Organize Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosha Puja By Expert’s Help

The Angarak dosh is formed in your horoscope when Mars and Rahu unite in the same house. If this dosha is present, then it will give you adverse effects. Also, if it is placed in the malefic house, you may not have any blessings from benefic planets. Let us understand in detail about this dosha with the help of Astro experts.

How Angarak Yog Is Created?

When Mars is present in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses in the horoscope, it is considered inauspicious and is known to have mangal or anagram dosha. The native may face unexpected delays in the marriage or loss of mental peace after marriage. It may result in divorce or the death of a spouse. When Mars or mangal Grah is placed in the wrong place in the birth chart is also known as Manglik dosha. As per Vedic astrology, Mars represents self-confidence, strong desires, quick responses etc. The ruling lord is mangal deva and is connected with Scorpio and Aries. The red colour of Mars says it is very masculine in nature. This planet causes competition, fights etc.

The native may get some diseases like hypertension, addictions, anorexia, inflammation etc. The ill-effects of Mars are likely to get reduced after 28 years of age. This is one of the reasons why the expert astrologers say that those who have Manglik dosh must marry late.

Other problems regarding your health, wealth and general happiness will be taken into place. But the continuous problem may occur in the marriage. One of the best remedies to get rid of this dosha is to perform Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosha puja, which may result in ultimate happiness.

Both Rahu and Mars are malefic planets, and therefore, when both are present together, the result would be quite bad.

Favourable And Unfavourable Effects Of Magal Rahu Angarak Dosh

Below are the positive and negative effects of Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosh

  • Females natives may end up insulting others with their rude character. Whereas, male natives are very suspicious and egoistic in nature.
  • Females value cleanliness the most and love luxuries too. Whereas males are very selfish and flirt to every women
  • The native may face issues in having children if Mars and Rahu are placed in 1st, 5th and 11th houses.

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Positive Effects:

  • The native would be inclined towards politics and succeed if the planets are beneficial.
  • If the planets are beneficial, the native would like politics more and may succeed.
  • A hard working native may achieve whatever he wants in life.
  • The native have lots of friends in life
  • He would be very wealthy and love luxuries if the bagya paksha and lagna lord are benefic.

Negative Effects:

  • The native would be inclined towards politics and succeed if the planets are beneficial.
  • If the planets are beneficial, the native would like politics more and may succeed.
  • A hard working native would achieve whatever he wants in life.
  • The native may develop lots of new friends in life
  • Natives may live luxurious life, if the bagya paksha and lagna lord are benefic.

Ways To Overcome Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosha

Below are the remedies for the natives who are dealing with Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosha. Following are the things, which may help you to reduce the bad effects.

  • Eat honey on a regular basis daily three times
  • Pray to lord hanuman and offer him saffron sindoor
  • Pray to Lord Ganesha to reduce the ill effects
  • Pray to Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Shiva and Lord Saraswathi. It’s not advisable to worship Goddess Lakshmi alone.
  • Clean the house everyday
  • Feed street dogs
  • Organize Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosha puja at home
  • Meditate daily and don’t be present in any conflicts you see
  • Go to temple regularly
  • Light lamp at home daily
  • Be good to mother
  • Keep sindoor in a pot at home
  • Keep a pot full of water near the pillow

You can even consult our Expert Astrologers for personalised remedies to protect yourself from its malefic effects.

How Is Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosha Nivaran Puja Beneficial?

This dosha gets invalidated when Angarak Dosha Nivaran Puja is performed with legitimate customs by valid and experienced pandits, profiting the local with following.

  • Natives feels extremely calm with keeping up with great relations with loved ones.
  • His appropriate behaviour helps in balancing out profession and getting progress continuously.
  • The native will be effective in making great monetary arrangements.
  • Native’s marriage life will be in harmony as the person turns out to be smooth and his egoistic nature changes at a great deal.

Remove the negative influence of this dosha from your birth chart by performing Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosha Puja!

Wrapping up

We learnt that If we perform Mangal Rahu Angarak dosha puja with full devotion, we might cut off the negative energies of Mars and Rahu. We understood what benefits that helps us to regain positivity in our life are. It is advisable to seek expert pandit’s attention to perform the puja with utmost sincerity.