Vastu for Hotel – Vastu Tips for the Hotel Business

Vastu for Hotel – Vastu Tips for the Hotel Business

The hospitality sector is all about providing the best services and top-notch facilities to attract clients repeatedly. The utmost priority is guest satisfaction. If a hotel or resort has been designed as per Vastu Shastra norms, the visitors feel relaxed and calm. The hotel business is a boon to the hospitality sector.

New start-ups are making huge profits. Undeniably, the hostel industry is booming now-a-days. But it is a bit difficult to construct and maintain a hotel or resort in the long term. There are risk, uncertainties and high chances of failing in the business. Then what about the investment and recovery if the business fails. Undoubtedly, these questions arise in our mind.

Though we know that every problem has a solution, in order to avoid such circumstances, Vastu for the hotel is a one-stop solution for all your problems. Vastu Shastra is an old technique that involves designing, layout, structural infrastructure and directions. Each and every step should be followed as per Vastu Shastra norms.

Location, placement, the typography of land, number, space, the colour of the building, etc., entice positive vibes and success. Creative designs are the latest trend in the industry. Combination creative designs with Vastu guidelines has lots to offer to the industry and its clients as well. The relaxed ambience, luxurious décor, warm welcome make the people feel homely. Implementation of Vastu Shastra norms makes the environment stress-free and relaxed.

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Vastu for Hotel & Restaurant

Vastu Shastra plays a vital role in everyday life. Either you buy a plot to build a restaurant or plan to construct it, the implementation of Vastu Shastra is beneficial for success, prosperity and growth in business.

There are few specific rules for different kinds of homes and buildings. The plot of the restaurant should be rectangular in shape. Increase the number of your visitors and customers by following Vastu Shastra norms. Below are some of the Vastu tips that you can execute while constructing a restaurant or hotel.


The entrance of the restaurant and hotel is the centre of attraction for the visitors. The entrance should have welcoming features like an appealing look, bright decors and a relaxed ambience. These features are enough to draw visitors towards the hotel.

According to Vastu for hotel and restaurant, the entrance should be in the North or East direction. Keep beautiful plants with bright flowers, a sparkling water fountain, a soothing sound of the bell, and a smiling guard are the most likeable and inviting features at the hotel.

Seating Arrangement

As per Vastu Shastra instructions for a hotel and restaurant, the seating arrangement should be on the ground floor. Customers are important because they bring business. That is why they should be greeted on the ground floor.

Placement of the Kitchen

In a hotel, you will find a kitchen on every floor for the comfort of the guests. According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen of the restaurant should be in the southeast direction. The South-East direction is associated with the fire element. Hence, a cooking stove or gas should be placed in the South-East corner of the kitchen.

The kitchen should have windows for proper arrangement of lighting and ventilation. The main kitchen of the hotel should be constructed on the South-East corner of the building. Avoid the construction of a bathroom adjacent to the kitchen door.

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Colours of the Hotel

Décor the restaurant walls with vibrant colours such as orange, yellow, cream, blue and brown are best for the restaurant wall. These colours make the environment lively and cheerful. Do not use cool shades like grey and tones of green.

Water Fountain

Water fountain, swimming pool and side fountains are the centre of attractions for the visitors. As per Vastu for the hotel, the North, East and North-East direction is the right location for constructing water fountains and other water bodies in the hotel. The North-East direction is associated with the water element and brings good fortune.

Toilets and Bathrooms in Restaurant and Hotel

Every room in the hotel has a private bathroom. Apart from this, there bathrooms and toilets that are built on the exterior of the hotel. According to Vastu, for a hotel restaurant, the North and North-West directions are best for constructing toilets and bathrooms. The toilet walls should not touch the kitchen walls.
Plot of The hotel

One of the most important things to do is select the plot for constructing hotel and restaurant buildings. Rectangular, circular, square, octagonal and hexagonal shapes are ideal for buying.


The storage room of the restaurant and the hotel should be in the South-West direction. Place the grains, vegetables, oils and other food in this corner only.

Dark and Dirty Restaurant

Restaurants and hotels and hotels must be well-illuminated. Dark and dusty areas should be avoided as these areas attract negativity. Dark areas attract evil energies. The storerooms and basement areas should have lights.

Cash Counter and Reception Area

The North or East direction is perfect for reception and cash counter. These two directions are considered best when it comes to money. Please do not place any beam or pillar beside the cash counter as it obstructs the flow of money and positive energy.

Plants Near Windows and Entrance

Plants bring positivity in and around the area. The plants near the windows and entrance draw the attention of people. Real plants are a symbol of good health. Avoid the placement of artificial plants in hotel rooms and restaurant.

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Benefits of Vastu for Hotel & Restaurant

A hotel constructed as per Vastu Shastra norms gives the customer and the owner a great sense of satisfaction and inner peace. A hotel with non-compliance with Vastu Shastra can cause customer complaints, poor services, and undisciplined staff. So to avoid all these issues, it would be wise to follow the instructions of Vastu Shatra while constructing the hotel and get the maximum benefits.

  • Less number of complaints.
  • Improvement in services
  • Frequent visits by satisfied guests.
  • Positive reviews from guests increase the standard of the hotel.
  • Top-notch services, relaxing ambience and best dining services increase the reputation of the hotel.
  • More guests mean more referrals. This will improve the online ranking and generate more bookings. Hence, hotels will generate more revenue.

Good infrastructure and set-up of hotels attract thousands of travellers towards it throughout the year. Vastu plays a vital role in drawing guests and making profits. The above guidelines can be executed while you plan to construct the hotel building.

Vastu for hotel guidelines helps maintain a balance between the hotel and its environment. A personalized consultation will help achieve success in business and an unforgettable stay at your hotel for your content guests.

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