The Virgo and Pisces Friendship and a Mixture of Unreal Emotions

The Virgo and Pisces Friendship and a Mixture of Unreal Emotions

Being the opposites on the Zodiac cycle does not stop the Virgo and Pieces friendship from being so very compatible. The friendship between the two signs is a wonderful balance that helps them make a perfect and simple pair. They both take a stand for each other and are devoting to their relationship. Both Virgo and Pisces try their best to bring out the good qualities in each other and cancel out each other’s shortcomings. In today’s article, we shall look at the different factors of the Zodiac signs that help the Virgo Pisces friendship compatibility. 

The Ruling Planets of the Zodiacs 

Zodiac signs are greatly affected by their ruling planets and so are the Virgo and Pieces friendship. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is known to represent communication, curiosity, and the ability to adapt to change.

As a result, when you look at the positive side of Virgo you would find them being expert communicators, highly intelligent, and very understanding. Their curious nature pushes them to be organized and leaves no room for doubt and their understanding of nature keeps the people around them happy. Pieces admire the fact that Virgos can provide them the sensitive stability and support that they are always looking for. On the negative side, the ruling planet can cause Virgos to be critical of their friend’s habits and anxious when things get uncertain, and when that happens Pisces shall be there to support them and help calm them down. 

Pisces’ ruling planets are both Neptune and Jupiter. Astrologers have been disagreeing on the matter and fail to name one particular ruling planet due to several astrological reasons that point to both of the bings the ruling planets. However, we are going to tell you about both of them. The planets Neptune and Mercury form a very good emotional combination. The reason behind Pisces being so dreamy, sensitive, and subconscious can be the influence of Neptune. It is the planet of the extraordinary mystery and it is the reason the zodiac sign always has a bit of an inexplicable aura around them. Speaking of Jupiter, is it the planet of philosophy, learning, and faith for Pisces. It gives Pisces the intelligence needed to understand the complexity of philosophy and spirituality, helping them shape their beliefs towards reality. 

The ruling planets of both the signs work in different ways that bring them together to have a neverending bond filled with intelligent conversations, philosophical debates, emotional connection, and empathy. 

The Elements of the Signs

Both the zodiac signs are mutable signs of their respective elements. This points towards their pull towards change and the things they desire in life. Virgo is an earth sign and Pisces is a water sign, which is compatible elements and so is the Virgo and Pisces friendship. Virgo being the earth sign provide a sense of steadiness and stability to Pisces, while the water sign’s lack of stability might cause Virgo a bit of anxiety. 

However, their emotions are where the signs coincide and they can help the relationship be more stable. Being the mutable signs they are always looking for excitement, thrill, and pleasures and shall find them together and enjoy all the things they like. Both the signs shall rarely disagree and leave a lot of room for each other to make mistakes and be forgiven. However, there can be instances when Pisces are too caught up in their emotions and fantasies and Virgo’s rational self might find it hard to comprehend them, but they usually find a common ground and get back to their old cheerful self.

They are an understanding, caring, sensitive, rational and intelligent pair of friends and have a high compatibility ratio in comparison with other signs in the Zodiac.   

Virgo and Pisces friendship Compatibility - Personality Traits

The signs have a few personality traits that are in common while some that are opposite to each other and it makes the pair such great friends by helping them find mutual interests to have fun together and clashing interests to debate on and keep the friendship interesting. So let us look at a few traits that both the signs have in common. 


Both the signs are sensitive and in touch with their emotional sides. This gives them the patience and compassion it takes to withstand the test of time in a friendship. As friends, they are always there to provide each other with the emotional support they crave. They admire each other for this quality and share a unique bond that they do not necessarily share with other people in their lives.


The Virgo and Pisces friendship stays exciting and fun due to their intelligence. The signs always find smart ways to have together and have several philosophical and realistic conversations that keep the communications between them exciting. They understand each other better than other people do and know when the other one needs support and when they need to be left alone.

And now let us look at some of the personality traits that oppose each other and understand how they can help each other out with their contradictory personality traits and be better friends to each other.

Stability and Uncertainty

As a result of Pisces being the mutable water sign, they are uncertain and lack steadiness, which annoys the organized, stable, and Perfectionist Virgo. With their contradictory personality traits, Virgos may help Pisces be more stable, organized, and steady whereas Pisces may help Virgo take it easy on life and be less anxious about uncertainty as it is a huge part of life.

 Realism and Optimism

Virgos are very rational while Pisces live in a dream world for the most part. Virgos might sometimes judge Pisces for being naive for not seeing past the rainbows and sunshine in life. Pisces sees the good in everything and is optimistic about most things in life, while Virgo on the other hand does not believe in optimism or pessimism and chooses to see things for the way they are, believing in realism. Their rationality is a boon and a curse since they fail to see anything but reality and Pisces may be able to help them be more hopeful, give up materialism and experience the good things in life.

Ambitious and Easygoing

Virgos are very ambitious and hardworking in their professional careers. They are always working to achieve their goals and trying hard to obtain the pleasures of life. Pisces’ easygoing attitude towards life and their simple lifestyle puzzles Virgos often. They have trouble understanding how someone can have such a simple and plain idea of life and pace through it without experiencing any stress or anxiety. 

Why are Pisces so attracted to Virgos?

Pisces enjoy the stability and support Virgos can provide for them, other than that Virgo’s great communication skills and intelligence attract Pisces and make them want to have more intellectual conversations with Virgos.

Who are Pisces best friends with?

Pisces is dreamy, caring, and emotionally vulnerable and looks for people who do not misuse their sensitivity and protect them from emotional trauma. These natives naturally bond with Taureans, Capricorns, Scorpios, and Cancerians.


All in all the Virgo and Pisces friendship is a unique one and more close to each other than it is perceived. They are two very good friends that help each other in difficult times and understand the good and bad times. They are patient, lovable, and caring of their friends and with a little effort, shall have a long-lasting friendship.