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If you don't dwell too much on your failures in the past and instead begin working from scratch, you should find the success you're hoping for on your upcoming exam. Having an open and honest discussion with your parents might make things much simpler. Rahu and the Sun are known to bestow unexpected domestic and family labour responsibilities. Pregnant women also need to pay special attention to their relationships with their children. When travelling, it's possible that some of you might rack up unanticipated costs. Costs associated with acquiring new knowledge and enrolling in a post-secondary institution can add up. The health of your spouse may cause you to incur unanticipated costs due to the influence of Rahu and Venus. Money spent on religious activities this week that wasn't budgeted for. You should put off making any substantial changes to the family business this week. Jupiter has the power to win over higher-ups and grant one favour. This week, you should do some planning and research for upcoming business tasks and plans. In the legal field, Saturn is a potent ally. Employment mobility is possible. This week, focus on getting better at what you do and learning from your failures.

Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn have just changed their sign. Will this change bring favourable results for you, or you are in for some challenges? Get the precise answers and effective solutions from our Expert Astrologers! Talk To Astrologer Or Ask An Expert

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Let’s get into some good and cuddly vibes to explore the Crab in its shell, shall we!? Hypothetically you’ve guessed it right we are referring to none other than the Cancer zodiac sign! Their sweet sensitivity is both a superpower and a shadow. Cancers are private about their space and prefer using their crab shell to recharge retreat and rest. Cancers are homey, nurturing creatures, and emit the same feeling wherever they go. However, crabby nature makes them overly sentimental or moody. With strong empathic powers and healing talents, Cancer natives can sense the needs and desires of people around them, often long before they articulate it themselves!

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