Aries Decan: All Three Decans of Aries & Their Astrology

Aries Decan: All Three Decans of Aries & Their Astrology

Aries Decan - Quick Bites

  • 1st Aries Decan is born between, and they are ruled by Mars. The planet bestows them with.
  • 2nd Aries Decan is people who are born between, and they are ruled by the Sun. The planet bestows them with.
  • 3rd Aries Decan is people who are born between, and they are ruled by Jupiter. The planet bestows them with.

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What is Aries Decan?

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac which starts at the Spring Equinox. Arians are the real kings of the Zodiac and enjoy seeing a large number of followers. Aries is associated with the aspect of fire, and as such, Arians are fiery, passionate, and energetic.

An Aries Decan is a 10 degree (one-third) portion of the sign’s 30-degree range. If you do the easy calculation, you’ll discover that there are three Aries Decans, each of which is made up of ten degrees. They all have different rulers, and that has a different effect on their personality characteristics. Wanna know more? Read the detailed information ahead.

Aries Decan 1 - March 21st to March 30th

They tend to be pioneers in their respective fields. You will always recognise them as initiators. However, they can go a little impulsive and impatient. Aries Decan 1 will want to win every race they are a part of. Even when it comes to initiatives they are taking, they just need to be perfect. They hold themselves high when it comes to morals, principles, and ethics.

Once Aries first decan has decided on something, it is near impossible to change their mind. For the things they have in their sight, they are very proactive and determined towards their goals. In that regard, they are just relentless, never tired. A strong sense of humour is, well, their strong suit. They are lovers of intimacy and long-lasting relationships. If you need to know one thing about them, just know they don’t like to control their feelings, let them express.

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How Mars Affects Aries 1st Decan

Mars makes them impulsive. Or spontaneous, whatever you want to call it. They are full of energy. Thanks to Mars, they are always ready for a debate, argument, clash, or even fights! They are always in their attempts to control that infamous temper of them because they know their words can cut through people! Add unpredictability to all of that.

Because of these qualities, they are bound to be labelled as assertive, arrogant, or even selfish. They are possessors of unbreakable self-confidence, and that is no surprise considering what their ruling planet is. When used in a proper manner, that energy of theirs yields them favourable outcomes. Aries Decan 1 will resist everything that tries to tame them.

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Aries Decan 2 -March 31st to April 09th

Warmth, passion, and energy. Ruled by the Sun, Aries Second Decan can be defined by these three words. In the very literal sense, they shine above all. These natives like their life to be perfectly balanced all the time. By the way, the second decan of Aries is known as the “week of the star.” They also make excellent leaders. Since the Sun is the ego, they can show some of Aries more selfish characteristics at times.

They may have trouble accepting other people’s points of view, and their own desires also come first. They still have a deep sense of sovereignty and liberty, and they like being in charge; they can’t take it when others tell them what to do.

On the bright side, their leadership abilities often lend themselves to a more noble and upright character. Although a lot depends on other factors and placements, these natives are usually not considered to lie, cheat, or steal, but they do have a clear sense of integrity and a good sense of right and wrong.

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How Sun Affects Aries 2nd Decan

Natives of this decan are endowed with the brilliance of the Sun because they are noble and benevolent citizens, which, in addition to leading them to growth, strengthens their path and demonstrates them as true leaders of the land.

These citizens have tremendous bravery and confidence, but they are not as impatient as in the first chapter, and as a result, they are considered to make wise and productive choices while still showing to be similarly experimental, creative, and enthusiastic.

On the other hand, they have the elegance, etiquette, and charismatic personality that add to their powerful appearance. Furthermore, these characteristics can contribute to the development of a snobbish attitude toward the natives. Overall, they treat it with a fine-tuned eye and expect to be praised for it.

Aries Decan 3 - April 10th to April 19th

This is Aries’ Sagittarius decan. Jupiter is the world that rules over you. Native Americans are rather intelligent and individualistic, and they do not follow the crowd. They are more like an Aries nature, becoming confident and restless. I dislike becoming a slave to others. With Jupiter as your ruler, you are an ambitious person who is always willing to help those in need. You don’t back down from a challenge; instead, you face it keeping the head up.

Without a doubt, competitive as any Aries would be, however versatile in ways that no other Aries can be. Jupiter is commonly regarded as the planet of expansion. Existence in Aries-Sagittarius is literally a hidden treasure of possibilities waiting to be found.

Jupiter’s expansion qualities blend with the Aries MARS to give them a large or lofty perspective, a love of ambitious thoughts, and a desire to fly. Aries 3rd decan resents some form of restraint and values their personal rights. The ideal life for an Aries-Sagittarius is to be popular doing something artistic, where they are in charge and make all the decisions.

How Jupiter Affects Aries 3rd Decan

The last ten days of the Aries Zodiac cycle include natives of strongly exploratory and fantastical vision is governed by planet Jupiter, making them similar to the Sagittarius people. This decan’s Aries natives emerge with their inner selves governing above their persona, as they prioritise emotional matters.

These people are often honest and compassionate, but they have a strong desire for pleasure, which stems mostly from their love of adventure, as they can always be seen visiting new places, making it impossible for them to settle down in a relationship.

The style of a Third Decan Aries gives them the drive to get to the top, while Jupiter’s effects encourage them to find approaches to getting to the top that others would never think of. In fact, one of their best qualities is their imagination. The Sagittarius brings out the thinker in you, and the Aries drive saves you from going off on a tangent.

Hey folks, hope you enjoyed this thrilling yet super impactful ride of Aries Decan. Time to sign off, see ya!

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