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Well, Astrology isn’t the only factor at play when it comes to how fast someone is willing to DTR. For a majority of folks, simply being in a committed, long-term relationship is what they wish to pursue in the wink of an eye. Compatibility is what matters! Whether you get engaged in five minutes, five years, or not at all, what matters most is that both you and your partner are on the same page about what you want. Zodiac signs are just a way to know to discover the person beneath you or your loved ones’ skin! It’s all about how you play the game of emotions with your personality traits that have been endowed upon you when you were born! No wonder all humans are the same, still unique, one of their kind!

One is a Fire sign, and the other an Earth sign. Leo, the Lion, is governed by the bright magnanimous Sun while Taurus by the planet of love, Venus. Leo and Taurus’ relationship can work very well together because they give each other what they expect from one another! Both love to have their egos stroked. At the same time, neither one would mind giving the other what they need. There’s definite compatibility between the two, as their appreciation for faithfulness displays the strength of their bond. Despite being well aware of each other’s flaws or shortcomings, they enjoy each other’s company to a large extent. Both love to be lauded to the skies and continuously be assured of just how valuable they are! No wonder they are so adorable as a pair!


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Leo And Taurus Love Compatibility

Roses are red, violets are blue, friendship is just static love is fantastic! You’re beautiful, kind, and fascinating. You possibly may be an alien who has assimilated a human form to charm a geek like me. An exchange of cupid arrows between a Leo and a Taurus! This is how the Leo and Taurus Love blooms!

  • One may witness showers of expensive and classy gifts! Why not! Leo and Taurus possess a common trait: their love for more elegant and luxurious things in life. Both have excellent tastes and are connoisseurs of rich food, elegant dressing, etc.
  • Love at first sight! The duo is an exciting but somewhat explosive combination. Both signs are so alike that they can hardly resist getting infatuated with each other the very first time they meet!
  • The Lion is known for its extravagance! And Taurus is the lucky one who is showered with all the attention and gifts the King has in store for it! In exchange, the Bull will adore this and will be easily won over by the Regal.
  • Poetic effect-The clouds bring tinkling drops of affection, and the sunshine brings rays of happiness that last with them till infinity! Well, for this lit duo, love’s the most enduring song that is played as they unite in marriage! It’s sheer euphoria discovering the real meaning of love in unison!
  • Leo possesses an ego that regularly needs to be fed through compliments, admiration, and attention, and the Bull is not opposed to offering it to its tamed Lion! A healthy sign for a sustainable long-term association!

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Pros Leo And Taurus Relationship

They have laid eyes on one another! Leo and Taurus are in for a complete makeover- from wardrobe to perfumes, pumps, peep-toe heeled sandals to blazers, and expensive cufflinks to planned dieting! First impressions are lasting! OMG, when people cross paths with someone, does it have a reason?!! Destiny for sure!

  • Leo/Taurus pair is a true deity of romance and passion. Their love is stronger than iron and smoother than silk as they share a deep bond of compassion and respect, which enriches their relationship with magic that lasts for a lifetime.
  • Loyalty is the common breeding ground of Leo/Taurus’ relationship! Both these signs are fixated on their partners for as long as the universe will allow them! This paves the way to a very happy union both look forward to!
  • The Bull loves to dish out all the love and attention it receives from the Lion. No wonder this is one of the best pairs, which is frequently marked for their mutual adoration.
  • The duo enjoys the fulfilment of traits endowed by their planetary influences. Their compatibility shows a great deal of promise they enjoy in a relationship based on Taurus’s sensuality and Leo’s generosity.
  • Moral boundaries should not trespass! Dishonesty is what the duo thinks could jeopardize the relationship. Therefore, both religiously keep up with this condition of their love rule book!
  • In a Leo Taurus relationship, both partners learn to navigate their potential pitfalls and truly understand what each craves, they stand every chance of making a go at it!

Cons Leo And Taurus Relationship

Watch out neither the Bull nor the Lion is known to be quiet-tempered animals! You don’t let loose a bull and a Lion in an arena without some consequence. Conflicts between two merging creatures in love! Cordoned off!! Danger ahead!

  • Read the caution board before you tread! You may have stamped a stick of dynamite! Leo and Taurus sun signs are not at a harmonious angle to one another, and when their tempers flare, they generate scorching heat! Probably volcanoes or earthquakes that take over!
  • It can be a shaky and rocky partnership or to better define a battle of supremacy and domination! As both also have a high tendency of having a lot of interests that they share but the scenario may change when it comes to changing decisions, it’s declared war! A war of words with neither side willing to give up or lose.
  • The Lion’s agitated nature of imposing things on the Bull simply annoys the latter who shuts down all possible doors for compromise. A dominating Leo leaves no space for healthy conversation! Thus, Leo and Taurus’s relationship problems can be headaches as well as heartaches for the two!
  • Taurus is a homebody and Leo, is a party animal! A reserved and insensitive partner may bore the attention-seeking Lion! Therefore, the Bull must learn to trust and open itself so that Leo doesn’t feel unappreciated and ignored.
  • Make love, not war! Compromise is the fodder that enlivens a relationship. Taurus must work over its slow and stubborn nature that may not gel with the vivacious and magnificent Lion! Whereas, Leo may need to work upon its dictating nature that may be too demanding for Taurus. Both need to understand and accept each other to bridge the gap in the relationship.
Leo - Taurus Comaptibility

Leo And Taurus Marriage Compatibility

Beneath the bossy nature of Leo, Taurus has finally unearthed a warmhearted and loving partner who will never hesitate to shower it with gifts, love, and affection. Loyalty, friendliness, and warmth are the menu of this celebrity wedding in town!

  • Leo is mesmerized by Taurus’ sexy side, and the latter is on cloud nine to have won over a Regal monarch! Their marriage has an electric connection where things fall in place easily as they seem to be smitten by each other from head to toe! Truly Leo Taurus’s marriage is a sight to behold!
  • A splendid and sophisticated lifestyle is where the Royals reside! Leo requires a lot of adoration and Taurus a certain lifestyle. Both enjoy a dignified status as they spend their life together under a roof that is desirable to the two!
  • Marriage is a combination of two like minds who are willing to sacrifice a lot of things for each other! This ability to relate well to each other’s similar desires about life often provides Leo/Taurus comfort in accomplishing their goals together.
  • Family is the air the duo breathes! They are capable of creating a lively home together as Leo nurtures the creativity of their siblings, while Taurus lays down the structure, plans, and rules.
  • Leo and Taurus complement each other well, making them inseparable in a relationship that is celestially bound! The Lion knows and understands the Bull’s need for affection, and the latter has no objections in showering the King of the Jungle with appreciation and attention it survives on! They are united in love! See the comfort level as they fall into each other’s arms that add sweetness and depth to their marriage

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Leo And Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Passion in abundance! Leo and Taurus prefer to experience intimacy with all five senses! From intellectual to spiritual, both connect on every level. Steamy sessions with a Lion and a Bull teaming up for some mischief between the sheets!

  • Leo and Taurus create a lively, lustful, and sexy combination. The Lion’s desire for adoration is appetizing for the Bull, who is all geared to enjoy some lavish moments with the Lion!
  • This dynamic coupling is as stable as a batch of homemade explosives. Exciting to know what this chemical reaction results in?!!! The sexual sparklers alone are indeed very tempting.
  • The Lion assumes it is in charge of everything, but nobody bosses the Bull around. Both dig in their heels and go for the kill. It’s pretty erotic when both indulge in the game, contributing to their share. Possibly enacting a scene that can bring down the house. Security!
  • Are Leo and Taurus sexually compatible? Yeah, physical intimacy plays the most vital role in their relationship. A touch means more than words as their constancy and physical presence say it all! The most efficient way for them to resolve a serious argument is by hopping into bed and engaging in some hot and passionate make-up sex.
  • The King of the castle Leo lifts the queen Taurus, which satisfies the latter’s need to feel safe in the partnership. There is love, mutual honesty, and respect between the soulmates as they engage their senses and trail the two on the road to ecstasy where they have never tread.
  • The Lion and the Bull cherish romance and sexual intimacy to the fullest! Despite being in tatters, passion and sex are never unavailable. The Lion readily accepts the overwhelming emotional soft side of the Bull and is at ease in handling it, as the latter feels safe and secure in the arms of the Lion!

The fiery Leo brings out the possessiveness of Earthy Taurus. Taurus is like the fertile soil of the earth, but fiery Leo is like a fire burning in the hearth. Though fire turns the earth into ashes, Earth smothers the fire. Therefore, there is an initial attraction between the two that brings them together like magnets to an iron rod! And when they are ready to set aside their egos and differences and open a live channel for communication, they can work wonders in creating a congenial combination. This pair indicates good compatibility and a long-term relationship because they share the same mental wavelength, and understand each other’s sentiments. So much hope that they can plan their golden anniversary with their better half!

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