Significance Of Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh Shanti Puja

In Vedic astrology, the Sun denotes authority, soul, self-confidence, parent, and king. Government and politics are represented by the Sun.

Rahu is a challenging planet with an obsessive, selfish, and manipulative nature. It is the moon’s North Node, which reflects the universe’s objectives to achieve in this life. It does not matter if we like it or not, but Rahu accentuates the planet’s attributes.

In the native’s life, the conjunction of Sun and Rahu in any sign or any house in the horoscope generates Surya Grahan. It means that the planets Sun and Rahu are diametrically opposed. The Sun is a warm, brilliant, and nurturing planet. Rahu, on the other hand, is associated with always snatching away deserving things from people. The Sun represents rules and discipline, while Rahu represents breaking taboos. Sun is God, while Rahu is a demon. Both of these planets, however, have been regarded as philosophical and political concerns. When they come together, they produce a variety of outcomes.

Surya Rahu Grahan Dosha - What Is It?

Purna Surya Grahan Dosha is also known as Surya Rahu Grahan Dosha. The malefic effects of Grahan Dosh include financial losses, struggles, problems arising suddenly, adverse effects on job or business, success eludes the person, unhappiness in family, discord in marital life, legal issues, mental instability, the person may squander money, defamation, difficulty in having children or progeny, and many problems are caused by Surya Grahan Dosh or Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh. Surya Grahan Dosh might produce health problems that did not show up before, such as bone difficulties and hormone imbalance.

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How Surya Rahu Grahan Dosha Is Formed?

When the Sun and Rahu are in the same house in the birth chart, the Surya Rahu Grahan Dosha is formed. This combination has a powerful influence and has a significant impact on the native’s life. Surya Rahu Grahan Dosha natives may confront several challenges, hindrances, stress, and unhappiness in various aspects of life. On the other hand, Surya – Rahu Grahan Dosha produces diverse consequences depending on their locations and degree of conjunction. Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja is the most powerful Vedic method for removing Dosha’s negative consequences.

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Impact Of Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh On Individual

This Dosha is formed when both of these opposing powers appear in front of one other. The impact of the Sun and Rahu conjunction on a native’s life is both positive and negative. As a result, everyone should be aware of the various types of consequences.

In Vedic Astrology, the Grahana Dosha is dreaded. Natives associated with Grahan Dosha in their birth chart may experience negative repercussions as mentioned below:

  • Delayed or disputed marriage
  • Tumultuous relationships
  • Obstacles during pregnancy
  • Failure in the business
  • Inconsistent career and limited development
  • Uncertain and unclear future
  • Tension and stress at home
  • Reputational damage
  • Serious health issues

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Steps To Perform Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja

It is recommended by the Vedic astrologers to do Surya Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja for natives who are suffering from Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh. This Nivaran puja would work as the best remedy for your life troubles. Below are the things one must consider while doing puja:

  • Keep fast for a day when you perform puja
  • Let Jyotish perform puja while the family’s chief takes the Sankalp.
  • Chants mantras and repeats all of the members’ names while offering flowers, mango leaves, rice, and grain in order to pray for everyone’s well-being.
  • Recite Navgraha Mantra during the puja and Homa (holy fire).
  • Offer sincere prayers to the Sun and Rahu, the Hindu deities.
  • Perform Homa for the deity (holy fire) and seek blessings
  • Also, perform rituals such as Kalash Stapana and Panchang Sthapana.
  • Then, performs 64 Yogni Puja, Ganesh Puja, Navagraha Puja, and Swasti Vachan.
  • Chant Surya Mantra Mantra Jaap, Ketu Mantra Jaap, and Aditya Gayatri Manta Mantra Jaap.
  • Donate money or food to brahmins or needy person

Those who are performing puja are advised to dress entirely in black or white, as these colours are not thought to be completely pious. During the puja, avoid wearing leather things as well.

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What Is the Importance Of Performing Surya Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja?

Below are the major benefits of organizing Surya Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja.

  • Surya Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja aids in the removal of tension, difficulties, and mental stress.
  • Surya Grahan Dosha’s malefic influences are erased, and the person may boost up their confidence, mental equilibrium, and calmness.
  • Surya Grahan Dosh Nivaran puja removes career obstacles and helps you achieve growth.
  • Surya Grahan Dosh Nivaran puja solves problems in childbirth, whether it’s miscarriage or trouble conceiving, with positive outcomes.
  • Native and other family members’ health concerns are alleviated, and good health is restored.
  • Surya Grahan Dosh Nivaran puja brings power, positivity, success, and happiness back into your life.

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Ways To Overcome The Malefic Effects Of Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh

Below is what one must do in their daily life to reduce the effects of malefic planets or unfavourable planetary placements.

  • Every week, offer the Sun some water.
  • Donate red cloth to a young and unmarried woman.
  • On Sundays, avoid using salt in your meal.
  • Chant Aditya Hridaya Stotram.
  • One should also chant Maha Mrityunjay Mantra.
  • Seek blessings from your mentor.
  • Invoke Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman in your prayers.
  • Offer a packet of wheat grain and coconut to flowing water early morning on five Sundays and Amavasyas.
  • Chant Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh Nivaran Mantra : “ Om Hram Hreem Hroum Sah, Suryaye Namah”


Surya Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja is performed to get rid of those negative effects of this planetary combination. Along with that, one should start wearing suitable gemstones and install yantras to nullify this dosha. You can consult our Expert Astrologers, who will provide you with effective solutions based on your birth chart.

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