Tulsi Vivah 2024 – Why is it Celebrated?

Tulsi Vivah 2024 – Why is it Celebrated?

Traditionally, Tulsi Vivah is considered to be very important. At most places, this day is known as Dev Uthani Gyaras.  It is believed that on this day Lord Vishnu wakes up after a long sleep of four months. All auspicious work starts only after Lord Vishnu wakes up from his sleep. However, this year, the muhurat for Tulsi Vivah is on Dwadashi (the twelfth day of the rising moon phase). On this day Shaligram, the form of Lord Vishnu, is married to Tulsi. Here, we will understand the ritual, story, and importance of Tulsi Vivah.

Tulsi Vivah 2024 Date & Time

Tulsi VivahDate & Time
Tulasi Vivah Wednesday, November 13, 2024
Dwadashi Starts At 04:04 PM on Nov 12, 2024
Dwadashi Ends At01:01 PM on Nov 13, 2024

Tulsi Vivah Importance

Participating in or getting Tulsi Vivah done is considered to be a blissful ritual. There is a tradition of offering ‘Tulsi Dal’ (branch or leaf of holy basil plant) to Sri Hari Vishnu on the day of Devuthani Gyaras (Dev uthani Ekadashi 2024). It has been told in mythology that on this day Shaligram (a kind of stone) in the form of Lord Vishnu is married to Tulsi (Holy Basil plant). 

Whoever solemnises this marriage, Lord Vishnu showers immense blessings on him. Tulsi marriage is an act of virtue as much as getting a girl child married. By getting the Tulsi Vivah done, it is believed that all the troubles and problems vanish away from the life of the person. Along with this, those all who get Tulsi Ji married to Shaligram get marital happiness.

Worship Method for Tulsi Vivah

Tulsi Vivah should be performed according to the Vedic methods only. For this, place a Tulsi plant on one post and Shaligram on the second. An urn filled with water and covered with five mango leaves should be kept near these posts. Put ocher (a kind of soil) in the pot of holy basil. After this, bathe Tulsi and Shaligram with Gangajal (water from the holy river Ganga/Ganges). In case Gangajal is not available, fresh pure water can also be used. After this, apply roli and sandalwood tilak to both of them. 

Prepare a sugarcane pavilion for this marriage and make both of them sit in it. Along with this, Tulsi should also be covered with red chuniri symbolising a bride. Wrap the Tulsi pot with a sari, put on bangles and other makeup like a bride. After this, take seven rounds around Shaligram holding the Tulsi post in the hands. Finally, perform aarti of both, and after the marriage is over, distribute Prasad.

Tulsi Vivah Story

In ancient times, there used to be a very mighty demon named Jalandhar. He was married to a girl named Vrinda, one of the supreme devotees of Lord Vishnu. Jalandhar became invincible due to Vrinda’s virtuous religion. Once, he also defeated Lord Shiva in a battle, and after that Jalandhar became proud of his invincibility and he constantly started harassing the celestial damsels (Apsaras) of heaven. Lord Indra was also frightened by this act of Jalandhar. Almost all the gods were petrified by the terror of Jalandhar. With this problem, all the gods went to Lord Vishnu, requesting him to put an end to the horrors of Jalandhar.

Basis the request of the deities, Lord Vishnu, using illusion, took the form of Jalandhar and, by treachery, destroyed Vrinda’s husbandry religion. As soon as Vrinda’s virtuous dharma was destroyed, Jalandhara’s power diminished, and he was killed in a battle. When Vrinda came to know that her husband’s religion had been fraudulently corrupted by Lord Vishnu, Vrinda, in anger, cursed Lord Vishnu to become a stone. All the deities were upset as Lord Vishnu turned into a stone. They all pleaded with Vrinda to take back the curse. Showing mercy, Vrinda withdrew her curse. Though Lord Vishnu was feeling ashamed of his actions, therefore, to keep Vrinda’s curse alive, he manifested himself in form of a stone, which then came to be known as Shaligram.

After taking back the curse given to Lord Vishnu, Vrinda became sati along with Jalandhar from where a Tulsi plant grew out from her ashes. In order to maintain the dignity and purity of Vrinda, the gods together got the Shaligram form of Lord Vishnu married to Tulsi. Since then, every year on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi, Tulsi is married with Shaligram to commemorate this event.

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And Finally

Celebrating Tulsi Vivah is not just a tradition or festival as per Hindu belief but it is also the day from when all the auspicious works like marriage, engagements, mundan, etc., can be started after the halt of few months as, from this day, it is believed that Lord Vishnu wakes up from his sleep and showers blessings on his devotees.

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