Parivartini Ekadashi

Parivartini Ekadashi: Date, Significance and History One of the more popular Ekadashi periods is celebrated as Parivartini Ekadashi, which is also known as Padma Ekadashi. This lucky date falls on September 17th in 2021. It is said in Hindu mythology that on this day Lord Vishnu alternates his sleep cycles and takes turns sleeping. This Ekadashi is seen as highly significant to followers of several religions. Some Parivartini Ekadashi festivities are also dedicated to Vamana, the fifth manifestation of Vishnu. The worship to the Lord Vamana form is performed on this day. By fasting and worshipping Parivartini Ekadashi, a person experiences happiness and tranquilly, all their sins are erased, and all of their problems are liberated. Auspiciousness and longevity are generated by observing this quick, beneficial yoga. After doing so, the soul experiences Baikunth Dham. On this day, worshippers of Lord Kamalnayan’s Vamana form who also bear a lotus offer obeisance to God and the gods of the three worlds. Parivartini Ekadashi – Date And Time Ekadashi fasting date – 17 September 2021 Paran Timing – 05:51 AM to 08:14 AM (18 September 2021) Dwadashi Tithi ends on the day of Parana – 11:24 AM (18 September 2021) Ekadashi date starts from 02:06 pm (16 September 2021) Ekadashi date ends – till 12:37 pm (17 September 2021) Parivartini Ekadashi Vrat Katha Bali, the demon from Tretayuga, was a highly devoted worshipper of Lord Vishnu. When he was young, he worshipped Brahmins by adoring them in various ways using different Vedas. He had deep regard for the wise men and would perform daily yoga sessions. However, because Indra detested him, he was also victorious in a war against the gods of Indraloka. This is why all the deities met with Guru Brihaspati and came to the shrine of Lord Vishnu. There he worshipped and thanked Lord Vishnu, after bowing down to him. When Lord Vishnu opened his eyes, he beheld his cosmic form. He requested that all the gods come, with the blessing of all deities. When the gods’ prayers reached him, Vishnu, in the avatar of Vamana, walked to King Bali and offered to save the gods. After Bali finished doing his yagna, King Bali watched as the Ascended Vamana Rishi walked into the building. Upon hearing the Ascended Vamana Rishi’s name, Bali questioned what his name was and what his reason for coming was. Vaman Brahmachari, who was celibate, asked King Bali for three steps of land and urged him to grant them to him. Bali stated that it was inadequate and urged the mendicant to request more. As a result of this, King Bali agreed to provide Shri Hari three steps of land. Once Vaman became as large as he was before, he increased his size and measured the entire world in one step, and the heavens in the other. He asked Bali where he should put the third step, after that. Bali also recognised after this that this was none other than Vishnu, who was trying to test him. After asking for permission, Bali bent his head, replying, “Lord, you must keep your third foot on my head, and you have also agreed to accompany me wherever I go.” After the Lord placed the third step on King Bali’s head, Vamana Vishnu, who was held back by the word, and along with him, King Bali all went to the realm of Hades. While measuring his steps, Lord Vamana has found Bhuloka, Bhuvarloka, Swargloka, Mahaloka, Janalok, and Yamlok all situated in different parts of his body. At the request of Bali’s son Virochan, the idol of Vishnu, whose main purpose is to destroy all evil, was placed on the back of Sheshnag, who symbolises evil, in the ashram of Virochan’s father. This day God is on the side of the sleeper, asleep. Parivartini Ekadashi – The Significance Of This Vrat On the day of Parivartini Ekadashi, copper, silver, rice, curd, and night awakening must all be donated. Those who fast on this day pay homage to Shri Hari Vishnu’s Vamana incarnation, which is also known as the Vamana deity. They are exempt from all sins in paradise, where they shine brightly like the moon and gain fame throughout all three worlds. Those who read or listen to this storey will receive a reward equivalent to a thousand Ashvamedha sacrifices. Parivartini Vrat Vidhi To observe Parivartini Ekadashi fast, get up early in the morning at Brahma Muhurta. Take a bath after retiring from routine activities. After that, take a vow of fast by wearing clean clothes. After cleaning the temple, bathe the idol of Vishnu with Gangajal. Worship and worship Lord Vishnu by lighting a lamp of cow’s ghee. Make sure to use Tulsi leaves while worshiping. After the worship, do the aarti of the Lord. In the evening also do aarti of Vishnu ji by lighting a lamp. Read the thousand names of Vishnu ji. Break the fast on Dwadashi Tithi. Offer food to Brahmins and distribute prasad among the people. Give donations and dakshina to Brahmins according to your ability. Parivartini Paran Vidhi Breaking the fast is referred to as parana. Parana should be completed before the conclusion of the Dwadashi Tithi (month). In Dwadashi, failing to do Parana is equivalent to committing a crime. Prior to breaking the fast, wait till after the conclusion of Hari Vasara. Parana should not be done during this period of fasting. It is best not to break the fast during the middle of the day. The best time to break the fast is first thing in the morning. If you are unable to break your fast in the morning due to unforeseen circumstances, you may choose to finish your fast after midday.