Jupiter in Capricorn – Friends or Foes!

Jupiter in Capricorn – Friends or Foes!

Vedic Astrology is all about the study of planets and zodiac signs, their relationship, and their impact on each other whether positive or negative. The Vedic astrologers believe that all the planets are related to each other and they cast some impact on the life of natives. They predict the effect of different planets on the life of the native and help us to know how their effect can be enhanced positively or reduced during negative aspects. The solutions are also advised by these expert astrologers. They let you understand your weak points and improve or flourish your positive side to achieve the best in life through your efforts.

Every planet has some negative and positive energy associated with it. And if the planets with negative influence are placed in a strong and unfavorable position, it can be disastrous for the native. Similarly, if the planet with positive energy is placed in a favorable position, it will bestow the native with all sorts of benefits and joys of life. So, astrologers always do a careful analysis of planetary positions while reading the horoscope of the native. This horoscope is erected with the help of the birth details of the native. The horoscope is the reflection of the sky and the various planets and stars arranged in a particular pattern, at the time of birth. These planetary positions play a vital role in deciding the general course of life of the native.

In this article, the light will be thrown on the impact of Jupiter in Capricorn and when Jupiter returns in Capricorn. Before talking about its impact, let’s go with the basic knowledge of the two bodies involved in this astrological aspect – the planet Jupiter, and the zodiac sign Capricorn.

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Jupiter- The Planet of Good Luck

In Vedic Astrology planet, Jupiter is known as Guru, Brihaspati, or Deva guru, meaning Teacher or the Lord of Light, or the Teacher of the Gods. It is 2nd best and most auspicious planet amongst all the other twelve. Jupiter is believed to be a planet that bestows success, wealth, fame, good luck, and fortune in the life of natives with strong effects. It has the same effect on whatever planet or house it is associated with. Mercury and Venus are the only planets that go negative with Jupiter; the rest are friends with it.

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Jupiter in Capricorn- The Hard Workers with Disciplined Attitude

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and is influenced by the Earth sign. It is a neutral airy planet. Due to the effect of Saturn as the ruling planet, Jupiter in Capricorn is unable to give any big positive impact on the natives with the Capricorn zodiac. But then also Jupiter in Capricorn makes the native a very ambitious person. They are compassionate by nature, affectionate, and very hard-working. Jupiter in Capricorn tries to make the native spiritual but the effect of ruling planet Saturn reduces the religious conduct of the person.

If Jupiter in Capricorn turns debilitated and may lead you to the road of success. Jupiter in Capricorn can be positive with regards to career and the financial fronts also would be better in this period, which may help in leading a secured life later.

Jupiter in Capricorn woman and man- does it makes any difference?

With Jupiter in Capricorn woman gets more sensitive and responsible. She becomes more thoughtful and tries to make her dreams a concrete reality with conscious steps. When it comes to the husband, Jupiter in Capricorn man tends to be responsible and reliable. He is organized and gets the desired results in his work field. He is materialistic but lacks spirituality. He gives you emotional, mental, and materialistic security.

Jupiter in Capricorn meaning in astrology can be understood as the people get stable, optimistic, traditional, patient, diplomatic, and enduring. They are always ready to work hard and may go to any extent to achieve their goals in life. On the negative side, Jupiter in Capricorn meaning makes them selfish, corrupt, greedy and demanding. That can be due to the ruling planet Saturn. They always quench for more power which makes them critical at times.

Jupiter in Capricorn Vedic astrology gives a never-ending ambition to people, making them more concerned about their profession and developing a strong drive for power.

Jupiter in the 12th house for Capricorn ascendants has a free hand over their expenses which they find difficult to control. They get their resources from overseas connections and satisfy their needs easily in a lavish manner. But when their physique is concerned, when Jupiter in the 1st house for Capricorn Ascendants, is generally unattractive, has a lean and thin body, and suffers physical problems. They do not get support from their siblings. They love their children and experience both sorrow and happiness from them. They have a graceful wife and enjoy all pleasures of life. They have good luck but do not have much faith in the Almighty, still, they lead a comfortable life.

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Wrapping Up the Jupiter in Capricorn

Although Jupiter in Capricorn does not seem to pose any major dangerous effect on the natives’ life, it does influence them silently. Jupiter in Capricorn has made the native’s life comfortable in all senses whether it be family, friends, or the native personal being. They are greedy, unsatisfied, urging for power, and selfish making them nasty most of the time. But overall, they lead a good and long life.

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