stress?

Leo individuals are likely to suffer from bad health. Mainly, you may complain of stomach ache, lower back problems or eye-related issues. Your family tensions may increase your mental stress. Also, you should maintain good relations with your neighbours. Natives of Leo may be unable to concentrate on their work because of their parent’s health. You may continue to maintain a good partnership with your friends or colleagues.

Singles may get marriage proposals during this time. Leo students may need more effort to concentrate on their studies. Businessmen or professional workers may find themselves amid tough times. Those natives who are struggling to get solutions from property-related issues may need to wait longer. You may meet buyers for selling your old items or property. However, you should try to get a fine grip over money expenditures.

Effects Of Solar Eclipse 2022 On Virgo: Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Natives who are carrying the sign of Virgo are likely to enter a state of anxiety and depression. You may get rid of family tensions as your family matters are likely to meet solutions. This is a good time for job professionals and business owners. But still, you may find it difficult to control your unnecessary expenses.

Your spouse may require your attention to recover from bad health. You may find relationship issues too. Singles may need to wait longer for a partner. Those who are dealing with religious works may find hurdles in their way. You may receive unexpected help from your maternal family. Your father may fall prey to bad health. You may have arguments with your elder brother or sister. When things are not going your way, rely on astrological tips to stay happy and feel contented.

Effects Of Solar Eclipse 2022 On Libra: Time for Work-Life Balance

Individuals with Libra signs may have to battle with disease or viral infections. You may be unable to find solutions for your property-related problems. Investors may have a favourable time as they may earn profits. You may restore good relations with your kids. Individuals of Libra may have childbirth at their home. Job professionals and business owners may be unable to balance professional and personal life.

You may take longer than usual to resolve ancestral property issues. Students should try to regain their concentration as they are likely to lose their self-confidence. If you have unmarried cousins younger than you, then they may find marriage proposals. You may go for religious trips along with your dear ones.

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Effects Of Solar Eclipse 2022 On Scorpio: Good Investments = Good Returns

Individuals of Scorpio may maintain their health during the solar eclipse. Businessmen should carefully read the documents before putting their signature on them. You may receive benefits from property investments. Plus, your recent investments may bring you more profits. Your property-related matters may get resolved. Scorpio natives associated with the partnership business may quarrel with their partners or clients. You should not accept any loans during this period.

Your investments made during this time may help you earn profit. Besides, your stock market activities may not provide positive outcomes. Scorpio natives may remain more worried about their son or daughter. Students and job professionals with Scorpio signs may undergo hard times. You may require your spouse’s attention to restore happiness in a marriage relationship. Those who want to part ways with their partner may get the things done. Know more about Scorpio Career Here!

Effects Of Solar Eclipse 2022 On Sagittarius: Strong Bonds For the Win

Individuals of Sagittarius may find it easy to defeat their hidden enemies. You may continue to maintain your fitness, but you should remain careful as Rahu or Sun may hamper your health status. Your siblings may find marriage proposals. Sagittarius students may have a good time studying. Singles may inch closer to their life partner, while married ones experience intimacy. Find the best compatible partner of Scorpio Here!

Job professionals may find themselves amid challenging times. You are likely to go on business-related trips. During this phase, you should keep yourself away from court-related activities. You may have proper bonding with your friends. Also, while travelling, you should take care of your driving skills.

Effects Of Solar Eclipse 2022 On Capricorn: Positive Times Ahead

Individuals born under the sign of Capricorn are likely to get worried about their children. Your cousins younger than you might get marriage opportunities. Couples preparing for conception or progeny may need to postpone their plans. Your friends’ relations may get dented, so you must take care of them.

You should think twice or read carefully before putting a signature on any documents. You may improve your financial status. Also, you may have a smooth flow of cash via multiple incomes. Professional workers may experience favourable times. Those who want to change their current job may find attractive offers. You may find positive changes around you at a slow pace.

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Effects Of Solar Eclipse 2022 On Aquarius: Time Full of Changes

Aquarius Individuals suffering from bad health may recover their health. Your illness or pain may be resolved now. Your money expenditure may ruin your financial goals. You would be more worried about your mother’s health. You may maintain fun-loving relations with your pals. Your elder cousins may enter the marriage phase of their life. Those Aquarius natives who are dealing with heart-related issues should take extra care. You may approach the court to resolve pending property-related matters.

Investors may get satisfactory results from small investments. You may plan to travel to other countries. Job professionals may get extra responsibilities in their work. You may find a change in your workplace or may get a transfer order. Reveal what’s more in the store of Aquarius Career.

Those who want to be a father or mother should go ahead with their plan. Singles may soon find a desired life partner. You may improve previously spoiled relations with your buddies.

Effects Of Solar Eclipse 2022 On Pisces: Fulfilled Desires

Natives carrying a Pisces sign may have a good chance of minting money. You may earn your desired wealth and prosperity. You may get relief from pending property issues. You may plan to buy new property or land. You may decide to renovate your house or buy a vehicle. It is advisable that you check the documents carefully before you sign it. You may have ups and downs in your health as you are likely to face stomach ache, mental stress and skin disease.

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You may need to take care of your parent’s health. You may spoil good relations with your neighbours. Students may have fair time in their career path. If your younger cousin is getting married, then he or she may deal with unnecessary hurdles. Your elder married cousins may face hiccups regarding their marriage. You may soon go on a religious trip with your family.

These were the predictions based on your moon signs. Many of you may wonder how to deal with such situations but hey, go nowhere, we have got you covered. So, let’s reveal the things you must follow during the eclipse to avoid its harmful effects on your life.

Dos And Don’ts During Solar Eclipse 2022

  • Take a bath before and after the solar eclipse
  • At the time of full eclipse, light up the diya inside your home temple
  • Worship deities by reciting mantras and devotional songs
  • Observe fast on this day and indulge in generous works or charity activities
  • Make Sun-related donations to avoid fear, delusions or financial loss
  • One should not make the donations during the evening time
  • Sprinkle ganga water inside your house
  • You should feed cows and perform Gayatri rituals during this phase
  • The solar eclipse doesn’t have impact in night time, so you should not indulge in night activities
  • The inauspicious period starts before the 12 hours, so make sure you begin your fast at that time
  • You should consume food only after the omission of the eclipse
  • One should not keep doors of temples open during Surya Grahan
  • You should put Durva or sesame seeds in curd or milk to avoid getting them spoiled
  • You should take a bath at the holy river in order to wash off your past sins.
  • Visit holy places like Haridwar, Gaya, Kurukshetra, or Gangasagar for taking bath in the river.

Final Thoughts

The first solar eclipse taking place on the 2nd week of June 2022 may bring you positive changes as well as negative changes in your life. We understood how the solar eclipse could affect our lives, so do follow the above-mentioned things during the Surya Grahan. By doing so, you may reduce the harmful effects of the eclipse. Hope you had a clear picture of the upcoming solar eclipse.

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