Vastu Remedies for Peace at Home – Do’s & Don’ts

Vastu Remedies for Peace at Home – Do’s & Don’ts

In the 20th century, where life has become very fast, we don’t know the real reasons for our failure in health, wealth, and love relationships. Also, we never think in that much detail. Most people only follow astrological remedies, and it’s effective too. But considering Vastu Tips for Home is equally essential for your overall success.

If you follow these judiciously, most of the problems can get solved. So, it would be a big mistake to take Vastu Shastra Home lightly and for granted.

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Here are some of the things you must need to follow in your home for overall peace and harmony in your life:

Vastu Remedies for Peace at Home: Do’s

  • Always use a compass to find the directions and stand in the centre of your house.
  • As per Vastu Remedies, Mandir is the Supreme rule, and it must be placed in the Northeast direction. Always face the East direction while you pray, and things will start working for you.
  • If your wall is empty at the entrance of your house, then placing an idol or photo of Ganesha can help gain much-needed peace for natives. The photo thrives and creates positive vibrations, which increases zest in family life.
  • If you feel any negative or evil aura in the house, then you must place a bowl of water, a small fountain or an aquarium in the North-East direction. It will help negate the adverse impact of evil eyes across the house.
  • It would be best if you grew small green plants in the East direction of the house to generate a healthy bond between family members.
  • Always keep the house clean and tidy. If you don’t follow it, this may create chaos and stress in the family.
  • If the family and relationships are going through a rough time, then you must keep a sandalwood statue. It doesn’t have any negative emotion and very favourable. So, this should be kept in a place that is most visible in the house as it can assist in decreasing the tensions in the family. It creates a serene place to live in and attain peace and happiness.
  • As per Vastu for Home, the head person of the family must sleep in the South-West bedroom. It helps to keep a hold of the family.
  • All money-related problems and matters can be solved by keeping the North-East corner of the house clean and tidy. Never place any heavy objects in that area.
  • Always place all your jewellery, cash, and all other financial documents on the Northside of the house as it is associated with wealth and prosperity.
  • You must keep an even number of doors and windows in the house.
  • For spiritual people, the North-East corner of the house is the best to evolve spiritually. Hence, it would be best if you use this corner to meditate to acquire a more calm and peaceful nature.
  • It would help if you place a frame of a family photograph in the South-West direction. It helps to enhance family relations.
  • You must hang wall paintings in the East direction to balance and maintain an excellent social life.
  • For married couples, the husband must sleep on the right and the wife on the left side for maintaining good marital relations.
  • For better education, always establish the study room in the East direction.
  • You must plant sacred Tulsi in your house as it spreads love, peace, and harmony.
  • You must use Golden Plated Vastu Yantra to remove any Vastu dosh that persists in your house. This will wonderfully work in your favour as it is purified, energized, and attuned by Vastu Experts.

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Vastu Remedies for Peace at Home: Don’t’s

As you know, we need to follow things as per Vastu Remedies for Peace and Happiness. In contrast, there are things you should avoid to live a better life filled with tranquillity at home. Here are a few things you must avoid to attain peace and harmony in life.

  • Never hang the photographs of your ancestors with that of the Gods. As per the Vastu for Home, pictures of your ancestors should be hung on a wall in the South direction. This will help to attain family peace.
  • Avoid using broken glasses or mirrors in the house. Never place a mirror on the opposite side of the bed as this can create problems in life.
  • Refrain from constructing a staircase near the main gate or kitchen as it is considered to be inauspicious.
  • It’s a fact that there must be a good distance between the kitchen and the bathroom because the kitchen is an integral part of the house. This also blesses the family with sound health.
  • Avoid constructing anything in the Brahmasthan area as it is a sacred place where the flow of cosmic energy is necessary. Always keep the place cluttered-free, as it will work in your favour.

Everything and anything which surrounds us is energy. We are carriers of energy; that is why it becomes essential to deal with them. Also, it helps to balance the positive-negative energies to gain maximum benefit in life.

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Happiness is indeed important in life and it is not something that is readymade. By following the Vastu Remedies for Peace at Home, you can enjoy peace and happiness in your life.

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