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Sanskrit or Vedic Name : Kumbha

Key Traits : Humanitarian, Assertive, Original, Inventive, Kind, Witty

Deepest Desire : To Stand Out From The Crowd

Noteworthy Qualities : Visionary, Stable, Determined, Unpredictable, Fearless, Natural Leaders, Innovative, Optimistic

The motto for Life : Live Life To The Fullest!

Aquarius is an interesting sign on the zodiac wheel that is a profound example of tradition and innovation. These intellectuals hold an innate ability to foresee the future. Aquarius easily channelize information that exists out in the ether and bring it into reality. Philanthropic activities extract their inner yearning to make the world a better place to live in! They constantly strive for activism and social justice to create an idealized version of the society and the world.

Sure optimists and the best listeners! Deffo! If you ever need to vent, turn to an Aquarius as they are always all ears for all! Hakuna Matata! Keep it simple and avoid worries or stress- is the basic life formula that keeps these natives mentally focused and easy-going! However, curtailing their freedom may make them run hither and thither like a wild horse, translating to an icy or detached vibe! Heads up! not applicable for clingers!

Rebels of the zodiac wheel Aquarians despise authority and anything that represents conventionality. The world is their oyster, and they prefer giving it their best shot to improve and help others within it. Ruled more by the head than the heart, Aquarius is always brimming with great revolutionary ideas and visionary plans inspiring people to raise the bar in their everyday lives!

Dates of Aquarius Zodiac Sign : (January 20- Feb 18)

The Sun travels through the part of the zodiac sign of Aquarius from January 20 to February 18, which is a typical Aquarius birth date range. The zodiac sign bisects into three Decans as per dates. Each Decan has a 10-day slot that defines the native's basic traits.

1st Decan (Jan 20- 31) 2nd Decan (Feb 1- 9) 3rd Decan (Feb 10- 18)
Planet Uranus Mercury Venus
Traits Clarity, Focused, Ambitious, Persistent, Imaginative, Vitality, Compassionate Good interactive skills, Likable, Enthusiastic, Spontaneous Romantic, Sentimental, Artistic, Calm, Understanding, Positive outlook, Interactive
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Aquarius Symbol (The Water-Bearer)

Aquarius Symbol (The Water-Bearer)

The symbol of Aquarius is a Water Bearer. The Water Bearer is a mystical celestial humanitarian who confers water, or life, on land. The human bearer depicts the zodiac sign of Aquarius, and water itself is Life that Aquarius brings to others. The symbol reflects Aquarius' tendency to be focused on humanity and pour out its lofty visions of a finer and vivid future for the human race.

Aquarius Ruling Planet: Uranus/Saturn

The Aquarius sun sign is dominated by the ruling planet of Uranus and Saturn. Uranus perfectly mirrors Aquarius's revolutionary vision and the urge for change and visualization of new possibilities. Likewise, Saturn symbolizes limitation, contraction, and the entity of life. This involves discipline, punctuality, and ecological preservation. These qualities gel with Aquarius’ future-oriented conceptions of originality and freedom from conventional thinking.

Aquarius Ruling Planet: Uranus/Saturn

Aquarius Ruling House: Eleventh

The eleventh house is the ruling house of Aquarius. It is a succedent house that signifies acquaintances, groups, organizations, aspirations, sense of inner purpose, and humanity. The eleventh house has a greater affinity with philanthropic activities that are naturally imbibed in Aquarius natives. Visionary thoughts and humanitarian acts constitute the inspiring energy of the eleventh house which is reflected in these natives.

Aquarius Ruling House: Eleventh
Aquarius Ruling Element:  Air

Aquarius Ruling Element: Air

Despite the word “aqua” in its name, Aquarius is the last Air sign of the zodiac. The Air element signifies the brilliancy of thoughts and plans contained within an Aquarius. These natives are similar to a hurricane that blows off in an instance. Air signs are called the ‘winds of change’. Similarly, their mind is never stagnated at one point and is always on the hunt for more innovative ideas and objectives as witnessed in Aquarius!

Aquarius Quality: Fixed

Aquarius is a Fixed sign that buckles down to the chilliest and longest winter days of the year. Fixed signs are strong, consistent forces that propel this energy towards Aquarius to push forward their goals and visions even in the face of opposition. A striking feature of a Fixed sign that Aquarius exhibits is that they are super creative, and once they eye an idea, they’ll see it through to the end. Besides Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio are categorized as Fixed signs.

Aquarius Quality: Fixed
Aquarius Birthstone: Amethyst

Aquarius Birthstone: Amethyst

The luckiest birthstone for Aquarius is Amethyst. Adorning this purple gemstone provides a stabilizing effect on the personality and temperament of Aquarius natives. It may help them to shun off their shy nature by expressing their emotions freely. Also considered a crystal for spiritual purification the stone may aid in clearing negativity and attachments. Other gemstones showering talismanic effects on Aquarius are Garnet, Turquoise, Moss Agate, Opal, and Jasper.

Aquarius Color: Blue

Aquarius' color is Blue. It’s no coincidence that its ruling planet Uranus is also Blue! The combination of the sky and waters is deeply connected to the water bearer sign. Blue is the charging color that brings a calming influence to balance the restless energy of Aquarius. Hues of blues rejuvenate Aquarius with positive vibes and energies that instill confidence and purposefulness. The Blue color signifies enormousness and motivates a smooth flow of innovative ideas and communication in these individuals. Other powerful colors for Aquarius are Aquamarine, Turquoise, Violet, and white.

Aquarius Color: Blue

Aquarius Compatibility

Incompatible Matches : Taurus, Scorpio

Neutral Matches : Cancer, Leo

The combination of Air-Fire is considered to be an ideal one as in the Aries and Sagittarius pair. Aquarius qualities like friendliness, intelligence, and originality provide a common breeding ground for them. With zero compatibility between Taurus and Scorpio, Aquarius may face challenges. Scorpio’s unrelenting quest for power and dominance may get harder to cope with. While communication lapses may create rifts with Taurus. Traditionally the Aquarius-Cancer combination is said to be astrologically awkward but minor problems may bring mid-way solutions. Similarly, Leo’s open-heartedness and warmth can be offset by Aquarius’ impersonal tendency. However, compromises can pave a smooth sailing!

The Star

Aquarius Tarot Card : The Star

The Tarot Card of the Star rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The Star card is a representation of hope and optimism. It is said to heal, motivate, and imbibe visionary energies that help a person to turn their thoughts into practical or ground reality. Aquarius natives are highly focused and often give a helping hand to reach out to their heart strong desires. This is bolstered by the Star card that emphasizes- Follow your heart because the Star and thereby the entire universe is supporting you!

Aquarius Lucky Charms
Lucky Colors: Yellow, Red, Violet, Aquamarine
Lucky Stone: Garnet, Turquoise, Moss Agate, Opal, Jasper
Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 2
Lucky Metal: Iron, Lead, Uranium

Aquarius Planetary Governor

Domicile: Uranus

Individualistic Aquarius is the perfect domicile for Uranus, the planet of innovation and originality. Aquarius loves to inspire and create changes in the world around them and Uranus is the root of these desires. Thus, the planet encourages progress and enlightenment in natives irrespective of the prevailing situation.

Exaltation: Mercury

An exalted Mercury in Aquarius relates to the exceptional functioning of the planet in this sign. Mercury rules communication and expression, while Aquarius exhibits intellectual nature which provides a perfect fit for natives who are easily able to convey their brilliant ideas and plans.

Detriment: Sun

Aquarius is a challenging sign for the Sun and when the planet is a detriment in Aquarius there arises the question of individual identity. As the Sun needs identification and Aquarius entirely relates to group identity, individuals may encounter conflicting situations.

Fall: Neptune

Neptune stands for dreams, illusions, and receptivity while the Aquarius zodiac sign for converting these dreams into reality. As Neptune is in the fall of Aquarius it means the positivity of the sign and the planet may grow too dim making the person float towards aloofness and extremism.