Vastu Tips for Good Health: Make Your Family Members Healthier

Vastu Tips for Good Health: Make Your Family Members Healthier

We all wish for a healthy, affluent and happy life for our near and dear ones. There is an old saying, “Health is Wealth”. A healthy lifestyle balances our mind and body, while poor health results from too much work pressure, stress and unhealthy eating. It has been observed that poor health causes various problems in life. A healthy body is important for a happy and long life. This, in turn, makes your life affluent, more comfortable and reviving. According to the Vastu Tips for Good Health, a house also plays an essential role in our life. Thus, it is necessary to know how our house affects our health.

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science, rules the scientific principles irrespective of the layout, planning, and designing of a house. Vastu Shastra is not all about the directions and shape of the plot. It also assists you in making your life healthy and energetic. Thus, if we follow Vastu Tips for Health and Wealth, we can lead a fit and active life. This Indian architectural science provides you with the ultimate solutions for achieving a blissful and enthusiastic life.

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Vastu Tips for Health

Eating healthy and exercising well is a good habits. If you are leading a healthy lifestyle, but still face health issues, you should immediately connect with Experts for Good Health Vastu Tips. Below are specific pointers that you should avoid while designing a house.

  1. The North-East location is not suitable for the construction of toilets. It may cause various prolonged diseases and end in surgical procedures. However, this corner is susceptible and affects your life.
  2. The location of the bedroom also harms life. If a couple is using a North-East side bedroom, there are possibilities of having problems during pregnancy. Sometimes it could be abnormal childbirth. The energies released by the North-East zone might create health problems. These could be experienced while you are sleeping. According to Vastu Tips Health guidelines, the North-East zone is pious. Hence, it should be used as per the Vastu Shastra plan.
  3. According to Vastu, for good health, do not place your head in the North-East while sleeping as the energy released from the North Pole interrupts your sleep and creates health issues.
  4. Lord Varun is the ruler of the North-West corner, and this corner is a symbol of good health and long life. Vastu dosh in this area may lead to unnatural and early death in the family.
  5. A Vastu defect in the North-West corner might cause physical problems. The North-West location is inauspicious for the couple’s bedroom. This area may lead to breathing problems, including asthma, breathing diseases, cough, cold, and sore throat.
  6. Borewell, underground water tanks, and swimming pools in the South-West direction can adversely affect health, in turn, creating mental issues like tension and depression.
  7. The South-East zone is ideal for fire and electronic equipment. Bedrooms located in this corner may lead to high blood pressure and severe irritability. It might cause clashes in marital relationships. On the other hand, bedrooms in the South-East receive abundant sunlight, which causes heat in the environment. Hence, most Vastu Experts suggest not constructing bedrooms in the South-East corner.
  8. The Sun is the powerhouse of energy. If you place heavy objects or block the East zone, the family members may suffer from eye-related problems, strokes, paralysis, and severe headaches.
  9. If the rainwater on the rooftop flows towards the West, then the male members may face health issues.

Note: According to Vastu Tips for Good Health and long life, Sunlight has seven colours. It helps in healing the human body by connecting with the seven chakras. Enjoy the early morning sun rays for a healthy life.

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Vastu Tips for Health and Wealth

Keeping track of your health is essential in every aspect. According to Vastu Tips for Healthy Life, every part of our house greatly impacted our health somehow. Whether it’s a bedroom, dining room, the centre of the home, kitchen and bathroom, each corner of your home attracts both negative and positive energies which affect your health. A few things should be kept in mind while applying the Vastu Tips for a fit body and sound mind:

General Vastu Tips:

  • The North-East direction is considered as auspicious as it endorses good health. Therefore, you should light a candle daily in this direction.
  • Leakage in pipes, clotting of sink and leaking taps facilitates negative energy and attracts lousy energy in the house, harming health.
  • Avoid using spaces below stairs as a kitchen, toilet and store. It may cause nervous breakdown and heart disease among family members.
  • Sit with a face towards North or West while studying or working.
  • Keep a tulsi plant in the home. It purifies the air in the house. However, please do not keep thorny plants like rubber plants, Bonsai, Cactus and other milky plants. These plants cause tension and stress in life.
  • As prescribed in Vastu for Child Health, avoid the construction of stairs or toilets in the North-Eastern part of the house. It could cause health-related problems and impedes the development of children.

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Vastu Tips for Bedroom

  • Avoid the construction of a master bedroom in the North-East direction. It may lead to health problems. The South-West direction is the perfect location for designing a master bedroom.
  • Always sleep in the South-West direction for a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. According to Vastu Tips Health instructions, sleeping towards the North direction is not suitable as it causes stress and aches.
  • Sleeping in the North-East direction is not suitable for pregnant women as it increases the chances of abortion and miscarriage.
  • Always keep simple wooden beds in the room. Do not sleep on wrought iron beds. Also, you should avoid a bed with storage space that leads to brain and heart diseases.
  • Do not sleep under a light beam as it leads to health issues such as depression, headache and memory loss.
  • Avoid placing mirrors in front of the bed. It causes nightmares.
  • Do not align your bed with the bathroom wall, as it brings negativity to the environment.
  • For better and sound sleep, avoid using mobiles before going to bed. Keep them away from the bed while you go to sleep.

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Vastu Tips for Health and Kitchen

  • The South-East direction is perfect for locating the kitchen.
  • Cooking and eating should be done towards the east direction as it stimulates digestion and good health.
  • Do not construct a kitchen in the North-East direction. It leads to severe health problems and accidents.
  • The kitchen and toilets should not be constructed side by side. Keep a distance from each other.

Best Vastu Tips for Good Health of Family Members

In Vastu Shastra House, The South-East zone is considered the “Agni one” or the centre of the fire. Fire indicates hotness and burn, and hence it affects health. Because of the fire element, the South-East direction is perfect for designing a kitchen. Construction of any other room in the wrong direction causes severe health problems. Hence, Vastu defects can be balanced by using the right plant and colour in the house. One thing you should never forget is that Vastu is an architectural science that was introduced at a time when there was no electricity. The movement of Sun and wind were used to fix the directions.

Everything is in The Name

According to Vastu Tips Health guidelines, the owner’s name or owner’s owner symbolises the health corner. Most often, it becomes difficult to give specific instructions now and then. Therefore, it has been advised to follow Vastu Tips for Good Health for the well-being of the members living in the house.

Choose the Right Colours

Vibrant colours like yellow and orange absorb negative energies. Use these colours to paint the walls. Else you can place candles, towels, artificial flowers and small decorative items in these corners. Cluttered rooms, leakage problems, clotted drains attract negative energies in the house. If any member in the family is suffering from depression, mental stress or allergies, you can use these vibrant colours to adorn the room on their bed, sofa or curtains. These vibrant colours eliminate negative energies from home.

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Be Eco-Friendly

It has been believed that growing money plants at home are good in some specific regions. But according to Vastu Tips for a Healthy Life, do not keep money planted at any corner of the house as it can create negative energies. You can keep any green plant to attract positive energy for the well-being of family members.

Proper Ventilation

Whenever you construct the house, make sure that there should be proper sunlight and air circulation. Use bright lights and shades if the rooms don’t receive ample light. Keep the windows open for in the morning hours’ proper circulation of fresh air and sunshine. You can also light oil Diya in the evenings near a water filter or pot to bring positivity to the environment.

Now, we have come to know that wrong directions and misplacement of things at home may cause health problems. By following the Vastu Tips for Good Health and Wealth, you can get beautiful results.