Vastu for Water Tank – Water Tank Vastu Tips, Position, Do’s and Don’ts

Vastu for Water Tank – Water Tank Vastu Tips, Position, Do’s and Don’ts

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of Architecture, which is still in use for placing the house items or developing the structure of the house. The principles behind Vastu Shastra support us by creating a perfect and happy home and the placement of furniture and fixtures. These guidelines are strongly based on the science of space and energy. If we build and decorate our house in accordance with the tenets of Vastu Shastra, we may live a very fulfilling and happy life. Such a home brings about happiness and peace in the lives of each of its residents. Let us discuss in detail about placing the water tank vastu.

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Vastu for Water Tank

One should construct or renovate the house as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. To the extent that even the placement of the Water Tank Vastu both underground and overhead should be done after consulting the science of Vastu. This is because both the underground and Overhead Water Tank Vastu can bear a significant impact on the lives of the inhabitants. An ill-placed Water Tank could be a reason why the inhabitants of the house remain sick or do not maintain their fitness. Hence, one should know where to place the overhead and underground tank by following the Vastu principles.

The underground or Overhead Water Tank supplies the water that comes from the borewell or well, and then it is pumped into the tank, which distributes it throughout the house. Hence it is pivotal to consider the construction or placement of the Vastu for Water Tank. A specific set of rules are made so that we can understand the Vastu principles for the placement of the Water Tank. So, the water tank should be placed in such a manner that it allows positive vibrations to flow in the house.

Vastu for Water Tank Do’s and Don’ts

Vastu Shastra is used in the modern world to eliminate the negative vibes entering the house. Some great astrologers and Vastu maestros discovered this science of Vastu Shastra many years ago. They said that the perfect placement of a Vastu for Water Tank might bring wealth, health and prosperity to the house owners.

Let us check in detail about the certain principles of Vastu Shastra. This may surely help you understand the placement of Overhead and Underground Water Tanks.

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  • As per the principles of Vastu for Water Tank is supposed to be built in the South-West direction as there are high possibilities of the energy field.
  • This position of the Water Tank can balance the positive and negative energy in and around the house.
  • If South-West direction is not available, it is advisable to place the Water Tank in the South direction.
  • It is the second-best option while you set this up. Ensure that there is a very good distance between the roof of the house and the tank.
  • Do keep a minimum of one or two feet of distance as it is advisable.
  • It is advisable to use certain specific colours for the Water Tank. Blue or Black are the suggested colours of the Water Tank
  • You should also consider the water tank should be absolutely enclosed and packed to ignore any impurities or external pollution from getting inside the tank.
  • It is advisable to maintain the hygiene of the water tank. One should regularly clean the outside and inside of the water tank.
  • It is suggested in Vastu Shastra to try and have two separate water tanks, one for the washroom and the other for the kitchen.


  • It is advisable to avoid the North-East direction while constructing or setting up a Water Tank
  • This may also bring about unexpected losses for the residents of the house
  • Do not go for a plastic material while you select your overhead water tank.
  • As we are all aware that plastic is quite harmful to the overall well being of our human body
  • It is advisable to keep a check on the water tank, especially for any dampness or leaks or cracks
  • Make sure none of it is prevalent when it is placed in the South-West direction.
  • It is advisable to avoid placing the water tank in the middle of the home’s architecture.
  • It can bear negative influence upon the owners of the building

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Vastu for Underground Water Tank Do’s and Don’ts

As per the Vastu experts, there are some differences between how an Overhead Water Tank is looked at and how an Underground Water Tank is looked upon. The change in their placement of them can bring these differences. The Overhead Water Tank is placed or constructed on the top of the building. On the other hand, an Underground Water Tank is placed or constructed under the ground after digging a hole.


  • It is advisable to place the Water Tank in the direction that is North East of the house. This is because an underground tank bears a very positive impact in this direction and affluence flowing within the home
  • It is also suggested that the underground Water Tank should be either in the East or North direction of the home
  • As per the ancient practices and beliefs, it is suggested to perform a pooja before one should start the construction of the Water Tank. This process can initiate positivity from the very inception
  • Construction or placement of an underground water tank can be very tricky
  • Also, you should consult a specialist before taking the placement of the tank


  • It is advisable to not construct the water tank in either the North West and the South-East direction. This is because believed to be harmful when it comes to water and can negatively impact the owners
  • It is advisable to do away with the dirty water tanks or discontinue their use. This is also significant from the aspect of water hygiene
  • We suggest you keep checking the water tank. Ensure that there is no seepage or leakage in the Water Tank underground
  • To place the water tank, underground one would need to dig a hole in the ground
  • It is highly advisable not to begin the digging work on a Tuesday
  • Tuesday is considered inauspicious as per astrology and can bring about a bad omen in the house
  • It is advisable you should not repair any misplaced tank by yourself
  • We suggest you consult an expert in the domain before you take any actions in this regard

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Ending Note

On a conclusive note, Vastu Shastra plays a pivotal role in maintaining the overall well-being of the house owners. We need to be more meticulous and accurate when it comes to following Vastu for Water Tank. Vastu can either leave negative or positive footprints in the house. It may impact your mental or physical wellbeing intriguingly.

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