Cancer and Aries Friendship

Cancer and Aries Friendship

Friendship is a pure bond. When there are so many definitions of friendship around, the real essence of it is somehow lost because it is something beyond definitions. The attempts to glorify it is an illusory idea. Real friendship is more of an ordinary phenomenon than circulating concepts, where you can be your true self.

It is quite fun when you and your friends can sit together and read about the astrological factors behind your friendship. Didn’t you ever wonder why you are so different although complementary? Duh! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be friends. If you are a Cancer sign and your friend is Aries, you might know now what alchemy your bond will create.

Basis of Cancer & Aries Signs

CANCER is a zodiac sign ruled by the planet moon. It is a water element sign. Cancer natives are highly sensitive, creative, and emotional. Their basic nature embodies feminine energy.

According to Vedic Astrology, Nakshatras that pertain to this sign are Punarvasu, Pushya and Ashlesha. Their symbol is ‘Crab’. The crab has a stronghold, hence, these natives, once emotionally attached, keep holding on to their attachments.

ARIES natives are ruled by Mars and belong to the fire element. Their rudimentary nature is masculine. They are ambitious, energetic, and stubborn. Mars is a warrior planet that gives the energy of fighting for a cause.

The Nakshatras that cover this sign are Ashlesha, Bharani and Krittika. The symbol of Aries’s sign is the ‘Ram’, which implies their headstrong trait.

Cancer and Aries Friendship Compatibility

True friends are the ones who have no biases against each other. They may be different and still in total acceptance of the differences. This mere trait makes them experience the innocence of real friendship. Yes, this is what happens when Cancer and Aries are friends. They are simply poles apart. However, both North and South directions originate from the same space.

Their friendship is quite unique. Why? Because it has more of a caretakers element in it. Cancer natives are nurturers and shower their motherly care on everyone they love. On the other hand, Aries, being the first sign in the zodiac wheel, are child-like. They want what they want and that’s it. A Cancer friend can easily adjust to that.

The masculine energy of Aries is well complemented by the feminine energy of Cancer. But do not get fooled that it is only the Cancer that gives or surrenders. If Aries is your friend, he will protect you like he is protecting himself. Their friendship goes beyond their usual preferences, likes or dislikes. So, when they have each others’ backs, it usually is unconditional.

Do Cancer and Aries Get Along as Friends?

No relationship is perfect, be it with family or friends. Cancer and Aries friends do have their share of disagreements. Any guesses on who approaches to pacify the situation first? It’s the Cancer. Not necessarily because it’s their fault but because they value their friend deeply. Plus, they are aware of the fact that the Aries-ego will not allow their friend to return even when they want to.

Aries are the go-getters and they love adventures, whereas Cancerians are security-oriented. They might not get along much when it comes to carrying out daily activities as their approach towards life is invariably different. They might meet up occasionally to enjoy some home time together, especially when Aries is feeling low.

Cancer natives can pacify Aries agitation easily but it totally depends on the bond they have built as it takes a huge trust level for the former. Aries are the kinds who jump into action first and think later about it; whereas Cancer natives think ten times before they do anything. This might irritate the low level of patience Aries has.

Aries serve themselves first. Cancers serve people they love before themselves. This might look like a conflicting trait, however, this is perfectly complementary. Cancers find happiness in making their friends happy, so they place their Aries friends’ wants before.

Both of them may have friend circles apart from each other but the Cancer native might get jealous and insecure at times. Aries and Cancer’s friendship compatibility may vary from time to time depending upon how demanding Cancerians become in terms of their expectations. If Cancer and Aries are best friends, then it is full of a push and pulls kind of friendship because both have opposite tendencies.

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Things to Keep in Mind

Anyone can be a good friend when trust is there, so can Aries and Cancer. They need to realise they are very different from each other. There are a few things to keep in mind in order to stop stepping on each other’s toes.

Tips for Aries:

Dear Aries, do not take your Cancer friend’s feelings lightly. Cancers are extremely sensitive beings. Something might be a small issue for you but you do not know what emotional roller-coaster your friend is riding. A bit of kindness can bring a smile to their face. Instead of asking them why they are so sensitive, just know that’s how they are.

Do not mistake your Cancer friend’s kindness as weakness. It takes courage to be kind and loving. If you do not believe it then try it for yourself. They entail such feminine and sweetness that do not need to adhere to masculine rules. This world needs both.

Your Cancer friend can be moody. Blame it on their ruling planet. The way the moon waxes and wanes, similarly, your friend’s mood can swing. Best way to deal with it is to let them be who they are.

Tips for Cancer:

Cancer should never curtail Aries freedom even through their expectations. If you can’t be part of their adventurous plan, do not attempt to spoil it. Aries need to channelize their fire energy and that is what they are – highly energetic. If you really feel your Aries friend is being too dangerously adrenaline addicted, then you can throw light on the consequences.

Aries are aggressive and might struggle a lot with their own anger issues. If you are a Cancer and hurt by the things they might say in anger, just let it pass. Your Aries friend might have said those things but they don’t carry it all along. Once they cool down, it is resolved for them.

Understanding their emotional evolution is different from yours will help you to have more acceptance for them. Not necessarily they feel the same way and with the same intensity. So if you think they do not care because they do not understand your feelings, then observe them closely. They are ruled by Mars which gives them a natural tendency to be immune to many problems. They are like little warriors.

Some Other Meeting Grounds

Lazing out at Home! There are days when both of you will just want to hit the sofa and watch some movie munching on popcorn. Well, a pleasant time is assured when you will have plenty to talk about and make plans for the things you want to do.

Aries’ optimism lightens up Cancers’ pessimism. And Cancers’ ease with emotions helps Aries to effortlessly express their feelings which they usually refuse to let out. You are good for and with each other. You might not meet up every day but when you do, the ambience gets lighter.

When Aries needs attention, Cancer gives attention! It may not always be true the other way round, though. However, when Cancer needs protection, Aries gives protection and stands by their friend.

Friendship is not about transactions. It is the ambience created when friends are around and what effect it has on each of you. If all were the same, it is better to be alone because what difference would it make!

Understanding a bit about your friend through Vedic astrology could be helpful. Maybe then your question of ‘Why they are like that will change to acceptance for who they are. Plus it will be fun. You never know you might get some points to tease them in your next friendly encounter.

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