Jupiter in Aquarius: A Truly Beautiful Placement!

Jupiter in Aquarius: A Truly Beautiful Placement!

Our cosmos witnesses numerous cosmic activities on a daily basis. Some of these activities are trapped by our astronomers while our astrologers analyze others. Both astronomers and astrologers work for the same cause – the benefit of people. But both work on different principles, though the foundation is the same – planets and stars.

Astrologers try to trap the pattern of planets and stars when the birth of the native. They draw this planetary position on paper and call it Kundli or horoscope or natal chart. This horoscope acts as a tool to analyze the general life and traits of the native. It helps make predictions about prospects and any anticipated troublesome event in life.

The most important thing astrologers try to analyze is the transit and retrograde of planets in the houses or zodiac signs in the horoscope. The movement of planets has a significant influence on the life of the native. It also has a deep impact on the attitude and behaviour of the person. The transit of a strong planet in a favourable sign will result in a positive result. The planet will bestow the native with all the goodness. On the contrary, if a planet transits into an unfavourable sign, the result can be disastrous, and it may take away all that the native primarily had.

This article is about one such movement of a very strong planet and an insightful sign. It is about Jupiter in Aquarius. The article is about understanding Jupiter in Aquarius 2021, it is meaningful and facts. It will also throw some light on traits of Jupiter in Aquarius man and woman. Let’s start with some basic knowledge about Jupiter and Aquarius.

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Jupiter - The Liege Lord of the Gods

The planet Jupiter holds quite a significant position in Vedic astrology. It is symbolic of power and expansion. The planet Jupiter is associated with bounty and wealth. Hope and honor are the synonyms of Jupiter.

Jupiter takes twelve years to complete the cycle of transit from the first sign to the last. That means Jupiter transits only once in twelve years in any sign. And this year is fortunate for the Aquarius as from December 2021, the position of Jupiter is in Aquarius after twelve years.

With the blessings of Jupiter, the people become highly romantic and generous. They have strong faith in themselves and God.

The positive influence of Jupiter makes people tolerant and open to new ideas. It also enhances the desire to gain more knowledge and get wiser. It is the precursor of all the positive aspects of life. It bestows health, wealth, knowledge, congeniality, and wisdom when in a favorable position.

Opportunities and good luck are the key terms that can be used to define Jupiter. Jupiter’s blessings can help one turn dreams into reality. But during the debilitation or unfavorable positioning of Jupiter, the native becomes irresponsible and spendthrift. The native, in such duration, takes hasty decisions, which are often risky and result in a waste of resources.

They may place blind trust in someone, which may have dire consequences. A weak Jupiter may be an obstacle to greater education and success. But nothing to worry much about, you can wear yellow topaz gemstones for eliminating bad effects.

Aquarius – A Sign of Visionaries

The eleventh sign of the horoscope wheel is the Aquarius zodiac, which is ruled by the planet Saturn and is influenced by the fixed air element in Vedic astrology.

Being governed by Saturn, who is better known as the Task Master and a strict teacher, the natives born under the Aquarius sign are born industrious.

They are always ready to work long hours. But they are most happy when they are involved in some social or humanitarian work.

The Aquarius natives are always looking for ideas that can help society grow in a better way. They are very friendly and make friends easily with strangers also. They are quite organized and logical with the effect of Saturn’s planet.

Their intellectual potential always keeps them charged up and helps in producing innovative ideas. Their larger interest in making the world a better place often tags them to be reformers sometime later in life.

But with the ruling planet Saturn’s influence, the native stays aloof and leads a remote life, though they may be friendly. Their abstract thoughts might make them too serious in life and pull them back from the path of joy and happiness.

They get so rigid with their ideals and principles that people start distancing themselves from them. All these traits make the natives rebellious.

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Jupiter in Aquarius – It’s Not at All Bad!

Jupiter in Aquarius, in Vedic astrology, is considered to be a favorable position for the benefic planet Jupiter. And it is because Jupiter has a neutral relationship with Saturn, which is the ruling planet of Aquarius.

The influence of Jupiter in the Aquarius sign makes the native generous and kind. They strive to innovate things for the general masses. They become selfless and free-spirited. Such natives with Jupiter in Aquarius are instant problem solvers. They like to live with freedom and don’t want to be under any constraint at any time.

The people with Jupiter in Aquarius are intellectual ones with a desire to work for the betterment of society. They are not so money-minded, though, with the grace of Jupiter, they are moderately sound financially. But there are negative influences too of Jupiter in Aquarius. It makes the native undisciplined and spendthrift. The natives with Jupiter in Aquarius get bored with daily routine work and keep looking for a fresh start. This results in instability in life and career. But they keep working over the limit of exhaustion.

Too much involvement in work can result in bad food habits and later hamper health. Another negative influence of Jupiter in the Aquarius sign leads to the underestimation of self-value.

The natives with Jupiter in Aquarius often feel inferior and do not value themselves. They are not comfortable taking praise from others for their own good work as they feel they don’t deserve it.

Aquarius man often seems to be rebellious and self-centered. This is due to Saturn’s effect that keeps the man with Jupiter in Saturn away from the crowd. He doesn’t like to have a boss overhead and gets bored easily with the daily tasks. He needs new and challenging work quite frequently to keep his energy channelized.

Men with Jupiter in the Aquarius sign are adventurous and are at their best when they are engaged in some humanitarian work.

With Jupiter in Aquarius, the woman also gets easily bored and needs some interesting tasks. The woman with Jupiter in the Aquarius sign is often a creative freelancer who has no one to rule over her. She also believes in working for the betterment of society. She is not conservative at all and embraces changes with an open heart.

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Jupiter in Aquarius 2021 - Summary

  • With Jupiter in Aquarius in 2021, it is expected that the benefic influence of Jupiter will take away all the negativity that is prevailing due to the pandemic (Coronavirus) that hit the world in 2020 with Saturn in Capricorn.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius brings with it hope for a better world.
  • The Jupiter in Aquarius fact is that the natives get carried away while helping their friends.
  • They need to learn the art of being helpful but remain unaffected.This is all. We hope you enjoyed and understood the details about Jupiter in Aquarius.

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