Sun and Ketu Conjunction In Scorpio

Sun and Ketu Conjunction In Scorpio

You must have heard that every planet revolves around the big star Sun. But, in terms of Vedic astrology, Earth is the point of centre, from where we can see Sun making transition from one sign to another. On the other hand, Rahu-Ketu combos are known for creating hurdles in the individual’s life. Rahu being the head of the serpent, creates hindrances, while the body of the serpent, Ketu, represents intuition and spiritual powers.

Sun is the significator of soul, energy and father, whereas Ketu is associated with liberation. The Sun will be passing through the Scorpio sign in mid-November. Scorpio, where Ketu is already transiting from September. As a result, there will be a conjunction between these two planets in Scorpio. If the conjunction is forming in a favourable house, you may have positive outcomes. Otherwise, you may only have sufferings.

Ketu, one of the slow-moving planets, takes 18 months to transit in the zodiac sign. Luckily, invisible Ketu gets exalted in the Scorpio sign, which could be the good news. But, its association with the Sun may not give the desired result to you. Anyways, let us check what are the effects of Sun And Ketu Conjunction On Zodiac Signs.


Dates For Astrological Event Of Sun And Ketu Conjunction

  • Ketu transit in Scorpio: Sept. 23, 2021.
  • Sun transit in Scorpio: Nov. 16, 2021.
  • Sun Conjucts With Ketu: Nov. 17, 2021.

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Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction On Aries: Be Careful, Problems Ahead!

The combo of Sun-Ketu will occupy the 8th house for those who belong to the Aries Moon sign. And therefore, you may need to be careful when you move outside of your home. This is because you may get minor injuries or may be prone to accidents. Some of you may have to deal with financial matters, which may impact your health. Your relationship with in-laws may get spoiled. Lovers may see ups and downs.

Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction On Taurus: Overall Not A Good Time

For Taurus individuals, the conjunction will take place at their 7th house. It means that you may get mixed outcomes due to the union of two enemies. Married lovers may feel detachment in their love life. Businessmen may suffer losses in their current projects. This may result in increased mental stress. You may indulge in legal matters. Taurus politicians may fall into controversy. Overall, you may have a tough time.

Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction On Gemini: Time To Focus Buddy

The conjunction of Sun and Ketu will occur in the 6th house for the twins. You may have a negative impact on your routine life. You may need efforts to maintain balance in your life. You may take an interest in performing yoga and meditation. This would be an unfavourable time for those who are willing to apply for loans. Also, it would be a decent time for those who are running restaurants.

Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction On Cancer: Some Obstacles Ahead

The 5th house will be occupied by Sun and Ketu for Cancer-bound natives. You may feel isolated during this phase. You may get into arguments with your family members. Married couples may have child problems. Natives linked with politics may have difficulties. You may find spiritual interest at a young age. Lovers with Cancer sign may need to be cautious in their love life. Investors are advised to postpone their plans.

Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction On Leo: Get Well Soon!

Transiting Ketu will meet the Sun in the 4th house for those who are born under the Leo sign. This conjunction may negatively impact your health. You may have sudden health issues and you may need to visit a hospital. Job professionals may plan to change their workplace in search of career growth. Those who are planning to purchase new property may not get success. Investments should refrain from making a big investments.

Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction On Virgo: Mixed Bag Of Time For Work

The reunion of Ketu and Sun will be in the 3rd house for those who are carrying the Virgo sign. During this phase, you may isolate yourself and may plan to visit hill regions. Natives working in the media and entertainment industry may have communication problems. Individuals working in the post office department may likely to find success in their work.

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Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction On Libra: Bumpy Road Financially

Sun and Ketu’s conjunction will happen in the 2nd house. This may keep you away from family-related matters. You may not get into parties and in-house celebrations. You may not be able to resolve previously spoiled relations with your close ones. Financially, you may get into money problems or legal matters. At the same time, you may need to control your anger. This would be a fair time for you.

Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction On Scorpio: Good Changes Are Here

Scorpions may get mixed outcomes due to the Sun-Ketu conjunction taking place in your 1st house. Here, Ketu gets exalted, so you may feel changes in your life. You may find interest in performing yoga and meditation. Married couples may prepare for conception. Singles may not give priority to marriage and it would be difficult to maintain balance in their life.

Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction On Sagittarius: All In All A Stable Time

Sagittarius mates may incline towards spirituality because of the conjunction between Ketu and Sun in their 12th house. You may like to visit isolated places during this time. Financially, you may be able to control your expenditure and even meet your money-saving goals. Those natives who are suffering from bad health may recover. But, you may need to be attentive to your health. Those who are planning to visit foreign land may get delayed.

Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction On Capricorn: Happening For Entrepreneurs

The upcoming transition of Ketu and Sun in the 11th house of Capricorns may result in poor business. Business owners may not get desired profit during this time. You may plan to take a break from your social life. Entrepreneurs are advised to refrain from starting new businesses. Big companies may suffer from loss. Lovers may not get the expected responses from their partners. You may seek separation from your partner.

Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction On Aquarius: Lot In Store For Work Front

Ketu and Sun in the 10th house of Aquarius natives represent that professional workers may lose focus from their work. You may not be satisfied with your workplace and soon plan to change your job. Also, you should maintain good relations with your colleagues, or else you may land in trouble. You may not get a promotion at the office during this time. Sun-Ketu may affect relations with your father.

Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction On Pisces: Great With Little Flaws

The duo of Sun and Ketu will be passing through the 9th house for Pisces natives. It would be an excellent time to practise spiritual activities. You may feel isolated and decide to move to religious places. Government servants may earn monetary gains in the coming days. In your personal life, you may need to be attentive to your father’s health. Recently graduated Pisces students may soon plan to complete a master’s degree.

Remedies For Sun and Ketu Conjunction In Scorpio 2021

  • Natives suffering from negative impacts of Sun and Ketu should organise Surya Ketu Grahan Dosha Puja
  • Offer water to the rising Sun
  • Recite Ketu Beej Mantra
  • Donate foods to monkeys and dogs
  • Wear suitable gemstone for Sun or Ketu
  • Install Yantras after receiving advice from astrologers

Ending Note

We understood how transiting Ketu and Sun could affect our significant areas of life. Since Ketu and Sun share unfriendly relations, they may hardly give us positive outcomes. However, you can use the above-mentioned remedies to cope up with tough times. If you are suffering from weak Sun or unfavourably-placed Ketu, get in touch with our experts via call or chat. Hope you found this blog informative.