Astrology & Numerology – Numerology with Astrology – Numerology in Astrology

Astrology & Numerology – Numerology with Astrology – Numerology in Astrology

Have you ever wondered why these numbers from 1-9 are associated with some zodiac signs? Or Do these numbers really have an impact on people’s lives? If yes, How?

According to Numerology, there are certain attributes and characteristics of Astrology that are connected to Numerology. Numerology influences a person’s personality traits and his future life in a meaningful way, and if the principles suggested by a qualified astrologer are followed accurately, they could lead to a better future.

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What is Numerology?

Have you ever wondered why these numbers from 1-9 are associated with some zodiac signs? Or Do these numbers really have an impact on people’s lives? If yes, How?

According to Numerology, there are certain attributes and characteristics of Astrology that are connected to Numerology. Numerology influences a person’s personality traits and his future life in a meaningful way, and if the principles suggested by a qualified astrologer are followed accurately, they could lead to a better future.

Hey pals, we are so excited to tell you more with numerology Indian tadka too. Not understood? Well, you ought to read the full blog.

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What is the History of Numerology?

Numerical ideas were in existence before 1907, but numerology wasn’t discovered until then. While some records were from Ancient Egypt, China, Rome, Japan and Greece, it was the Greek Philosopher Pythagoras who came to be known as the father of Numerology.

Numbers were more than a mystery for him. He could find out the relativity of numbers to everything in life. He was a great mathematician and a philosopher. Although much of his life remained a mystery, his passion for numbers was well documented and had shreds of evidence for them. He went to Egypt to study Chaldean Numerology for 22 years.

He believed that the numbers from 1 to 9 are very significant, and everything in life can be translated into this form. Thus this idea of assigning numerical values to the letters came to be known as Pythagoras Number System.

Also, the significance of numbers can be seen in various religious books throughout the world, such as 888 represents Jesus, 666 is associated with beast.

Similarly, in Tarot, each card is numbered, and it holds its own significance.

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What is a Numerology Portrait?

Numerology Portrait is something similar to an astrological natal chart. It is the personalized guide by which a person can find out his strengths, weaknesses, and what can it lead to.

As in Astrology, you can personality portrait is formed on the basis of your date of birth, time and place; in Numerology, it is a bit easier; here, it is calculated on the basis of just six numerals in the numerological chart. From these six digits, three are calculated on the basis of date of birth, and the other three are calculated on the basis of numbers pulled from the letters of a person’s name.

While talking about the significance of other numbers, the life path number is considered the most important. It is calculated by adding all the single-digit numbers from the birthday – date, month and year into a single digit. This is how numerology love prediction rolls too. Life path describes the best way in which a person can live his life to the fullest.

There are six important numbers in the numerological chart(numerological portrait), they are:

Soul’s Urge: it is related to one’s inner desires.
Personality Number: the characteristics (features) of a character.
Power Number: the strengths of a character.
Birthday Number: it is about the first impression of a character.
Life Path Number: the path(route) that should be taken to excel in life.
Attitude Number: the attitude towards Life needed to be successful.

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What is Birth Numerology?

The birth numerology of the birthday number is something that depicts the day on which a person was born. The birthday number of a person shows his first impression of the outside world. It is of great importance as it has different meanings. If the life path number of a person matches with his birthday number, then he/she will be easier to read, and if it isn’t the same, people would need some time to recognise them.

To calculate the birthday number, just take to birth date digits and add them(in case of a two-digit number).

What is Name Numerology?

Name is the first thing with which we introduce ourselves to people. In Fact, it’s our identity by which we are known in this world. There are secret numbers in each letter of our name, which forms our numerology Portrait.

Also, from the heart’s desire number, the personality number and the power number, these are all numbers drawn by the name itself. Whether it be personal life, career or professional life, all of it in this world is controlled by our name.

For example, Aditya Pratap Singh Sisodiya is not known to anyone, and his stage name Badshah is world-famous. Therefore it is very important to seek a numerological breakdown of our name before executing any important things in our life.

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What is Astrology?

Astrology is the impact of cosmic energies, planets and stars on the professional, personal and career path of human beings. Every person’s life path and goals are majorly affected by these planetary bodies; therefore, to access the complete planetary positions accurately, the natal chart is prepared.

To prepare the natal chart, one’s day, time and place of birth are accessed. These include all the 12 planets present in the solar system. Although they have their own characteristics, their planetary position depicts their impact on a person’s life, whether it be professional or personal.

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Vedic Astrology VS Western Astrology

Although there are many differences, if we sit to find out between the two, let’s look at the five major differences between them:


  • Vedic astrology, as the name suggests, is derived from the Vedic scriptures. It was developed by ancient seers and Sages (Rishis) thousands of years ago. Thus Vedic astrology is considered a holy gift of God to humans.
  • The traces of Vedic astrology can be derived from the time of Ancient Greece. Also evolved from the Egyptian Civilization, it is because of the exploration of European minds that Western Astrology exists today.

Astrological Calculations:

  • The Vedic Astrology is all about a fixed zodiac with a certain planet in the background, also known as the “Sidereal Zodiac”. The Sidereal year represents the time taken by the planet Earth to complete one revolution around the Sun, and it’s 20 mins longer than the tropical year.
  • Western Astrology works on the moving zodiac. It is based on Earth’s orientation to the Sun, also known as the “Tropical Zodiac”.


  • There are a total of 9 planets in the Vedic Astrology, like the Sun , Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu. Vedic Astrology makes use of 27 lunar constellations while using the 12 signs of Astrology.
  • Western Astrology includes Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to access the future of a person, which is the opposite of Vedic Astrology.

Time System:

  • Vedic Astrology applies the Vimshottari Dasha system, which analyses planetary transits.
  • Western Astrology studies planetary transits based on advances and movements.

Solar and Lunar System:

  • Western Astrology relies on the movement and placement of the Sun. They always focus on the personality, character and psychology of an individual.
  • Vedic astrology is a System that is based on the moon and focuses on all the aspects of life.

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Which type of Astrology is more accurate?

Vedic Astrology is considered the most advanced and proven ways to find out about any individual. It is a very effective and complex process that focuses on the Nakshatras, Dasha System, and Divisional Charts, which provides a deeper insight into an individual’s life.

Western Astrology is based on the Sun sign, which changes in a month, and Vedic Astrology is based on the Moon sign, which changes every 2.25 days, which is more frequent and since everything in this world changes more frequently, therefore, Vedic Astrology is considered more accurate and best.

What is the most powerful number in Astrology?

It is often heard that single-digit numbers from 1 to 9 are considered the most important, but there is always an exception everywhere.

Therefore, the double-digit numbers 11, 22 and 33 are considered most important and are also known as Master Numbers. They have more potential than any other numbers.

These numbers are actually so powerful that if they fall in anyone’s numerological chart, the person really has to live up to its expectations and requires time and maturity to integrate.

However, they also come with a lot of benefits. If a person is not able to adjust to it, it widens a person’s perspective and expands his potential to aim high.

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How do I learn Numerology and Astrology?

The first thing that is important to study and understand is the individual meaning of numbers. There are certain parameters that every number encompasses:

0: Completeness
1: Ego, focus on one’s own life
2: Balance, interpersonal relationships
3: interaction and flow between elements
4: Creation of new ideas
5: focuses on moving forward and completing goals
6: The movement in life
7: Mentality
8: Strength
9: Change
10: Rebirth and new hope

First of all, by understanding all the parts of these numbers, you can get a deep understanding of how the nature of these Numbers are and what they reflect.

Along with this, you can start to do the following:

  • Start free reading practice on family members and relatives.
  • Start reading about Numerology more often.
  • Discover various categories of Numerology like Pythagoras, Chaldean and Abrakadabra.
  • Start reading about world-famous authors and Numerologists.

As for learning Astrology, there are certain steps that should be followed:

  • Make flashcards.
  • Review the basics over and over again.
  • Practice with many charts.
  • Work along with an Astrology teacher.
  • Attend Astrological group meetings.
  • Follow the Astrological Calendar.
  • Learn about the planetary positions and Panchang.
  • Learn about the Kundali.

Hey pals, hope you enjoyed reading and learning about Numerology and Astrology, and Zodiac Numerology too. We also hope that whenever you need to know about your numerology horoscope, then you can get it easily as you already understand its roots. That’s it from our end, time to say a very Goodbye.

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