The Pros and Cons of the Virgo and Scorpio Friendship

The Pros and Cons of the Virgo and Scorpio Friendship

The Virgo and Scorpio Friendship is one that clicks the moment they meet each other. Virgo is an earth sign and Scorpio is a water sign. And as we all know both the elements need each other to prosper and the Virgo and Scorpio friendship is similar, it is a bond of two signs that are different but can get along really well with a little compromise. So let us understand the personality traits that attract both the signs towards each other.

Scorpio Personality Traits That Virgos Love! 

Considered one of the most mysterious of all the Zodiacs, Scorpios are the most intuitive of all the signs. And though they might seem intimidating on the outside they are the biggest softies you will ever meet once you get to know them. And now we shall see some of the amazing personality traits that make them attractive to Virgos.


When both the signs meet for the Virgos are always in awe of the intuitive abilities of Scorpio. Scorpios are highly intuitive when it comes to understanding the emotions a person is trying to convey and Virgo being an emotional sign is greatly taken aback by Scorpio’s quality to pick up on the slightest notions and interpret them exactly as they are.


Passion is one thing that drives Scorpio in all aspects of their lives. They are constantly looking to achieve their personal and professional goals and are very much interested in enjoying the pleasures of life, just like Virgo. This is driven by passion, whether it is a relationship, friendship, or work life, Scorpio’s passionate attitude never fails to amuse Virgo and leave them in awe.


As we spoke before, there can be instances, when one first meets a Scorpio they might not at all peg them as the emotional kind. However, when you get to know a Scorpio more and more you realize they are probably more in touch with their emotions than most people in your life. And this is exactly what charms the sensitive Virgo and makes them want to spend more time with their Scorpio friend.


Scorpios have some really strong values and with that comes loyalty to a relationship. They are extremely reliable and loyal to their friends and pride themselves on it.

Quiet and Introverted

At a party or a social gathering, you would find a Scorpio not talking to everyone all that much, in fact, if they find a Virgo to keep them company they are probably done for the rest of the party. Scorpios are quiet, intelligent, and picky of the people they choose to be with. This is one quality that makes Virgo feel special and more comfortable since they themselves are not all that big fans of social gatherings.

Virgo Personality Traits That Charm Scorpios


Virgo’s intelligence is the first thing a Scorpio would notice when they first interact and that would be the first thing that they are impressed by, among others. Scorpios greatly admire intelligent people and love having intellectual conversations with them and that is exactly what Virgos bring to the table in large portions.


Another great quality that Scorpios admire in Virgos is their rationality. You see many Scorpios are very practical and cynical in life and one of the biggest contributors to being a cynic is rationality and due to Virgos’ quality of being rational at all times, Scorpios enjoy reasoning with them and finding out solutions to problems together.


Virgos are morally some of the strongest people you will ever meet. In all situations as a result of their rationality, their principles and morals always thrive. They always ensure that they are doing the right thing in a situation and no unreasonable ties ever let them throw away their morals. Scorpios being highly principled beings themselves admire this quality and are attracted to Virgo’s morally strong personality.

Hardworking and Driven

As we read before, Scorpios are passionate about their work, lives, and they admire anyone else who is as well. And when it comes to Virgos they are probably the most workaholic people you will ever meet, they are hard-working, driven, and never back down from a challenge at the workplace. They are very serious about their career and will do anything to thrive in it.


Both the signs are materialistic and to fulfill their materialism they are the best partners they could have. They love having fun in life and treating themselves every now and then for the hard work they do, this is one unique quality that both the Zodiacs possess and also one that brings them closer in their friendship.

The Virgo and Scorpio Friendship Bond

  • When it comes to common interests the zodiac signs might not necessarily have all that much in common. However, this could mean a good thing since it will allow them to have a personal space where they can be and think all by themselves.
  • The friendship between the two zodiac signs is one that is made on the pillars of strong principles. And hence when it comes to being faithful to each other they can be absolutely trusted by one another to always do the right thing in trying situations.
  • A great thing about the Virgo and Scorpio friendship that is beneficial for everyone around them as well, is how much they love the pleasures of life and how often they make plans to enjoy them. They are the people you want to join when you are looking to have some fun and the pair has a great time together doing all the things they love.
  • Virgos due to their critical nature might criticize a lot of the habits that Scorpios have and when the Scorpio would not take any of the criticism, it would annoy Virgo furthermore. But Virgo needs to realize that there is nothing really they could do to change Scorpio and should accept them the way they are. 
  • The combination of the Planet Mercury and Pluto brings a lot of intensity, passion, emotion, and communication to the table. When together, these zodiac signs have a rollercoaster of ups and downs, all of which contribute to strengthening their relationship even more. However, whether the relationship stands the test of time will only be known when both the signs learn to put themselves in the other one’s shoes and understand their point.

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Do Virgo and Scorpio get along?

Yes, we would say the Zodiac signs Virgo and Scorpio do get along very well. There can be a few ups, downs, agreements, and disagreements in the relationship, of course, but their liking for each other shall be much greater than the problems they face in their friendship.

Why do Virgos like Scorpios?

As we discussed before, the top most reason Virgos like Scorpios is their ability to understand Virgos’ emotions. Scorpio’s intuition for emotions and sensitivity towards life in itself is what keeps Virgo curious and pushes them to try and understand the personality of a Scorpio furthermore.


Finally, we would say that the Virgo and Scorpio friendship has its own pros and cons, however, after what we have just observed we can safely say that the pros outweigh the cons.

The relationship is one of a kind and shall blossom more with time. So have fun and keep reading!

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