Durga Visarjan – Rituals, Date, Time, Significance and Celebrations

Durga Visarjan – Rituals, Date, Time, Significance and Celebrations

According to our Puranas, Durga Puja has special importance. Durga Visarjan, which takes place during Navratri, symbolises the conclusion of the nine-day long Navratri festival. Durga and her different forms are worshipped throughout these nine days, and the idol is placed during this time period. 

In the following year, on the day of Durga immersion, the idol is submerged in the water with the blessings of the mother goddess. The state of West Bengal is responsible for most of the festival’s glitz and glam. This day is also marked by the celebration of Vijay Dashami or Dussehra. This event is observed on the ninth day of the ninth month of the Hindu calendar month of Ashwin. The festival of Durga Visarjan 2024 will be observed on Saturday, October 12, 2024

Durga Visarjan Shubh Muhurat, Tithi, Date And Time:

Durga VisarjanDate And Time
Durga VisarjanSaturday, October 12, 2024
Shubh Muhurat01:20 PM to 03:44 PM
Duration 02 Hours 24 Mins
Dashami Tithi Starts10:58 AM on Oct 12, 2024
Dashami Tithi Ends 09:08 AM on Oct 13, 2024
Shravan Nakshatra Starts05:25 AM on Oct 12, 2024
Shravan Nakshatra Ends04:27 AM on Oct 13, 2024

During Durga Visarjan “Gachha Gachha Surashreshte Swasthanam Parameshwari. Pujaradhankale cha Punaragamanaya Cha.” The mantra should be kept on chanting.

The festival of Navratri starts from the Pratipada of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month, which continues till Navami. After this, the festival of Durga Visarjan is celebrated on the day of Dashami i.e. Dussehra. If you want to get the blessings of Mother Durga on your family, then you can worship Maa Durga at your home on this day. 

Durga Visarjan Significance

The day of Durga Visarjan is considered to be the most important day of Mother’s worship. Despite the fact that its grandeur can be observed throughout the country, several sections of West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Bihar, and Maharashtra are particularly adorned with it. Throughout the country, this holiday is celebrated with considerable zeal. 

This event commemorates the practice of immersing the idol of Goddess Durga into the water. Taking time to worship the mother on this day alleviates all of life’s difficulties. While the Durga idol is usually immersed in the morning, due to the auspicious timing, idol immersion can also be witnessed in the evening on some occasions. Only after Maa Durga Visarjan is done by the devotees of Maa Durga to break their fast for the festival of Navratri.

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Durga Visarjan Ceremony and Rituals

This is the day, according to mythology, that Maa Durga returns to Mount Kailash. People have been fasting for the previous nine days; some only eat at night, while others have been worshipping the mother for the past nine days without eating. This rite is only performed after the mother has been immersed. People who worship Goddess Durga apply vermilion to their foreheads and perform aarti in her honour on this day. 

A big procession is organised for the immersion of the idol, in which the goddess’s idol is decked out and transported to a sacred pond or river for immersion. The Durga Puja visarjan procession is attended by the mother’s devotees, who sing and dance traditional songs and dances to bid her farewell. The worshippers then take Goddess Durga to the riverbanks, where they promise that they will return early the following year to immerse the idol.

Significance of Sindoor Khela on Durga Visarjan

In addition, many parts of the world celebrate this festival of Mother Durga in accordance with their respective traditions. Throughout West Bengal, maa Durga Visarjan is regarded as a major custom. It is customary for ladies to apply vermilion to one another and distribute sweets as prasad on this day. 

When it comes to West Bengal, this tradition is referred to as Thakur Boron. Traditionally, ladies on this day pray to Maa Durga for the long life of their husbands and seek Maa Durga’s blessings for the continuation of prosperity in their household. An urban legend concerning this tradition is also popular in West Bengal. 

According to ritual, on the day of visarjan of Durga maa, local ladies, after worshipping Goddess Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Kartikeya, and Lord Ganesha, dressed them before the immersion and served them delectable sweet foods to celebrate the festival. Following that, Maa Durga, with vermilion applied to her, together with her companion women, filled vermilion jars in demand of one another. There are some who believe that the mother is happy with them and that the gates of heaven are opened for them as a result of their good deeds.


This year’s Durga murti visarjan will be completed on Oct 12. During the Shardiya Navratri festival, pandals dedicated to Mother Durga are decorated throughout the country and abroad, and idols are placed in them. They are completely submerged after nine days. 

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