Jupiter in Pisces – A Win-Win Situation for All!

Jupiter in Pisces – A Win-Win Situation for All!

Every planet in Vedic astrology is believed to radiate energy that has some influence over the natives. These energies can be a harbinger of joy and prosperity or can be an ugly evil that takes away all the luxuries and relationships from life. Whatever the planetary energy may give you or even take away from you, its influence will last as long the planet stays in the sign or unless it starts transiting and moving to the next sign.

Each planet has its fixed time in every sign like Saturn sticks with a sign for two and a half years and moves only after completing its stay in that particular sign. Likewise, every planet retrogrades back into the sign too. Both the transit and the retrograde have some or other effect on the natives who belong to that sign.

This article is about Jupiter in Pisces transit and retrograde. It will reflect on some of the Jupiter in Pisces facts and how the positive energy of the biggest planet, Jupiter in Pisces, will influence the man and woman with Pisces ascendant. Let’s take a dive into the article by first understanding more about Jupiter and Pisces.

Jupiter in Pisces - A Wise Guru

The planet Jupiter is regarded as the Guru of Gods in Vedic astrology. Jupiter is one planet that is expansive and enhances the area of knowledge and wisdom. It attracts good health and a better life for the native. Jupiter has a magnetic influence that attracts abundance and immense fortune for the native. Jupiter gives you all you yearn for – success, health, fortune, luck, family, and all that is associated with goodness and valuable priced possession. Jupiter can also be called a synonym for a career counselor.

The planet Jupiter takes twelve years to travel and complete one cycle through each sign of the zodiac wheel. It is the natural ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs in Vedic astrology. Hence, when Jupiter is posited in Sagittarius or Pisces sign, it showers all positivity, comfort, and luxury over the native, in all spheres of life. Jupiter’s influence defines the way the native expands its circumference to learn and explore things, people, ideas, and knowledge. Also, you can buy Yellow Topaz Gemstone to attract the power of Jupiter.

Pisces – The Combination of Other Eleven Signs!

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac wheel that consists of twelve signs. Since Pisces is the last and the 12th sign, it has a blend of attributes of the other eleven signs. Pisces wear a happy-go-lucky attitude over their sleeves. They are dedicated and selfless natives who are inclined towards spiritual deeds. Pisces is considered to be involved completely in any sort of relationship and give 100% to making things work between them. They are true lovers and always care for their loved ones. They always try and walk the extra mile to serve and help people who genuinely need them. They are non-judgemental of others.

Pisces natives are considered to be the most kind of all the signs. They are also one of the most tolerant signs of other zodiac signs. They have an inborn attitude of helping others even when not asked for. This may sometimes go against them as not all regard this goodness as a positive trait. They are dream-dwellers. While working, they ignore all the other things happening around them. They are innovators and discoverers, always ready to implement their ideas for a better society and make a better place to live.

The only problem is that these dreamers are very lazy and complacent at times. They need constant motivation to work for themselves, and also, they lack decision-making ability. They are too sensitive, and this is a difficult trait to be handled others. Call us to know your strength and weakness.

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Jupiter in Pisces – What to Expect When Magnanimous Planet is in the Happy Home Sign?

Jupiter in Pisces is the most desirable position for the planet and the ascendant too. The Pisces sign is the home for Jupiter as it is the governing planet for it. The Jupiter in Pisces transit brings with it a bag of positivity and happiness for all. The Pisces natives are known to be selfless people, and with the generous Jupiter in Pisces, the natives become the happiest to serve humankind. They are at their best with Jupiter in Pisces.

It took 12 years for Jupiter in Pisces transit to take place. Jupiter in Pisces was last observed from January 2010 to January 2011. Finally, again after 12 years, Jupiter in Pisces 2021 took place in May, but for a short duration. It was a short period as Saturn had its retrograde in the sign. But by the end of 2021, Jupiter will transit and settle in the Pisces sign for a longer and more comfortable duration. And this time, Jupiter in Pisces sign will bestow all the good luck over the native. It is the time when Jupiter is exalted in Pisces.

The year 2020 was all about the pandemic and almost more than half of 2021 will also be associated with the negativity moving around the pandemic. But with Jupiter in Pisces, the situation is expected to get improved. The world will get freedom from the rigid and cruel Saturn, and with Jupiter in Pisces, everybody will get a bit relaxed. Jupiter in Pisces will induce optimism in the people, and there will be a shift in working culture. People will use technology in the correct direction that will help in the upliftment of society.

The general traits of Jupiter in Pisces ascendants are that they are quite intuitive and great healers. With Jupiter in the Pisces sign, ascendants will think more with their hearts and less with their minds. They may get carried away with the aspirations or grievances of the other. The Jupiter in Pisces makes the native compassionate and forgiving in nature.

With Jupiter in Pisces, a man may act with a dual personality and be conflicting too. The man with Jupiter in Pisces might be mystical, and this might invite some problems in his love life later. But he will be a loyal and true friend always. With Jupiter in Pisces woman gets enlightened with beauty and knowledge. She may not like to accept the traditional social rules and carves her way. Such a woman believes in keeping others happy. Know the position of Jupiter in your horoscope.

Before We End – Jupiter in Different Houses of Pisces

Though Jupiter is a benefic planet, it acts differently in various houses. With Jupiter in Pisces 6th house, the ascendant is influential, unattractive, and laborious, but less educated. With Jupiter in Pisces 8th house, the native is bold, intelligent, travel abroad, and leads a dignified life. When Jupiter is in the 10th house of Pisces, the native is fortunate, ambitious, and has good relations with their parents and spouse. With Jupiter in Pisces 12th house, the native is a traveller, spendthrift and leads a normal life.

Jupiter in Pisces in Vedic astrology is quite a significant cosmic activity as it has many positive aspects attached to it. It is overall a happy, healthy, and prosperous experience for all.

Be prepared to welcome the Jupiter transit in Pisces by understanding its effects on zodiac signs along with its pros and cons.