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Astrology can be tricky at times! Well, shipping is not as simple as finding the sign that is most compatible with yours. Now the question arises as to what makes two people compatible? Is it an abundance of shared interests? Or is there something more to this seemingly simple truth? Or are soul-mates predestined matches foretold by the stars? Astrology confirms that it’s an amalgamation of every bit of this! Fasten your seat belts as we take you on a roller coaster ride to unravel these hidden secrets. Turnt up yet? Whether you are skeptical yet curious of match-making based on the alignment of stars, or are convinced with the fact that compatible star signs lead to a fairy-tale ending- “and they lived happily ever after”-  Let us delve into the mystery of two different zodiacs suited to be the best star sign matches!


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Leo And Aquarius Love Compatibility

A common yet uncommon Leo-Aquarius pair stands as poles apart! But Aquarius absolutely loves the fearless autonomy of the Lion. As a matter of fact, Leo isn’t afraid to fight for what it wants, which perfectly complements Aquarius’ own convictions. The Lion is more natural to romance and can propel Aquarius to be like a chameleon to match its love interests. It’s a prevalent saying that Fixed signs can persuade whatever zodiac sign they want, and the love compatibility between Leo and Aquarius shows that though the combination is rare, it creates quite a shocking yet compelling couple! But the question still remains what makes this relationship tick? Let’s get to some research!

  • In love, the physical attraction between Leo and Aquarius is strong. As both meet, attempt to emulate, and befriend one another or even warfare against one another. However, one thing they are not likely to do is ignore one another!
  • Air fuels Fire and keeps it burning red hot! Aquarius will pace with the motion and fireball energy of Leo, who adds that distinctive savoury flavour to this spicy love dish.
  • There’s no dull day in the partnership of a Lion and Water Bearer because it’s filled with extreme energy and unstoppable thrilling moments.
  • The duo is idealistic, highly motivated, and lured towards all novel things with a passion for the thrill, that may occasionally turn life into a game of Truth and Dare!
  • Leo possesses child-like innocence with a sense of teenage romance, which allows Aquarius to feel vulnerable before the Lion, as it provides the kind of unconditional love that is hard to find.

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Pros Of Leo And Aquarius Relationship

The Water-Bearer and the Lion fit neatly together like two pieces of a puzzle. In this match, the benefits far outweigh any negatives, and the pair will find it easy to keep the peace when both are non-dependent. The team effort approach to life is good for both and can result in a very happy and healthy relationship. Some pros to support the fact!

  • The open and logical mind of an Aquarius helps to calm and control Leo’s wild temperament. Besides, it also has a flair for exaggeration and drama!
  • The duo is a light-hearted couple that loves adventure. And both keep it at the centre point to let excitement keep flowing into their lives, nurturing and blossoming their relationship.
  • A Leo Aquarius relationship does some real adulting, as both may look forward to exploring fun the world has kept in store for them.
  • Aquarius is not keen on keeping the Lion caged for long. Giving it freedom infuses a sense of trust and loyalty, as both unite to set off on a beautiful journey.
  • Despite indifferences, the love pair comes out with suitable ways to complement each other, which remains the key to success in the relationship.

Cons Of Leo And Aquarius Relationship

Leo and Aquariu’s relationship problems may be endless! It’s time to buckle up! Mind you, it’s either gonna be a bumpy road, or a smooth and stellar ride with two playful kids coming together! Not the one “going with the flow”- kinda Aquarians, make their own mind up and then stick to it. You can not cajole or persuade them from their viewpoint unless you’ve got ‘evidence’! On the contrary, Leos are either the King or Queen, obvs, and everyone else is, well, ‘subjects’. Yaas, just don’t forget who’s the boss! Doesn’t it sound like a ticking bomb waiting to explode?

  • Aquarius keeps a persona woven into the collective vision of ‘We’, but Leo’s ‘My’ attitude may give the former a low vibe, and a feeling of exhaustion to be around!
  • Proud and dogmatic in opinions, this relationship can hit the rocks as neither is ready for compromise or make-or-break issues.
  • Keep your eyes peeled if Aquarius may get too engrossed in its own world, not paying heed to the woes of the fierce Lion who feels disrespected by the former.
  • Not adhering to time schedules can fume a Leo as it hates to be kept waiting for long! If you have a tamed Lion, learn to show up on time!
  • Criticism is a virtue that the Lion hates! If you are a Water Bearer, treat the King as a sensitive soul that carries a gentle heart along with its pride.
Leo - Aquarius Comaptibility

Leo And Aquarius Marriage

Can the excess of romanticism of Leo, who needs emotional care and effectiveness, overwhelm a rational Aquarius who refuses to be close even in cheesy little things? Is it possible that Leo accepts to live with a nice but not effusive Aquarius, who is not exhausted with Leo’s over-the-top emotions? Does Leo Aquarius’s marriage compatibility gel well? Who knows it may work? You see, Miracles do happen!

  • Both Leo and Aquarius are hilarious, sarcastic, hyper, and sometimes flaky. In marriage, Leo is more of a hunter with Aquarius like a mystical mermaid at the bottom of the ocean, making it a difficult but worthwhile catch!
  • As soon as the duo decide to get hitched in marriage, they enter a cosier period of their relationship, as indifferences settle at bay.
  • Aquarius is a lucky sign and Leo loves to have that luck in their life! An Aquarian mate boosts the ego of the Lion, who is hard to get hold of and keep.
  • Aquarius feels Royal in Leo’s presence. The Lion’s love is the kinda hardcore romance they await and duly return to in their own form of originality, imagination, and eccentric ways.
  • Both Leo and Aquarius are highly giving in marriage and love to dish out compliments, be recognized, and have that recognition mirrored back.
  • Leo is on cloud nine as Aquarius offers the mysteries of the Universe, which makes the former feel special, lucky, and nourished!

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Are Leo And Aquarius Sexually Compatible?

The Lion and the Water Bearer are total opposites! Leo is all heart and passion, whereas Aquarius is all brain and analytics. But sexual compatibility in Leo-Aquarius’ relationship has a button which reads- ’Don’t Press!’ The two make an exceptional pair of lovers who shine out as ‘Love-Birds’ in social circuits! This pair is nothing but total fun and excitement. Here’s how we can sum it up!

  • Leo and Aquarius in bed are an out-of-this-world experience for both! The duo enjoys a wonderful mingling of friendship, passion, and high-voltage chemistry.
  • Leo is wild and passionate, while Aquarius is controlling and creative. This makes both follow their own passion while exhibiting their expressions in moments of intimacy.
  • The proud and confident Leo’s nature of always being the same, even in their sexual encounters, is what Aquarius finds liberating and exciting.
  • Leo and Aquarius sexually make one of the best matches in the zodiac circle, for their differences perfectly complete each other’s desires.
  • The sexual connection rises when Aquarian is up for experimenting with Leo, adding to the passion and creativity, inspiring both lovers to experience sexual ecstasies!

At the end of the day, the Leo-Aquarius pair is a genuinely happy one, which is expressed through the good times they have together. Aquarius and Leo keep their relationship exciting by finding new places to go and happenings to experience. They are incredibly loving and affectionate together, however, there are certain areas where they may not be as compatible. Hence, working on those aspects is a must for a bright future!

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