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Virgo and Virgo Compatibility

If you’re interested in Astrology, then you might know how exactly it can be to read about who you might score a date with, or connect on a friendship level, as per your zodiac sign! It can also be fun to give your sign a once-over when pairing with a new partner, or when chatting about compatibility with a long term partner on FB or Insta. Birth charts are complex and it’d be nice if it were this simple- A Virgo should marry a Virgo and that’s final! But in the end, it all depends on what exactly you’re looking for in a mate!

Are you a Virgo? Or do you have a special Virgo in your life? If you do, then fasten your seat belts as we introduce you to the zodiac’s backbone and a born perfectionist! Virgos are attractive, poised, quick-witted, and masters in Sarcasm! They notice EVERYTHING!!! So, there’s no escape. You’ll get nothing past them! Let’s move on to read interesting facts about this Earthy beauty!


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Virgo And Virgo Love Compatibility

An anchor and a buoy go hand in hand, except when two Virgos are around! Put two Virgos together and you will have two anchors. Partners who’ll always be on the same page. Why not!? After all, they share the same genes! It’s a match where a person is falling in love with themselves! Perhaps, a reflection of oneself.

  • Two Virgos appreciate one another’s strengths and accept their idiosyncrasies.
  • The Virgins are not chatty or do not use flowery prose to express themselves because, for this pair, actions speak louder than words. It’s the salt in their eyes that does the talking, making it more pleasurable than pointless conversations!!
  • Mutual respect is the foundation for a blossoming love affair between these maidens!
  • Virgos are trustworthy, honest, and can keep secrets, which gives the relationship a deeper sense of freedom.
  • Virgos want life to be perfect, just how they dream of!
  • Two Virgos intuitively and naturally vibe with each other as they carry the same set of astrological chromosomes.
  • Virgos are judicious thinkers, and when one meets the other, it’s a perfect couple that hooks up!

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Pros Of Virgo And Virgo Relationship

Twin Virgos are like two peas in a pod! It’s a pair where you can find two-fussbudgets and critical control freaks, who either suit or deserve one another! They are just perfect together. Similar principles, dreams, approaches, passions, and much more! Everything about them makes perfect sense to the other, and the other way around.

  • The perfectionists of the zodiac wheel make sure that no stone is left unturned before making a sound decision.
  • The Virgin is an over-particular creature, but once it gets assured about its feelings, their Virgo partner will be unconditionally loved and cared for!
  • Quitting is never an option for the Virgin, who will take all pains to make things work for their relationship.
  • Virgo may seem an unromantic zodiac couple, but underneath that cold exterior lies someone who longs for a never-ending union.
  • A Virgo pair involves two excellent listeners and superb advice-givers!
  • Two maidens can create an extremely balanced, intellectual-based relationship of equals with both being determined to ensure and share responsibilities evenly!

Cons Of Virgo And Virgo Relationship

Though very humble, this sign is also a tough nut to crack and very hard to impress! Aptly quoted- ’Too many cooks spoil the broth!’ And with two perfectionists looking out for ‘too much perfection, things can go a little sloppy!

  • Together, Virgos can make a relationship last till eternity, but demanding too much perfectionism from each other can make the relationship exhausting. Likewise, they are also their own worst critics.
  • Compatibility issues crop up when one of them falls short of the expectations of the other.
  • The Earth sign has more layers than you can ever imagine! This prim and proper feminine sign actually has a lot of quirks that we don’t know about.
  • Virgos don’t sweeten things up, they say it in simple, straight and harsh words even if it means to hurt others’ egos.
  • Virgos are the most impatient creatures on earth. Sometimes they just need to take a deep breath and count to ten to whoosh away their anger!
  • This relationship can go a long way only if they continue to re-invent and improve themselves together, whether it be with their decisions or how they deal with each other.
Virgo - Virgo Comaptibility

Virgo And Virgo Marriage Compatibility

A love match with someone from the same astrological element offers the comfort of familiarity. At last, you don’t have to explain yourself all the time! Two Virgos operate at similar speeds to a certain degree! What happens when the two unite? You’ve guessed it… perfection!

  • As strong nurturers, Virgo partners offer each other a level of patience and understanding.
  • Marriage creates a sweet, gentle, quiet, and devoted couple. Where each is concerned about the other’s welfare and is willing to sacrifice for them.
  • When Virgos combine, they share similar temperaments and ways of viewing the world that allows intimacy to blossom.
  • A Virgo-Virgo pair is certainly a perfect marriage potential as both remain committed to the relationship and keep their doubts and worries to a minimum.
  • Two Virgins as a couple! You can surely say they understand one another! Not to mention they agree with each other on almost everything!

Is Virgo-Virgo Sexual Relationship?

Virgos are perfect sought-after lovers! Call it “intellectual copulation”. Bond over your braininess and the passion will follow! What would bore other signs, fascinates you, and you would want to investigate every nook and corner that captivates you as well!

  • Virgos like sensuality, but with a pinch of classiness! Too much colour, sleaziness, and vulgarity are what puts them off!
  • ‘No way, no how!’ Heat can’t escape! A Virgo’s sexual life is privy! No trespassers!
  • The Virgin is seductive, and passionate about their sexuality, ranging from being sweet to aggressive! It’s because of the trust factor that they are so quick to shed all their inhibitions with one another.
  • The sexual chemistry is such that once the sheets are perfectly pressed and the wine chilled to the exact temperature……passion ignites!
  • Perfection, perfection everywhere! Sexual intimacy is pencilled on, planned, and routine with Virgo being the administrator!
  • Don’t be fooled by the Virginal image of the Virgin- this is an earthy sign, after all, and it holds a surprisingly sexy and sensual inner nature under that sheet!

A Virgo won’t settle with someone if they don’t fit like two neighboring puzzle pieces. Luckily, they can be flexible and can learn to appreciate each other’s intellect, precision, and logical thinking. All in all, two individuals carrying the sign of Virgo can be quite compatible, once they develop an understanding and tolerance of each other’s flaws.

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