Vedic Astrology: Influences of Grahan Yog in Kundli and Its Remedies

Vedic Astrology: Influences of Grahan Yog in Kundli and Its Remedies

According to Vedic Astrology, when the Sun and Moon fall between Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart, this is termed Grahan Yog. The malefic planets Rahu and Ketu might create issues in a person’s life due to Grahan Yoga. These planets may cause effects other planetary movements in the birth chart. It has been believed that if Rahu and Ketu create trouble for Sun and Moon, Grahan Yoga happens in the native’s horoscope.

When Rahu and Ketu cause harm to the Sun and Moon, an individual might face several problems in terms of audacity, self-reliance, imagination, management skills, low immune system, mental and physical well-being, education, and even might face issues with elderly parents. Due to expected problems, an individual may not focus on different phases of his life.

He or she might face unexpected problems due to Grahan Dosh in Kundli. An individual might also go through hardships caused by Sun and Moon in the birth chart. For instance, if Sun is the owner in the first place in the birth chart, an individual might suffer from Grahan Yoga problems related to overall health and lifestyle. Similarly, if Moon is the owner of the 7th house in the birth chart, an individual may suffer from marital issues.

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The Meaning of Grahan Dosh

According to Vedic Astrology, the meaning of “Grahan” is somehow related to the word “eat”. Here the word “eat” recommends that the malefic planets Rahu and Ketu might eat the Sun and Moon during Grahan Yog. In olden scriptures, it has been found that Rahu and Ketu may abolish precise consequences of the Sun and Moon thru Grahan Dosha.

It is known to us that the Sun and Moon are considered the most imperative planets in the astrological world. Any implications caused to these planets may impact the overall strength and positivity of the horoscope. Thus, an individual might go through difficult times during different periods of his life. Grahan Yog has been regarded as the most trivial dosha in astrology.

Another meaning of Grahan is “eclipse” When a child is born during a Lunar or Solar eclipse, you can say that the child is born with Grahan Dosha. This dosha in horoscopes occurs due to the existence of malefic planets Rahu and Ketu. This dosha can be experienced when Rahu and Ketu get amalgamated with the Sun and Moon. Though, it is known to us that any impact is not long-lasting and hence the effect of the dosha will get abolished after a certain phase of life.

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Grahan Dosha and Its Placements

The occurrence of Grahan Dosh in Kundli is due to the transition of planets in the horoscope. The transitions of planets that appear in horoscopes might cause serious issues. Let’s check the reason behind the occurrence of these doshas in horoscopes.

The possible amalgamation of Sun and Rahu is in the same house then it is known as Purna Surya Grahan Dosha.

When Sun and Ketu exist together in the same house then it is called Partial Surya Grahan Dosha.

When the planets Ketu and Moon are present in the same house then Purna Chandra Grahan Dosh occurs in the birth chart.

The presence of Rahu and Moon in the same house is termed Partial Chandra Grahan Yog.

The above dosha has a serious effect on the birth chart of an individual. Hence, it should be eliminated by executing remedies for Grahan Yog. Even an individual can consult astrologers regarding Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja for a quick solution.

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Effect of Grahan Dosh in Different Houses

There are numerous problems caused by Grahan yoga in the kundalini of an individual. An individual might have to go through career-related issues in life. Natives can also face mental and physical health issues that are hardly curable. Their day-to-day activities and surroundings create stress and depression. They always look frustrated and sad.

The influence and extent of Grahan Yoga may vary differently in the life of an individual depending on the house in the birth chart.

  • If the Grahan dosha in kundali appears in the First House of an individual it might affect the mood and make them feel annoyed and stressed. An individual might face hardships and bad luck. There might be monetary issues.
  • Grahan yoga in the second house may come up with ups and downs. Develop your personality and give time to yourself. You might get benefits in terms of finance.
  • If the Grahan is positioned in the 3rd house, you can consider the period good for you. According to Indian Astrology, Chandra Grahan is not good for females. It creates ill effects and brings negative vibes.
  • The location of Grahan in the 4th house might create a negative impact on your life. You may lose your near and dear ones during Grahan. Chandra Grahan Dosha can also cause emotional issues in your life. The location of Surya in the 4th house also affects your relationship with your family and near ones.
  • An individual may suffer from physical and mental issues if Grahan is shown in the fifth house. The personality of an individual might change because of Grahan Yog in Kundli. Laziness, arrogance, and irritable nature are caused by Grahan dosh in kundali. Gossips and chit-chats are not good for them.
  • The presence of Grahan Dosha in the 7th house is not good for your health. There are chances of getting married twice. You might face challenges in your professional and personal life as well.
  • If Grahan is present in the 8th house, there would be an adverse effect on an individual’s life. They might live a short life cycle and can face issues during their early years. You might face stress because of marriage, health, and finance as well.
  • Grahan in the 9th house might harm the personality of an individual. Their personality traits are explicit and don’t maintain any precise living style.
  • The presence of Grahan in the 10th house is not good for the natives. They may lead a steady life and do not feel any growth in their personal and career life as well. They may get barred from their familial assets and other belongings.
  • If Grahan is located in the 11th house, an individual may face health problems related to the eyes and ears. According to Grahan Yoga in astrology, you might relocate from one place to another due to a transferable job.
  • The presence of Grahan Dosha in the 12th house can make you spend more money on worthless materials.

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Remedies for Grahan Dosha

  1. If you have Surya Grahan Dosha in your horoscope, you should recite 108 times Gayatri Mantra Japa during sunrise and offer Aragya while reciting Surya Grahan Dosh Mantra.
  2. To lessen the evil effects of Chandra Grahan in your horoscope, you can recite Moon Mantras such as “Om Somaya Namaha’ or ‘Om Chandraya Namaha’ 108 times every Monday. These Mantras are considered the best Chandra Grahan Dosh nivaran remedies in Indian Astrology. You can also donate milk to poor and needy people every Monday during a specified time.
  3. Give jaggery to priests on Sundays to eliminate the evil effects of Surya Grahan Dosha
  4. If your horoscope shows the evil effects of Chandra Grahan Yog then connect with our astrology experts for an immediate solution. They might propose you wear a ring, bracelet, or any other accessory made of Ruby, or Pearl. You can also place Surya or Chandra Yantra at home for the best results.
  5. Lord Vishnu is the ruler of the Sun while Lord Shiva is the ruler of the Moon. Worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva by reciting mantras to eliminate the effect of Grahan dosha in kundali.
  6. Apart from these, another beneficial remedy for Chandra Grahan Dosh is to drink milk with honey and turmeric in a silver cup during a full moon night.
  7. Use copper vessels for drinking water if your horoscope shows Surya Grahan Dosha in kundli.

If your kundali shows the presence of Grahan Yog, then talk to our astrologers for Grahan Yoga remedies. They will guide you to lessen the bad impact of Grahan Dosha through various mantras, yantras, and gemstones.

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