The March Birthstone – Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine crystal or Aquamarine stone reminds us of the sea. Its powerful soothing qualities bring bliss and happiness to married couples’ lives. No doubt it is one of the popular gift choices not only in India but the world over!

Aquamarine gemstone is a highly transparent, light blue coloured semi-precious gemstone of the Beryl family. It is the traditional birthstone for the ones born in March. As per Vedic Astrology, this Gemstone is considered a substitute for Blue Sapphire and is believed to promote self-confidence, leadership qualities, good health and stability in married life.

This stone looks stunning and is quite popular in modern design and jewellery because of its pretty aqua blue colour. Aquamarine stone is named after the Latin word for “seawater” to protect the sailors while on the sea and calm the waters.

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Aquamarine: The Facts You Need To Know

Colour: This Gemstone comes in many hues of blue, from softer pale sky blue to a more vivid turquoise blue like the depth in the oceans.
Appearance: Moreover, the Aquamarine gem looks transparent, but it can also be opaque. It grows in hexagonal crystal formations, with typical inclusions being delicate & hollow rods that reflect white light. When the growth lines are present in large numbers, a cat’s eye effect or even a six-rayed star is possible inclusions.
Rarity: This Gemstone is a well-sourced variety. However, specific colours or inclusions and formations might be rare to be found. The natural Aquamarine stone sourced from Madagascar is a deeper shade of blue. It is one of the more sought after colours of this Gemstone in the present times.” Cat’s Eye” Aquamarine is also quite popular. This one is usually cut into a cabochon stone to bring about maximum optical illusion over the stone’s surface.
Mohs Scale’s hardness- This Gemstone measures around 7.5 on the Moh’s scale. It is one of the more complicated versions of the gemstones family.
Sources: This March birthstone is more commonly sourced from Brazil. However, people can widely find it in the United States, Mexico, India, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Madagascar.

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Aquamarine: The Origin In The Legends

As per mythology and legends, Aquamarine Crystal Gem is believed to possess the sea’s power and has been associated with many sea Gods And Goddesses’, one of them being Aphrodite. Through the course of history, sailors have been using this Gemstone to protect themselves from the storms, drowning & other calamities at sea, as well as to ensure their sound arrival back home from a voyage. Aquamarine is a gemstone of courage.

Aquamarine stone aid in digestion and fluid retention in the body due to their purification qualities. The sailors used to build a drinking goblet out of this Gemstone to purify the seawater before consuming it.

In ancient folklore, this Gemstone was believed to be the ‘treasure of mermaids”, having the power to protect and guard sailors and counteract the forces of darkness during nights and procure bliss from the “Gods of Light”.

According to medieval history, this Gemstone depicted love and longing. Aquamarine rekindles the love of married couples. And it was an aid in rendering the soldiers in battle invincible and bringing glory in war and legal disputes.

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By now, we know that Aquamarine is the colour of waters. It is also known as the “sailor’s lucky stone” because of its connection to the life-giving force of nature. In Latin, it is called the “water of the sea” because of its colour resembling sea waters. According to traditions, a woman who wears Aquamarine will have a joyful and happy life. It brings about sanctity in marriage.

Aquamarine: The Formation Process

This Gemstone, as we know, is from the “Latin Aqua Marine” or Sea Water and is a very blue variety of Beryl. Did you know Emerald & Morganite are an intense green variety of the same mineral? They are all mineral forms of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. They change their colours following the other minerals they come in contact with while forming their formation stages. Aquamarine is coloured blue by the deposits of iron.

When it comes to the colour of the stone, the popularity of the hues kept changing over the past few years rather than over the past few centuries. Like in the 19th century, the much sought after shade was sea green/ blue, whereas today, the colours we relate more with are dark blue and sky blue variations of the stone. This Gemstone has a very peculiar greenish-blue colouring. This colour is given by the presence and amount of iron content in this Gemstone.

With much of the Aquamarine gemstone that we find today in retail and commercial spaces, some heat treatment enhances its very blue texture. But remember, the blue hues could also get lost in the process due to overheating. The untreated Aquamarine can be found with a more pronounced greenish tinge in them.

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Aquamarine: Hints To Identify Authenticity

The very finest of Aquamarine gemstones are stunning with a slight greenish-blue tinge with moderately bold colour intensity. Specific stones are very naturally more yellowish-green in colour. The application of the healing process can remove such a green hue. It could be a very natural treatment for certain Aquamarine stones to diminish the greenish hues to bring out more bluish tones. However, the very natural, fine, untreated Aquamarine will fetch better value and attention in the market without any doubt.

This Gemstone’s quality is analyzed upon an evaluation of certain factors like the origin, its colour and clarity. Hence it goes a long way in having clarity about each one of these factors. Let us understand each one of them


A massive chunk of Aquamarine mines is there in Nigeria, Zambia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Madagascar, Burma and India. However, the gemstones sourced from the famous Santa Maria de Itabira Mine in Brazil’s Santa Maria is one of the most sought after varieties. Partially because of their brilliant blue tinge and exceptional clarity. The Aquamarine resources from Brazil and Mozambique’s mines are other kinds of much-acclaimed gemstones found in fantastic colour and clarity. The Aquamarine from Sri Lanka also holds a place of prominence because of its fascinating transparent attribute.


When it comes to Aquamarine, the colour is almost everything. The intensity and presence of iron mineral in the aquamarine crystals lend the Gemstone its soothing blue tinge. The brighter and deep-coloured Aquamarines are always more valuable than the paler and lighter ones. At times the presence of green, yellow or brownish tinge can interfere with the value of the Aquamarine Gemstones. Other than blue and green, beryl crystals have white, pink and yellow colours. People often sell it as “White Aquamarine or Goshenite”, “Pink Aquamarine or Morganite”, and “Yellow Aquamarine or Heliodor”, depending on their colour.


Aquamarine Crystals can be graded as Type 1 Gemstones on clarity standards because they are mostly naturally clean gemstones. However, they may have spiky cavities, fingerprints, two and three-phase inclusions or filled up liquid parallel tubes. Those might interfere with the stone’s transparency & lustre. The density, size and location of such inclusions would highly determine the quality of the crystals. So the higher the inclusions, the lower will be the quality of the gemstones. But there are certain exceptions to this. A “Star Aquamarine” is a unique formation in this crystal and is highly valued and priced. a “Star” effect is apparent on the crystal surface that is a very rare kind of inclusion.

Aquamarine: The Valuation And Pricing

Because the Aquamarine crystals are available popularly in larger sizes, there will be no incremental increase in the price per carat for larger gems. The cut Aquamarines over 25 carats will be lower in price per carat than the smaller stones of the same quality. The setting of and wearing such stones in jewellery can be quite a challenge, and hence the demand is relatively low. Largely the prices of Aquamarine gemstones depend on the purity and depth of the colour and clarity that they hold.

When it comes to “gem-cutting”, Aquamarine should be one of the easiest gems to refine with cutting technology. A well-cut Aquamarine crystal can become easily one of the fantastic examples of gems faceting in the world.
Inclusions can draw a lot of attention to this Gemstone. Cats Eye and Star Stone Aquamarine are rare to find and demand a higher value in the market.

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Aquamarine: The Varied Healing Properties

Aquamarine stones have been adored for their brilliant blue hue and soothing beauty for over a millennium. However, they are far more than these sparkly blue gemstones. This fantastic rock has a host of benefits and healing properties. It has been used over generations to heal the ones in illness, protect the vulnerable and purify the impure. These are just some examples of what this brilliant Gemstone can do for you and your loved ones.

Let us explore the healing properties of this Gemstone.

It is a soothing gemstone

It helps to release anger and aids primarily in releasing stress and anxiety. Aquamarine helps to bring positive life changes. It gives you the courage to follow your dreams and desires.

Activates the Throat Chakra

It is one of the most potent gemstones for activating and clearing the Throat Chakra. These gemstones help stimulate energy from the heart to the throat, which lets you express your most profound and heartfelt truth and desires.

Aids in Meditation

This crystal is an ideal companion when it comes to mediation and mindfulness. It aids in bringing peace to mind while quieting it and supports the awakening of the paranormal abilities and inducing revelations.

Meet your Guardian Angel

According to certain ancient myths, this Gemstone makes it possible for you to see your guardian angel through the transparent Aquamarine crystal when pointed towards the north direction.

Aids in Fluid Retention

This crystal is believed to support fluid retention and helps to treat glandular disorders. It also supports our eyes and eyesight with good health.

Soothing influence on Relationships

One of the famous healing properties of this rock is to bring a soothing influence to relationships. Especially for married couples and bless them with happy and long married lives.

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Aquamarine: Gain The Cleansing Property

As we have seen, the healing benefits of Aquamarine crystals are ideally consistent for spiritual, emotional and physical healing.
Hence it is a cleanser for our system by getting rid of any blocked energy and releasing fresh and positive energy. Let us explore how?

  • The calming and soothing effects of this crystal will help you calmer your fear, anxieties, and anger. It will uncover such trauma that is the cause of all emotional disbalance and support you in dealing with the negative experiences in a very truthful and realistic manner. If there lies an old trauma that makes it almost impossible for you to move ahead in life, then the healing properties of this Gemstone will make you get past it.
  • These crystals also support us to see the true nature of every situation and events in our lives. Hence we have more clarity and are equipped to act more responsibly. Finding true happiness for a damaged ego is tricky. Therefore they get involved in the whirlwind of toxic and damaging relationships. The clarity that this Gemstone can bring into your life will let you get past all of your manipulative relationships. It will be easier for you to deal with them once you could see them more clearly.
  •  The healing attributes of this Gemstone would also let you communicate more openly in your life and relationships. It will prep you up to tackle disagreement with less fear and anxiety. You can express yourself freely yet very compassionately and more rationally. Very intelligently, you could approach every situation.
  • Aquamarines can also have a healing effect on children, especially those who have experienced particular trauma in their lives. Commonly we must have seen that such childhood trauma can make the child rebellious and anxious. There could be a sense of inadequacy and guilt in the child due to such a traumatic experience. The calming properties of Aquamarine can help the child to move ahead, leaving all the baggage behind.
  • The properties of Aquamarine crystals for physical healing are believed to be connected with our breathing rhythms. It is also referred to as the “Breathe Stone” this crystal is known to treat sinus, migraine and respiratory ailments. It can also cure a cold and cough, bronchitis, fever and specific allergies. This Gemstone is supportive of curing skin inflammation.
  • If you are suffering from your eyes’ tiredness, put Aquamarine stone on your eyelids to feel an instant calming effect. Do this every night before going to bed.
  • When it comes to the spiritual healing properties, it can make the ones who wear them feel more empowered and strong. It supports our confidence with clarity. It lets us have a transparent and thought-provoking conversation with ourselves.

For availing of the soothing benefits of Aquamarine stones, carry an Aquamarine worry stone with you. Hold it in your hand during any event of stress or anxiety. Wearing Aquamarine jewellery like Earing and Necklaces can also be supportive in keeping you calm and relaxed.

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Aquamarine: Instructions To Care

They require no special care if you are thinking about how to care for your Aquamarine Gems or Jewellery. However, it is advisable to use a soft brush and mild detergent to cleanse your Aquamarine Stone or Jewellery. Consult your gemologist, who should be able to guide you further on this.

Aquamarine: The Ending Note

This brilliant blue stone or march birthstone Aquamarine’s reflective properties are connected with how the sky reflects on the sea surface. It speaks ounces about soothing and calming. An Aquamarine is an abundance of power hidden in this calming blue Gemstone. And if you own one, you know you are the bearer of all that it has on offer!