The Artistic and Practical Virgo and Gemini friendship.

The Artistic and Practical Virgo and Gemini friendship.

Virgo and Gemini are both wise, smart, and accommodating but just like there are two sides to a coin, they also share a relationship, which is amazing on one side while disturbing, full of conflicts and confusions on the other. However, they support and admire each other, and most importantly care for each other’s sentiments keeping their relationship alive and flourishing.

Similarities between Virgo and Gemini

  • They both share mutual interests. They love having fun and enjoy the company of each other. 
  • They always keep their secrets and respect each other’s personal space. 
  • Both the signs are governed by the planet Mercury and therefore are equally communicative and intelligent.
  • Virgos and Geminis are both social butterflies. They like to be a part of society and for the most part like to be surrounded by good company. 
  • They like to make sensible, intelligent, and supportive friends.
  • Both Virgos and Geminis are very good advisers to their friends and relatives. Everyone around them adores them for their brilliant solutions to their personal and sometimes professional problems.
  • Both make decisions based on logic and not simply based on what they feel. They rely on their intellect and wit. 
  • They are highly efficient in their professional lives due to their intelligence and logical abilities.
  • Both like to learn new things and achieve their goals. They work together as a team to help each other achieve what they dream of.

Dissimilarities between Virgo and Gemini

Like all other relationships, the Virgo and Gemini relationship Is not always strong but with time it grows and blossoms. They both have some points of conflict and now we’ll a discuss few dissimilarities between them

  • Virgos are perfectionists while Geminis are artists. Virgo sometimes may say harsh words to their Gemini friend or partner as Geminians due to their lack of discipline and organization, which may offend their artistic self.
  • Geminians are full of ideas and a symbol of creativity while Virgos know how to implement these ideas and use the creative approach of their Geminian friend or partner in a practical way.
  • Geminis get bored in a romantic relationship. As it is a mutable sign. Their Virgo partners have to take the responsibility of keeping their relationship alive and joyful.
  • Virgo seems to be serious while Gemini is always relaxed and in no hurry.
  • Geminis are erratic, irresponsible, and fickle-minded while Virgos are disciplined, organized, and down-to-earth.
  • Virgos possess a practical approach towards life while Geminians are intelligent and innovative.
  • As Mercury is the common ruling planet of both Gemini and Virgo and possesses both masculine and feminine characteristics, Gemini possesses more masculine characteristics while Virgo possesses more feminine characteristics.

The point of probable conflicts between Virgo and Gemini relationship

  • Geminians are known for a twin personality or being two-faced or having a split personality, which means that a Gemini has two faces, one for themselves and the other for the people around. Sometimes Virgos are unable to make out what is in the mind of their Gemini companion, and they begin to get irritated by their behavior. Virgos often find them indecisive and inconsistent.
  • Gemini’s don’t like to plan things. They are highly unpredictable and no one can imagine their mood swings. One moment they would be enjoying something and the next moment they’re bored or irritated. On the other hand, Virgos are very disciplined and planned. They keep their schedule very clear and implement it with conviction.
  • While Virgos are too serious and criticizing, Geminis does not care about anything, which may create complications in the relationship. Both must understand each other’s behavior and should try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • Virgos are critical perfectionists and they are not afraid to look into one’s eyes and express their feelings, doesn’t matter how harsh words they may use. They are known to speak their minds. They never keep anything in their minds or hearts. They are good communicators. They never hold any grudges that is why they are called critics. This may pretty often offend everyone around them.
  • Virgos sometimes become over-analyzers and overly critical which may disappoint Gemini. Virgos do not think before passing comments if they dislike anything while Gemini being emotional and intellectual may feel insulted and hurt.
  • Virgos have a bossy and judgemental nature.  These personality traits may provoke Geminis to stay aloof. Virgos have their own opinion and point of view about everything and everyone and that is why they sometimes seem judgemental and disappoint Geminis.
  • Practical and realistic- Virgos are too practical and realistic. They do not take any decision emotionally, they analyze, calculate, and then if it is rational as per their judgment they go ahead with it. While Geminis do not care about what Virgos think. They take decisions as per their instinct and intellect.

Do Gemini and Virgo get along as friends?

Yes, there are many positive traits in Virgos and Geminis that may keep their friendship long-lasting. Let us see what these traits are:

Gemini’s positive traits:

  • Geminis are intellectual, cooperative, adaptable, and understanding
  • Geminis being an air sign are a mutable sign and accept changes with warm hearts.
  • Social- Gemini natives are a very good and entertaining company. Everyone enjoys their friendship. They have bubbly and attractive personalities that often fascinate people.
  • Talkative- Gemini natives are like chatterboxes, Virgo enjoys Gemini’s company and gives them the affection and attention they need and always look for.

Virgo’s positive traits:

  • Virgo demands reliability and trust in their relationships and Gemini demands enthusiasm, fun, and joy in a relationship, when Virgos are in a relationship they try to overlook their Gemini companion’s negative traits. The best trait that keeps the friendship strong is that Virgo communicates each and every problem and issue to their Gemini friend or partner.
  • Virgo gives their Gemini companion the feeling of security while Gemini bears Virgo’s intolerable attitude of being perfect all the time and expecting others to do the same. And once they are in a relationship they know how and where to compromise. 
  • Virgo gives their Gemini friend or partner, the freedom and independence which a relationship demands.  Geminis may teach Virgos how to live an entertaining, exciting, and joyful life.
  • Virgos are observers; they are very practical. They first observe something, understand, calculate and then make a decision. They make their Gemini partner feel comfortable and allow them to make decisions their way. Virgos seem to be in control, Geminis though do not control anyone but they feel good if someone gives them attention.

Are Gemini and Virgo a good match?

I would not say No, It may be a good match as they both are ruled by Mercury, therefore they can communicate their feelings efficiently and effectively. The only thing they both need to do is to see the world from each other’s perspective and feel the way the other partner might be feeling. If any of them has made a mistake, he/she must quickly apologize and accept their wrongdoings in order to strengthen their relationship and gain trust.

Why do Geminis like Virgos? 

Virgo is an earth sign. They are intellectual, practical, efficient, and down-to-earth. When Virgo natives are in love, they may overlook some of the negatives of their partner and embrace the positive traits. A Gemini native is always a friendly, cheerful, and appropriate partner for a Virgo. 

However, it is another thing that if they do not respect each other’s emotions, one of them might be unhappy or either one of them has to compromise. However, they may maintain harmony in their relationship because of their positive traits and effective communication.

Why do Virgos like Geminis? 

A Gemini man possesses an interesting personality that seems attractive and fascinating to a Virgo Man or woman. They are very good friends and can prove to be a good partner too. Geminis need a change in life, and they don’t most often stick to one relationship for long. A Virgo man may have some difference of opinions with a Gemini man in both personal and professional relationships. They need to be patient and calm.

A Virgo woman loves honesty and consistency in a relationship, their relationship might seem to be inappropriate but slowly with time and patience, it brings joy and satisfaction in their lives.


Despite their differences, there are many factors that come into the picture when we are talking about the Virgo and Gemini friendship. They are one of the most unique pairs of people you will meet and enjoy being around, they are the opposites that attract and fill the missing pieces in each other’s lives.