Vastu for Servant Room – Servant Room Vastu Tips, Dos, Don’ts & more

Vastu for Servant Room – Servant Room Vastu Tips, Dos, Don’ts & more

The majority of city houses have servant rooms or servant quarters. A servant is regarded as a member of the family. It is considered auspicious for the house members to follow the Servant Room Vastu to maintain harmony and peace in the space. However, every room must be designed and used in accordance with Vastu for the servant room to emit positive cosmic vibes that aid in the restoration of the home’s peaceful environment.

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Because a servant has numerous responsibilities, he or she must be treated appropriately. However, due to a lack of space, they frequently end up staying in the corner of most flats. Now, ideally, you should designate a room that will allow your family to enjoy wealth and peace as per Servant Room Vastu.

Many people include a separate servant room or servant quarter when building a house. At the same time, others have their servants sleeping in the kitchen or pantry. Following Servant Room Vastu in the house helps maintain a good working relationship between the employee and the employer. Servants or labourers are people who assist us with household tasks and look after us.

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Vastu is a Vedic science that explains the significance of proper room and person placement in the home. According to Vastu, a servant room must also be appropriately placed. Otherwise, there will be a lot of problems with the servants and the house owners.

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Vastu Tips For Servant Stability

Servant Rooms should never be built in the North-East or South-West corners of the house. This will lead to the servant committing robbery or disrespecting the owner.

The Servant Room’s floor should not be higher than the main house foundation.

You can build a servant room or servant quarters in the South-East or North-West corner of the house. This keeps the servant in check and prevents him from seizing control of the master and the home.

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The servant room should be kept clean and free of expensive metal items, according to Servant Room Vastu. Space should also be free of costly electronics or gadgets.

A Vastu Expert should be consulted regarding the construction of the servant room’s windows and doors. Positive energy can enter the rooms as a result of this.

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Warm and soothing colours should be used on the walls to help the servants feel calm and at ease.

The Servant Room Vastu should have some free space for movement and should not be made to feel claustrophobic.

The food for the servants should not be cooked in the servant room.

A tulsi plant in the northeast corner of the house is considered auspicious.

A servant room should never touch the South-Eastern corner of the house.

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Servant Room Vastu is an important consideration when building a new home, and the tips listed above should not be overlooked. Suppose the servant room is not adequately placed according to Vastu Tips; it will result in conflicts between the house owners and the servants. They may even attempt to commit wrongdoing, causing family tension.

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Vastu science provides a detailed layout of all the directions in a house as well as their significance. Implementing a few directional changes in the home can dramatically change one’s lifestyle and life. For those living in a flat, it is impossible to reconstruct rooms completely. In that case, you should consult a good Vastu specialist for possible alternatives to the incorrect placement of certain rooms. This will lessen the Vastu dosh impacts.

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