Dussehra 2024: Why The Day Significant In India?

Dussehra 2024: Why The Day Significant In India?

Dussehra is one of the most important festivals of India, and it is celebrated by the Hindu population on a large scale. It is celebrated as the conclusion of the nine-day long celebration of Navratri (Festival of Lights). In a manner, Dussehra can be seen as the culmination of the Navratri festival. 

Despite the fact that Dussehra marks the beginning of the primary holiday of Deepawali, the festival of lights is not celebrated in the country until exactly 15 days after Dussehra has passed. The festival of Dussehra commemorates Lord Rama’s victory over the demonic monarch Ravana, who had stolen Rama’s wife Sita. 

As it is derived from the Sanskrit language, Dussehra can be considered a symbol of the defeat of the ten-headed Ravana, whether in Hindi or in English. According to the sacred book Ramayana, King Ravana of Lanka has ten heads, which is why he is referred to as Dashanan, which means “ten-headed.” 

According to the Hindu calendar, this day occurs on the tenth day of the month of Ashwin, which corresponds to the months of Sept and Oct in the English calendar. 

Dussehra 2024: Date, Muhurat And Time

According to the Hindu festival calendar, the festival of Dussehra in 2024 will be celebrated on Saturday, October 12, 2024

DussheraDate & Time
Dussehra / Vijayadashami 2024 DateSaturday, October 12, 2024
Vijaya Dashami Starts At10:58 AM on Oct 12, 2024
Vijaya Dashami Ends At09:08 AM on Oct 13, 2024
Vijay Dashami 2024 Muhurat02:08 PM to 02:56 PM
Duration00 Hours 48 Mins
Dussehra Pooja Muhurat 2024 01:20 PM to 03:44 PM
Duration02 Hours 24 Mins
Shravana Nakshatra Begins05:25 AM on Oct 12, 2024
Shravana Nakshatra Ends04:27 AM on Oct 13, 2024

Meaning of Dusherra

Dussehra, also known as Dasahara, Dusshera, Dasara, or Dashain, is a Hindu festival commemorating the defeat of demons by gods. Also known as Vijayadashami, Dussehra is a Hindu holiday. Furthermore, it is a combination of two words: Vijay, which means “victory,” and Dashmi, which means “tenth.”

Dussehra 2024: Shastra Puja Vidhi

Since ancient times, the day of Dussehra has been observed as a day of weapon veneration and devotion. This is a day to offer gratitude to them by collecting ordnance items. Kings used to worship weapons in order to gain the upper hand against their adversaries in ancient times. In addition to this, several physical events are held on the day of Dussehra to allow participants to test their fighting abilities.

If we are talking about the weapon worship associated with Dussehra, on this day all of the people who are battling for their state, i.e. country, gather their weapons and purify them with the water of a sacred river. Following the purification of the weapons, flowers are offered to the gods by putting turmeric, kumkum, and akshat vaccination to the weapons. Shami leaves are extremely important in weapon worship, and they are offered weapons after flowers have been offered to them.

This puja is only open to the elders and adults of the house who wish to participate. It is not permitted for the children of the household to take part in this worship.

Significance of Dussehra

According to mythological beliefs, Ravana had kidnapped Lord Rama’s wife Mata Sita, which led to a deadly war between them. Due to the nectar in the navel Kumbh of the demon king Ravana, he had become imperishable. But after many circumstances and incidents, Rama manages to kill Ravana by shooting an arrow in his navel. Since mythological times, this day is celebrated as Dussehra on the 10th day of Ashwin month of the Hindu calendar.

The people of India celebrate Dussehra in honour of the victory of good over evil. Devotees in the eastern parts of India also celebrate this day as the end of Durga Puja which begins with the festival of Navratri.

History of Dussehra

The celebration of Dussehra is believed to have begun in the 17th century when the king of Mysore ordered the day to be observed on a grand scale by the people of the country. Hence, this day has been celebrated with great passion and vitality every year since. Several legends have been associated with this date in history.

Dussehra Story According To Hindu Mythology

According to Ramayana, Ravana was killed by Lord Rama on this day to avenge the cruel act of abducting Goddess Sita on Dussehra.

According to some beliefs, on the day of Dussehra, Goddess Durga killed the demon Mahishasura during Navratri. Mahishasura was killed after nine days and nights of continuous fighting between Goddess Durga and the terrible demon. That is why Dussehra is celebrated on this date. It symbolises the victory of Mahishasurmardini and the defeat of evil.

A belief related to Dussehra also connects us with the Mahabharata period. According to the Mahabharata, this day commemorates the victory of Arjuna who defeated the entire Kaurava army with his might. Arjuna is also known as Vijaya and hence, the day he destroyed the army is called Vijaya Dashami.

Another story related to Dussehra is related to Raghu, the king of Kauts. According to the story, Raghu, the king of Kauts, was asked by his guru for 14 crore gold coins in exchange for his knowledge. Raghuraj went to Indra for help, who asked Lord Kubera to rain coins on the city of Ayodhya. After giving 14 crore coins to his guru, Kautas distributed the rest to the people of Ayodhya.

Dussehra Puja Vidhi

On the day of Dusherra, Aparajita Puja is performed. Below is the step by step worship ritual is given.

  1. In the Northeast direction of your home, find a holy and auspicious place for worship. It would be fantastic if the entire family could participate in the Puja. Individuals, on the other hand, can do it on their own.
  2. Clean the area and apply Sandalwood paste on the Ashtadal Chakra (the ring of eight lotus petals).
  3. Take the pledge that you are performing Goddess Aparajita’s Puja for the benefit of your family and yourself.
  4. Invoke Goddess Aparajita in the centre of the Chakra using the following Mantra: अपराजिताय नमः
  5. Now, to her right, invoke Goddess Jaya with the following mantra:क्रियाशक्त्यै नमः
  6. Invoke Goddess Vijaya with the following Mantra on her left: उमायै नमः
  7. After that, do Shodashopchar Puja using the following Mantras: अपराजिताय नमः, जयायै नमः, विजयायै नमः
  8. Now, pray: “O Goddess, I have fulfilled the Puja ceremonies to the best of my ability; please accept it before I leave.”
  9. Do Namaskara, after finishing the puja.
  10. Recite the following mantra while performing Visarjan: हारेण तु विचित्रेण भास्वत्कनकमेखला। अपराजिता भद्ररता करोतु विजयं मम।

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Famous Dussehra Celebrations of India

The day of Dussehra signifies the prevalence of good over evil. This day is celebrated on a large scale in India as well as in Bangladesh. The most famous Dussehra celebrations in India take place in the city of Mysore. Goddess Chamundeshwari is worshipped on this day and a grand procession of her idol is taken out across the city. Major buildings across the city are decorated with lights and colours on this day.

Other famous Dussehra celebrations in India include Himachal Pradesh, Kolkata and Kullu in Orissa, where the festival is preceded by week-long celebrations. People go to puja pandals wearing new clothes, prepare traditional food at home and celebrate the festival with their friends and families. In most other parts of India, plays depicting the story of the Ramayana are organised, culminating with the slaying of Ravana on this day.


According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Ganga descended down to Earth on this day to rescue Bhagiratha’s ancestors from a curse. That is what makes it one of the most auspicious festivals in Hinduism. Every year, hundreds of devotees flock to the river Ganga to take a sacred bath in the river.

MyPandit wishes you a happy and prosperous Dussehra 2024!

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