The Result Of Wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone

A Cat’s Eye stone is quite mystical and powerful. Found in many shades of green, yellowish-green, black and honey, this semi-precious gemstone looks both fascinating and intriguing. The famous stone is also known by the different names of Vaidurya, Lehsuniya and Chrysoberyl. Cat’s eye stone is known to hold many astrological benefits. This semi-precious gemstone is associated with the planet Ketu. It houses within itself intense planetary energies and is believed to show its results quickly upon adorning.

This gemstone can nullify the adverse effects of the planet Ketu upon a living being. Hence, it is quite popular amidst the community of Gemstone Healers. Now, time to unearth more about this topic. So, here we go.

About Chatoyance

A cat’s eye is the name given to this gemstone because it carries a glowing running streak called Chatoyant. This Chatoyant is similar to a cat’s eye with white fibers around it. Moreover, it is an optical phenomenon where a band of light is reflected runs beneath the gemstone’s surface that has been carbon cut. This band of light is symbolic of a Cat’s Eye.

This phenomenon occurs in a gemstone that is full of very thin yet parallel inclusions all over them. These inclusions are also called silk light falling on the surface of the gemstone and it is reflected back. Such bands of lights are geometrically occurring at the right angles to the length of parallel inclusions. Such inclusions could be anything ranging from hollow tubes or crystals. The name Chatoyance takes its origin from the French word of Chatoyer, which refers to ‘Reflection of Cat’s Eye.’

Formation And Characteristic Of Cat's Eye Gemstone

Cat’s eye gemstone is formed by an aluminate of beryllium. The formation process includes a mixture of beryllium and aluminium. This mixture holds with itself the traces of oxide of chromium and iron. This can serve as a colouring agent also which gives the stone its greenish brownish tinge. This gemstone of Cat’s Eye is mostly found in the countries like Brazil, Sri Lanka and China. Also, they are found in a minimal amount from the other parts of the world.

Colours & Size

This gemstone is mostly found in a variety of colours like brown, yellow, black, smoky or dark green and also some variations of white colours. The one thing common to all of the shades and colours of the Cat’s Eye gemstone is that band of white light moving through the gemstone. When it comes to sizes, they are not available in specific calibrated sizes as they are heavy gemstones. A Cat’s eye stone is heavier than the average gemstone of the same size.

Shapping Process

Anyone who would want to cut cabochons with such intentions to create a Cat’s Eye gemstone should look for a stone with Silk that gives you the marvellous effect of a Cat’s Eye. Then it all depends on the technique of the cutter to generate an impression of Cat’s Eye. The blade should examine the rough part of the stone and orient it in a perfect direction so that the Silk should remain parallel to the bottom of the stone. Also, the parallel inclusions should get be levelled with the long axis of the cabochon. If we fail to achieve such a proper and perfect orientation, the stone might not have any eye or an off-centre eye.


The quality of the cat’s eye gemstone depends on the following criteria.

  • It should be very clearly visible
  • It should very symmetrically bisect the Cabochon
  • It should be in sharp contrast to the body colour of the stone
  • The movements of the stone should be very smooth

If a gemstone meets all of these criteria and carries an exceptional body colour with itself, you will have a fabulous cat’s eye gemstone. The significance of an extraordinary colour of the body or the stone should not be overstated.

Diffraction Grafting in Cat’s Eye

The chatoyant specimen will have coarse silk inclusions with perfect and right spaces to serve as a diffraction grafting. Such rare specimens of the gemstones will not only produce a perfect Cat’s Eye, but will also exhibit a spectrum of beautiful colours. This can be caused by the effect of light passing through the coarse silk and diffracting into the colours. The best example of such stunning diffraction is the rainbow formed by the sunlight. The play of colours exhibited in opal is caused by the light that gets diffracted by the tiny and small spheres of opal in the stone.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Stone

A person who wants to buy Cat’s Eye Gemstones should consult their family astrologers. By consulting them, you may get the maximum benefits and advantages of the stone. Otherwise, get help from online astrologers and purchase it from the website. Most of the jewellery designers, gemstone collectors and gemstone healers are the right people to approach if you wish to buy a Cat’s Eye Gemstone.

These stones are rare in use, and so you may not really find them in departmental stores or regular jewellery stores. The cat’s eye gemstones are formed using a piece of a rough stone, which needs to expert’s supervision before cutting. After such meticulous work, the blade will give fashion to the stone to form it in a larger size. This is one reason why Cat’s Eye gemstones are not produced in standard sizes and are not available for mass consumption.

Some cat’s eye gemstones may be available in the stores of Tiger’s Eye. It is used in a variety of men’s accessories like beads, cufflinks and finger rings. While, Chrysoberyl is found in jewellery stores or with jewellery designers. Certain artists and designers who are fond of its beauty can create phenomenal pieces of jewellery. Such jewellery can bring out the unique attributes of gemstones. Jewellery designers may have a stock of the cat’s eye gems. Therefore, if they do not have it, they can help you buy the perfect cat’s eye gem depending upon its size, colours and price.

Benefits Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Here are the notable benefits of wearing a cat’s eye gemstone.

  • The planetary powers imbibed in this gemstone make it very effective and fast when it comes to results.
  • This semi-precious gemstone is believed to ward off the effects of evil eyes from your life.
  • It acts as a psychic force or talisman to give you protection from any ill doings and dangers
  • You can gain wealth and prosperity in your life with the powerful positive effects of this gemstone.
  • The wearer may find professional success if you work hard enough. Your declining business can also be revived with the positive effects of Cat’s Eye gemstone.
  • This gemstone may show you the path of spiritualism. Furthermore, it helps you to get salvation from worldly desires and pleasures.
  • The wearer may recover from the past traumas and post-traumatic experiences of life. This gemstone is known to aid in the healing of Cancer.
  • A natural variant of Cat’s Eye gemstone can relieve you from any stress and anxiety.
  • Cat’s Eye gemstone is known to enhance your level of confidence.
  • This gemstone can broaden your perspectives and enhance your memory functions.
  • Cat’s eye stone is considered to be a grounding stone, so it may bring energy and vitality to one’s life.
  • This gemstone protects you from all the negative aura.
  • Cat’s Eye gemstone is known to amplify our fortunes and bring good luck in the lives of its wearers.
  • Cat’s Eye is a very effective gemstone that could aid in healing any such ailments. One can improve their night’s vision.
  • The gemstone is popularly used to cure the organs of our body like the pancreas and kidneys, lymph nodes, liver, issues related to leukaemia and disorders of the spleen.
  • It is beneficial for those who want to get married or the ones who are in search of their life partner.
  • The semi-precious gemstone can also save you from any skin disorders.
  • Cat’s Eye is believed to be looking after the welfare of your children.

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In A Nutshell

The Cat’s Eye stone may not found easily, so one should take utmost care while purchasing the stone. It has tremendous strength and powers that should be used in a specific way. The wearer should remember the above-mentioned points before wearing it. Also, if possible, you should consult an astrologer who can guide you in the right way.