The Different Sides to the Virgo and Virgo Friendship.

The Different Sides to the Virgo and Virgo Friendship.

The biggest question that pops in our minds about the Virgo and Virgo Friendship is that though Virgos get along pretty well with almost all the zodiac signs, is the friendship between the Zodiac with its own kind something that brings joy or indifference. Well, with this article we will find the answer to that question. 

The Zodiac Sign Virgo is symbolized by A Maiden. Being the Earth Sign the maiden is understood to be the Goddess of Wheat and Agriculture, this signifies more than anything the down-to-earth and practical nature of Virgo. The zodiac sign is most commonly known for its analytical, organized, and hard-working personality.

So before we get to the Virgo and Virgo friendship compatibility, let us properly understand the personality traits that define Virgos.

Virgo Personality Traits


With a practical approach towards life, Virgos can sometimes be called cynical. However that is not always the case, sometimes the reason for this practicality is more about trying to keep the damage to a minimum and the benefits to a maximum. When they approach life practically they have a lesser chance of getting hurt in any situation and that is what gives them the emotional strength to deal with the troubles in life. 


With this unique sense of practicality comes along an innate feeling of humbleness and modesty. Virgos, no matter how high they are on the ladder of life and career, will be some of the most humble and down-to-earth people you will find in your lives. 


Virgos are very calculating of everything in life. It is one of the qualities that take them to great places in their career and help them understand and solve life and work-related problems better than most people. Many people find it a pleasure to witness a Virgo at work due to their amazing abilities to find the best possible solutions to all problems.


Virgos are very hardworking and always in pursuit of their personal and professional goals. They are some of the best managers you have ever seen in your life and the reason for that is not just their skills but also the hard work they put into their work every day.

Honest and Trustworthy

With all the above-mentioned qualities that you would love to find in a person, Virgos are also highly principled, honest, and absolutely worthy of your trust. They make the most loyal friends and partners and would die before they break the trust of their loved ones.

Virgo and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

Now since we are talking about the friendship compatibility of Virgo with a Virgo, we will dive deeper into astrology and find out the compatibility of two Virgos based on the Decan they belong to.  Decans as you must know refer to the 3 time periods each zodiac sign is divided into. Each Decan roughly consists of 10 days and the personality of the same zodiac signs differ due to the differences in their Decans. So let us now discover the compatibility of the people belonging to the different decans of Virgo.

The First Decan and the First Decan

The Virgos that belong to the first decan, are the true and most honest representations of the Zodiac sign. These people are highly intellectual, analytical, and organized. They are very frequently referred to as the perfectionists of all the zodiac signs. This decan is influenced by the Planet Mercury and hence the friends that belong to this decan will have no problem communicating with each other about their feelings and opinions about the friendship.

The First Decan and the Second Decan

This friendship between the people that belong to the first and second decan is one that needs to be turned professional. If these friends were to ever start a business you can bet that they would gain success without much trouble. With the sub ruling planet being Saturn, the second decan consists of some really hard-working and responsible Virgos, and with the management and analytical abilities of the first decan Virgo they are unstoppable together.

The First Decan and the Third Decan

This friendship would be very much similar to the one between a Virgo and a Taurus. This is because the people belonging to the Third decan are also called Taurus-Virgo  Decans and have several qualities that are similar to the Taurus Zodiac sign. With the joined forces of Venus and Mercury, these friends will have a great emotional relationship that is well communicated and adored. These can be some of the closest Virgos you will ever meet and it is visible in the way they behave in each other’s company.

And if they are looking to take this friendship to the next step and turning it into a romantic relationship, they are doing the right thing. They are a perfect blend of emotions, sensuality, practicality, and intelligence.

The Second Decan and the Second Decan

These are the most disciplined, hardworking, and modest pair of Virgos you will ever see. There will be no dominant one in this relationship and it will be seen as the perfect form of friendship wherever they go. With the diligence of the maiden and the down-to-earth personality, these friends will always look out for each other in all situations and be there for the other without being asked to.

The Second Decan and the Third Decan

Here we have an amazing relationship between the two Virgo Decans that represent Pisces and Taurus. Yes, the second Virgo decan consists of several similarities to that of the Pisces Zodiac sign and the Third is similar to Taurus. Their friendship is a very cheerful and beautiful thing to witness and anyone who knows the pair closely would know exactly how beautiful it is to be in their company.

The Third Decan and the Third Decan

The friend between two Virgos from the third decan is an iconic pair. As we discussed before the people in this decan resemble the Zodiac sign Taurus very much. It is like a brilliant combination of practical and emotional, smart and childish, calm and angry, artistic and intelligent, and much more. In all situations, these friends always know what the other one is thinking and understand each other better than anyone around and that is why these people make great friends and together enjoy so many pleasures of life.

Do Virgo and Virgo get along?

Yes, two people from the Virgo Zodiac sign shall get along very well. In fact, it is a pleasure to witness the strength of their friendship which always tends to leave everyone they know in awe.

Who is Virgo’s best friend?

Virgos are best compatible with Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer, and of course, Virgos themselves. However, they also get along very well with several other zodiac signs due to their charming and sweet nature but these are the ones they just click with.


So this was all about how the Virgos from different decans got along with each other and how they make their friendships work. All we would like to let you know is that the Virgo and Virgo Friendship is one of the purest things you will witness and it is something that can even become more than friendship.

We wish all the Virgos all the Best and for more information on Virgo’s compatibility with other signs, please click here.