Know About Gemstone: How It Made Its Mark In Life Of Common Man?

The captivating beauty and magical powers of the gemstones have always captured the hearts of the people. It is true that gemstones are associated with planets to bring abundance to life. Gemstone is attached to an individual’s emotional attachments. This stone has energies emanating from every living thing, where our energetic, emotional habits, thought patterns, and belief system reside. Gemstones can replace negative vibes with positive ones. People usually wear them so that they can provide strength to the weak planets. The gemstones energy patterns directly affect emotional and mental strength. The wearer may see positive changes after wearing them.

Know About Gemstone: Where It All Started?

Basically, Gemology is the method which deals with the artificial and natural materials of gemstones. Wearing gemstones is not about showing your jewels or fashion, but their main purpose is to provide strength to the planets. With technology and science, people are feeling and getting benefits from it. There are various proofs and scriptures written about gemstones that turn fortune into abundance. The mysterious and invisible powers of these stones can help you form a stable mind and overall success.

In Vedic astrology, gemstones are considered as per an individual’s horoscope. It is believed that you can overcome obstacles in life by wearing suitable gemstones. Gemology says that if there are failures or unhappiness because of the planets, gemstones may help the wearer get rid of them. So, you may restore happiness and prosperity back in your life. It is said that it can also bring luck and good fortune. To overcome difficult phases of life could work as a boon to the wearer. Gemology gives us an idea about stones or what type of cutting we need to wear. It may further help you choosing a proper gemstone as well. However, it is advisable to consult an astrologer before wearing it, so you may get maximum benefits.

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Know About Gemstone: The Characteristics In Detail

Below are the few characteristics of a gemstone, which will help you picking up the suitable stone for you.

Quality of Gemstone

Two gemstones of the same weight can be differently priced due to their astrological significance. So, there are various gemstones available. It is very important to compare different proficiencies of gemstones.

Colour Of Gemstone

The colours and quality of the gemstones are always hidden. Namely, the colour has three features such as hue, saturation and tone. When looking for quality, one must check its colours. The original gemstone can be only available in its particular colour and size.

Origin Of Gemstone

The gemstones play a crucial role, and some factors depend on it as every gemstone is not precious. Some gemstones are highly costly which are totally based on its geographical location, where it was found. So, the origin decides the value, quality and criteria of gemstones.

Gemstone's Treatment

In order to improve their appearance, gemstones undergo many treatments. In Vedic astrology, original and non-original gemstones can be differentiated on the basis of their treatment. Coating, dyeing and heating are the necessary treatment of gemstone, on which its characteristics is defined.

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Know About Gemstone: Uncover The Types

Here is the list of different types of gemstones, you should make a note of.

Blue Sapphire

Individuals who have Shani dosha in their horoscope are advised to wear blue sapphire. If anyone is dealing with the negative impacts of Saturn, they should start wearing this gemstone to get its benefits. It is Saturn’s stone, so you must wear it after proper astrological consultation only.

Yellow Sapphire

To attract more wealth and to achieve all-around prosperity, Yellow Sapphire is considered the best. This stone should be worn on the index finger. It possesses healing properties as well, so one can recover from cholera and jaundice. It is the stone ruled by auspicious Jupiter.


Peridot can help you enhance your wealth, so you may have luxurious items in life. In Egypt, it is extensively used by Pharaohs. This stone is very beneficial to remove debt or loan, which brings prosperity in life.


This stone can increase your brain power and intelligence skills. It improves faculties related to the brain, such as memory power, communication skills, intellectual ability and learning skills. Emerald gemstone can be beneficial for kidney diseases. It also helps to cure nervous system problem. It improves physical strength.

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This gemstone can save you from the negative effects of Rahu, the shadow planet. Garnet can help you achieve quick success in less time than expected. Also, this can guide you through restoring happiness, good health and prosperity.


Opal is ruled by planet Venus, so you may get positive results regarding your love or marriage relationship. Wearing this stone may bring peace and harmony to your marriage life. This gemstone can assist you in forming a good self-image in society.

Know About Gemstone: The List Of Ritual

Below are the steps you must consider while wearing gemstone. Here is a step-by-step explanation for all gemstones.

  • One should wear Garnet only after washing with Gangajal. Then, recite Rahu beej mantra 108 times. Thereafter, donate black-coloured clothes to the poor.
  • If you’re wearing Ruby, then you must purify it using gangajal and recite Surya mantra 108 times as it is ruled by Sun. You must offer water to Sun, and the remaining gangajal should be sprinkled on plants before wearing.
  • Blue sapphire can put on reciting Shani mantra at least 108 times and offering blue flowers. Make a prasad of sesame rice and donate the black cloth to poor people. Pour remaining gangajal into plants or in the river and then wear it.
  • Natives wearing emerald also carefully wash it with gangajal and should recite Budha mantra at least 108 times. Afterward, worship Goddess Saraswati and wear it.
  • Opal should be dipped in one spoon of honey, ghee, tulsi, and curd for approximately 10 minutes. Recite Venus mantra 108 times and then take out the ring. Then, wash the ring with gangajal and pour the remaining gangajal into plants before you wear the opal ring.

As per gemology, you must wear a proper gemstone after consultation with an astrologer. Also, you should follow their advice before wearing it. Gemstones bring good health and wealth with all-around success with prosperity as per Vedic astrology. One should take care of its clarity, quality, colour and price before buying it. There are many fake gemstones that are sold at higher rates than genuine stones. So, you should look out for honest sellers to get a suitable stone. Gemstones have that magical power to change your life on an entirely new level, so wear them to see life changes.

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Know About Gemstone: The Ending Note

We understood in detail about different types of gemstone and their characteristics. Lucky gemstone is the one that turns the fortune of the native favourably. Lucky gemstone can be determined using the date of birth and Kundli. Gemstone affects everyone in specific ways, according to the individuals’ horoscopes. Hope you had a clear picture in mind about the gemstone. Tell us what you think about wearing a gemstone.

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