How strong is your bond? Cancer & Scorpio Friendship Compatibility!

How strong is your bond? Cancer & Scorpio Friendship Compatibility!

Curious to know how compatible Cancer and Scorpio are? Then you are right where you need to be. Astrology helps you to understand your basic nature and also the people you get along with. It is an ancient science that lays down your life’s blueprint and how you may deal with several situations. You may get an insight into all kinds of relationships you invest in and the quality of the bond that you establish. Being compatible doesn’t mean that you need to have similar interests and preferences. It means how complementary you both are to each other. So let’s get into some nitty-gritty of friendship compatibility quotient of Cancer and Scorpio signs.

Basic Astrological Facts of Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer is a natural 4th house sign and its symbol is a ‘Crab’. Its ruling planet is the Moon. Scorpio is the 8th house sign and its symbol is a ‘Scorpion’. The ruling planet of Scorpio is Mars. Both are water signs. Cancer is a feminine sign whereas Scorpio is a masculine sign.

The nakshatras that cover the Cancer sign are Punarvasu, Pushya and Ashlesha. The nakshatras of the Scorpio sign are Vishakha, Anuradha and Jyeshtha. Nakshatras of these signs have a great deal to influence how their basic nature will be. Apart from the sun sign, your moon sign, ascendant sign, planetary positions in the birth chart, mahadashas, dashas and transits will play a major role in the kind of person you will be.

ELEMENTary Meeting Points

Both Cancer and Scorpio are water signs. Water implies emotions and feelings. It is also the deep-rooted desire that looks for expression outside. Hence, both these signs are quite creative and this is where they go along very well. They have an appreciation for their respective self-expression which further strengthens their bond.

Water signs are reflective, introspective and private. Cancer as well as Scorpio have an innate urge to dwell into their own private lives and ponder over the situations they face in life. They know when to give each other space and this non-interference in their privacy makes them truly compatible in friendship.

These two signs have the ability to bond deeply due to their understanding of emotions. Water, also signifying nourishment, helps these signs to develop emotional strength together in their friendship. Cancer gets targeted by the high and low rise of feelings pushing them into moodiness and sometimes into melancholy. Similarly, Scorpio has to deal with his own intense emotions which seem to have no answer or solution. This is why they somehow know how to support each other at the time of their respective emotional storms.

They prove to be very crucial parts of each other’s life. They intuitively know when to disperse the seclusion in order to cast out the torture of dark feelings.

There will be days when both would want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie while munching snacks. Together, they can turn a difficult situation into a good time when there is no apprehension in sharing their core feelings. They are very similar in this aspect that allows them to experience the purity of true friendship. Cancer and Scorpio can be best friends very easily as they accept the vulnerable sides of them with love and care.

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Ruling Planets - Source of Feminine and Masculine Energy

CANCER’s ruling planet, Moon represents mother, maternal figures, mind, emotions or sentiments, nurture, creativity and desires. The Moon also signifies memory and your sense of self-identity. Because you have memories, you develop a sense of self. Your very essence represents female vitality or energy.

SCORPIO is governed by Mars. They are self-driven, active, and tenacious. Mars is a warrior planet that provides you the energy to fight for something you believe in. This is purely masculine energy, however, Scorpio being a water sign also entails feminine qualities in terms of emotions and sensitivity.

Scorpio’s destructive force is well balanced by Cancer’s feminine nurture. On the other hand, Scorpio will protect Cancer as he guards himself. Their friendship is beyond all biases and prejudices. As a result, they typically have each other’s backs unconditionally. The friendship between Cancer and Scorpio has its own share of friendly encounters too. Who do you think will be the first to try to calm things down? Mostly, it is Cancer. Not because it’s their fault, but because they care genuinely about their pal.

Their friendship compatibility is more of a live dance of feminine and masculine energies rather than an absolute thing. Sometimes Cancer does get hit by sharp words of the Scorpio. If Scorpio feels that he has hurt his friend tremendously, he will not shy away from making up for it. Cancer is more sensitive when it comes to feelings and Scorpio is sensitive in the line of his ego. But this doesn’t let their bond fade away. In fact, they assist each other in personal transformation.

The Play of Symbols

Cancer’s symbol, ‘the Crab’, represents a stronghold. Hence, these natives, once emotionally attached, keep holding on to their attachments. It is difficult for them to let go of emotional bonds as well as hurts. This is something in common with Scorpio.

Scorpio’s symbol is a ‘Scorpion’ representing a powerful and poisonous sting. They have the ability to hit hard when they feel threatened or challenged in any way. Revenge is one of the weapons they use when they feel any injustice has been done to them. This doesn’t always have to be serious. When it comes to friendship, they can simply throw harmless sarcasm in order to deal with any unpleasant situation created by their friend.

Cancer and Scorpio share a wonderful connection. Scorpio understands the hard exterior of his crabby Cancer friend is just a protective shell against emotional hurts. He assists her to be at ease under her own skin. Cancer nurtures her Scorpio friend during his volcanic eruptions of unresolved emotions. She knows how to dodge the poison when Scorpio compulsively throws it out although not wanting to do so.

Cancer and Scorpio friendship compatibility is remarkably high. They are massive supporting pillars to each other. However, sometimes Cancer’s clinginess may irritate her friend. He loves his independence and taking risks. Scorpios are courageous at times of uncertainty, whereas, Cancers want security. Out of protectiveness Cancer may want to stop her Scorpio friend from getting into danger but that is how a Scorpio tests his capability.

They need to understand that no matter how close they are, there is some core difference between them. When it comes to taking action, Cancer should not impose their fears on Scorpios otherwise there will be arguments that none of them would like.

Houses that Rule Cancer and Scorpio

The 4th house is Cancer’s natural house. It establishes the foundation for your connection with any mother figure in your life, as well as your mental and emotional condition, comforts, your early education, the depth of your love, security, real estate, shared assets, and your house and environment.

Scorpio is a natural 8th house sign which is about inheritance, transformation, spirituality, occult, mysticism, perception, emotions, life force or prana, rise and fall, death and birth. It is a very intense and profound house.

The kind of transformation a Scorpio goes through is met with the caring love of Cancer. Scorpio truly offers gratitude to his Cancer friend for being by his side during his roller-coaster rides. The 4th and 8th houses are two of the Moksha Trikona houses. The ‘Moksha’ means final liberation from births and deaths. Hence, both Cancer and Scorpio are very spiritual signs. They love indulging in astrology, supernatural mysteries and ancient texts.

Friends who have known each other for a long time witness each other’s transformation. Cancer, in this scenario, gets to observe her friend change more regularly than she does. The friendship compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio is excellent.

Astrological Significance in Friendship

Vedic astrology provides a technical framework for understanding your life. It allows you to truly understand where you both came from and why you are the way you are. Perhaps as a result of this, you will be more understanding and tolerant of one another.

A knowledgeable astrologer creates your birth chart, which can answer your fundamental questions based on the effects of the planets, your sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant sign. If you’re wondering about your compatibility with your friend, it’s best if both of you are familiar with your own horoscopes. You’ll be able to see exactly where you’re heading in terms of friendship.

Besides, a true friendship is beyond all concepts and it is proved aptly by the bond between a Cancer and Scorpio.

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