Kartik Poornima Celebrations in Diversified India

Kartik Poornima Celebrations in Diversified India

Kartika is the eighth lunar month in the Hindu calendar. The Purnima day that falls during the month of Kartika is known as Kartik Purnima /Kartik Poornima. The celebrations of Kartik Purnima begin on the day of Prabodhini Ekadashi which is also referred to as  Devuthanna Ekadashi.  As Ekadashi is the eleventh day and Purnima is the fifteenth day of Kartika month, the day is celebrated for five consecutive days. Kartika Purnima is significant as most of the rituals and festivals conclude on this day. Kartika Purnima is also known as Tripuri Purnima or Tripurari Purnima.

The festivities of Kartik Purnima celebrated for five days include:

1. Tulsi Vivah generally begins on the day of Prabodhini Ekadashi and ends on the day of Kartik Purnima. As per Hindu scriptures, Tulsi Vivah can be celebrated on any feasible day between the Ekadashi and Kartik Purnima day in the month of Kartik.  Devotees perform marriage rituals of Goddess Tulsi with Lord Shaligram who is believed to be a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, on the day of Kartik Purnima.

2. The Bhishma Panchaka fast commences with Prabodhini Ekadashi and concludes on Kartik Purnima. In the Vaishnava culture, the Bhishma Panchak fasting during the last five days of Kartik month holds great religious importance. It is also called Vishnu Panchak.

3. Vaikunth Chaturdashi Puja is performed a day prior to Kartik Purnima where devotees of Lord Vishnu observe fast. Hindu mythology emphasizes the day as being the one where  Lord Vishnu worshipped Lord Shiva on the day of Vaikunth Chaturdashi, during Shukla Paksha, by offering him a thousand lotus flowers. Thus, temples are flooded by people who perform special puja where they worship Lord Vishnu Puja along with Lord Shiva Puja.  Devotees keep the sanctity of the day of  Kartik Purnima Ganga Snan by taking a dip in the holy Ganges at Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi before Sunrise.

4. Dev Diwali or the Diwali of the Gods occurs on Kartik Purnima day. Ancient Hindu scriptures associate the day with Tripurasura, a demon killed at the hands of  Lord Shiva on this day, which is why Kartik Purnima is also known as Tripurari Purnima. Legends describe that Gods were overjoyed with the death of Tripurasura and expressed their happiness by celebrating the event as Diwali on Kartik Purnima.

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Kartik Purnima 2021: Date And Timing

Kartik Purnima will be observed on Monday, November 30, 2021

Tithi ScheduleTime Date
Purnima Tithi Begins12:47 PMNov 29, 2021
Purnima Tithi Ends02:59 PMNov 30, 2021

Kartik Purnima Vrat Katha

Devotees begin their day by taking a holy bath early in the morning and reading the Kartik Purnima Vrat Katha that explains the slaying of the demon Tripurasura at the hands of Lord Shiva. It has since then been announced as a festival of lights and illumination celebrated by Gods to express their gratitude towards Lord Shiva. It is rightly stated in the Hindu scriptures that reading the Kartik Purnima Vrat Katha and Puja provide a way to Artha, Dharma, Karma, and Salvation.

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Significance of Kartik Purnima

  • Kartik Purnima is considered as one of the most auspicious days for performing religious ceremonies, and it is believed that auspicious ceremonies performed on this day bring joy and happiness. It is also believed that performing Kartik Snan during Kartik month is equivalent to performing 100 Ashvamegha Yagya. It is believed that performing Kartik Snan and worshipping Lord Vishnu on this day blesses a person with an immense fortune.
  • Kartik Purnima is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Vrinda, the personification of Tulsi plant. This day also marks the emergence of Matsya, the fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is also believed to be the birthday of Lord Kartikeya, the firstborn of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The last five days of the Kartik month are considered most significant as devotees observe one day fast known as Habisha.
  • In the Western state of Rajasthan, the Pushkar Mela or fair commences on the day of Prabodhini Ekadashi and continues till Kartik Purnima. It is held to commemorate and honour Lord Brahma whose temple stands at Pushkar. Taking a ritual bath on Kartik Purnima is said to lead a person towards Moksha. It is believed circling the three Pushkars on Kartik Purnima is highly meritorious.
  • Kartik Purnima is religiously significant for the Jain community who celebrate the day by visiting Palitana, their pilgrimage center. Thousands of  Jain devotees assemble at the foothills of the Shatrunjay hills of Palitana taluka on the day of Kartik Purnima to undertake the auspicious journey. Worshipping Lord Adinath for four months of the monsoon season attracts a maximum number of devotees who believe that Lord Adinath, the first Tirthankara, sanctified the hills by visiting it to deliver his first sermon.
  • There are no specific auspicious days for the Sikh community. They consider any month, day, or moment a person remembers the Divine as auspicious. As per the Sikh calendar, Guru Nanak Dev was born on April 14th  which was the 1st day of Vaisakh.  It coincided with a full-moon night and therefore  Nanak Panthi Hindus celebrate the day as Guru Nanak Jayanti. Thus, Kartik Purnima is significant and is also celebrated worldwide as Gurupurab or Prakash Parva.


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May You Have a Blessed Kartik Purnima Day!

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