Aries Man Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

A Trailer of an Aries Man

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel. He is a natural and interesting trailblazer for all new things, giving him his intrinsic childlike curiosity and creativity.

Speaking of an aries personality male, he stands for a bright personality, ready for adventure in every moment. He is always on his way and his natural optimism is universally appealing regardless of his sign. Hey peeps, we are not done yet, there is more to explore about Aries man characteristics.

Aries Man Compatibility

Aries is the first zodiac, the Ram. Aries is a fire sign and ruled by Mars which gives him enormous warrior energy to fight back any difficulties in life. Aries males have broad shoulders and usually, M shaped eyebrows like a ram. But this is not what sets him apart. He is confident, optimistic, a leader, pure and honest. By honest we mean absolutely no sugar coating – he means every word he says.

Aries men are the children of the zodiac. The way a child wants all the attention from the mother, similarly, for an Aries man it’s all about I, Me and Myself. They love to be pampered and get all the attention they can. They can be pretty dramatic as well.

Libra helps Aries to transform from all about ‘I’ to ‘Us’, as Libra is an all-inclusive kind of sign and has great acceptability. Leo caters to the pampering needs of Aries. Also, together they merge into bigger fires and achieve greater prosperity.

Sagittarius has that light-hearted and carefree attitude that accompanies Aries to many adventures. Aquarius and Aries instantly hit on similar views on independence, social networking, and extroversion. Sounds super interesting, isn’t it?

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Aries Men Traits

Ambition: Aries are very ambitious people. They know what they want and they work for it. No matter what happens they don’t quit. They are achievers, not quitters. Ambition propels them and gives them a sense of purpose.

Curious and Spontaneous: Since Aries men have a child side to them, curiosity and spontaneity are natural qualities in them. Too much of good Aries man qualities! They love variety. They are very fond of new things and experiences. Their life never gets boring. They dig into anything they are curious about. They neither brood over the past nor are fearful of the future. They truly live in the present.

Adventurous: Believe it or not but they are adrenaline junkies. They don’t shy away from taking risks. This is why they become great entrepreneurs and win a lot of followers. They don’t care about the outcome, if they have to try something, they will surely do, especially when something is intense – be it a crazy vacation or a business nobody can think of to start. They live their life on their own terms.

Ego and Anger: Aries men have anger issues, especially if they have not dealt with their unsaid emotions. An Aries man can easily get angry when things are not going his way. It’s him first, in all the areas wherever he is involved in. They are true followers of an eye for an eye and a stone for a stone, or rather a mountain for a stone! They are egoistic people. They simply can’t take any pin to burst their ego bubble.

Energetic, strong and dynamic: Aries men are extremely confident people. They have a pool of intense unquenchable energy that they have to learn how to channelise creatively. They don’t have to believe in themselves. They just know that whatever the outcome is they have enough strength to endure it if it turns out to be something different than expected. Their mere presence shouts out loud the dynamicity they have. If Aries are into sports or martial arts, they will have a great discipline to exude their energy in an amazing way.

Caring: Aries men are natural-born protectors of their friends and family. If they feel any kind of threat towards the people they love, they will devour the opposition. One better not mess up with them. They stand by their kiths and kins through all shades of life-giving them the necessary support at every difficult step. They are incredible problem solvers. Also, they have a wonderful sense of humour.

Positive and Optimistic: If you are losing your faith, call your Aries friend. They are die-hard believers in optimism. They just don’t see any point in not having faith in themselves. Aries men are most active ones. They have tons of connections.

Loyal and Passionate: Aries men might take time to settle down but when it comes to love, they are fiercely loyal. They simply can’t fake it. If they don’t want to be with you, you will get to know for sure. But if an Aries man is by your side, be assured he loves you and will be honest to the core. They are experimental and extremely passionate in love. They are playful and they know they can easily charm or seduce a woman.

Unpredictable, Impulsive and impatient: Aries men can make sudden unexpected decisions and just go for it. Even in a group discussion or general conversation, they can just interrupt to present their views. They cannot stand long descriptive conversation when it can be summed up in a few words. So, be to the point when you are talking to an Aries man.

Honest: Aries men are dead honest. Sometimes this brings troubles for them. If you want truth and only truth with no deception, here’s your man. They hate lies. They are allergic to any kind of deception no matter how small it is. For them, deception is like a disease.

Bossy: Aries men are always on a mission. They are the born leaders and they know it. They can be dominating and boss around.

Action Before Lights & Camera: They are extremely action-oriented men. Lethargy and laziness have no room in their lives. They don’t buy anyone’s words, they want to see the execution. Make promises only if you can fulfil them or at least try your best to fulfil them. They don’t have time and patience for empty promises.

Competitive: If they are quite probably they are plotting something. An Aries man is competitive to the core. He has to win and he puts in all the hard and smart work to achieve success. Aries men want to be pioneers in the field they choose and they also want recognition.

Emotional but refuse to show it: Aries men don’t show their emotions unless they have deep trust in someone. They see it as a weakness. They even have hidden insecurities that make them anxious but they can fool you with their calm and composed. If your Aries man is showing you his emotional side, you must have won his heart and trust in the true sense.

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How is Aries Man in Love and Relationships?

An Aries man gets into many Love and relationships before settling for one. They are doers before thinkers. But when they find someone with whom they can open up their vulnerable side as well as go on adventures. They will adore them from the bottom of their heart.

When they have truly fallen for someone, they will do everything to keep them in their life. They can be an innocent companion to a passionate lover, a friend you can chill with to a partner you can explore with and an all in all package of new experiences now and then.

Aries men have incredible love stories. They are highly romantic and intensely experimental when it comes to lovemaking. If you are in a relationship with an Aries man, expect lots of flowers, dinner dates, night outs, couple vacations and anything and everything to spice up your love life. Aries men are loyal and will stand by their partner’s side in all situations. They simply can’t fake love.

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How to Attract an Aries Man?

  • Signs to be chased: Give out the signs that you are interested in and let them chase you. They love this game. Let them make the first move. You just have to give them indications.Appreciation bomb: Admire them for small-small things. Give them compliments. Better be genuine ones.Be complementary rather than dependable: An Aries man wants someone to his side who is equally strong and bold. Vulnerability makes him uncomfortable. He loves an independent and passionate woman.Witty remarks: Aries men are quite witty and find it amusing when they find someone who can give a wittier reply to theirs. Added humour is a sure way to pull them in. They kind of enjoy arguments and look for a partner who can match up to their fire.Take care of him like Mother: Remember, Aries men are the children of the zodiac. They love to be pampered and get attention.Body language: An Aries man is very sexual and an aries man in bed is also super moody. Use that cute and sexy body language to woo them in.Do not push them: They do what they want to do. Do not try to make them what you want them to do. You might cross a line and never see them again.Want to impress Aries Man? Know his personality traits and hidden potential. Get Free Janampatri Now!

Wrapping Up

Hey pals, hope you enjoyed reading about Leo man characteristics. By the way, we too enjoyed revealing Leo man traits. They are interesting ducks after all! Time to say a very goodbye. See ya.